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  1. You love to have a sly dig at Salford though don't you? Come on, which Salford player biffed your missus?
  2. I think Lomax & Percival are very good SL players but I can't recall either doing a huge amount at international level. I'd argue Wane's insistence on picking a couple of his washed-up favourites was more damaging to our WC chances.
  3. Not disputing he could be a decent signing I'm just challenging the fact he's being claimed as a youngster! He made his debut at Workington in 2014 so this'll be his 9th (?) season... hardly a newbie to the game.
  4. Retired at 30, same age as Sam. Any early retirement is sad to see and just imagine we could've had an England World Cup pack this year with 3x Burgess bros & a fit Alex Walmsley. Scary!!!
  5. Is Tee Ritson the Jesse Lingard of RL? He'll be 27 in 6 weeks so not exactly that young! Unless you're comparing him to me, in which case he's barely a toddler.
  6. Bleedin' death trap that stand, hope you've filled in the crater behind the dugouts since I was there a couple of seasons back.
  7. After all the Hysteria about the rebrand I'd go for Jeff Leopard myself. The team could run out to "Let's get rocked" but I'm afraid it'll be Salford bringin' on the heartbreak on 17th Feb.
  8. Apologies if I've missed it but what's happening with the West Stand? I can't see anything on the original plans that it's being knocked down and rebuilt. With that being the side away fans stand are Wakey moving the away section to another part of the ground?
  9. Looking forward to bumping this post a couple of months into the season.
  10. Think they should bring the tournament forward a month to be held in Sep/Oct rather than Oct/Nov so we can enjoy a little bit of warmer weather. Won't be too warm for the players and the French public get to view thousands of pasty English legs that only get to see the sun half a dozen times a year.
  11. I haven't eaten at OT for probably 15-20 years (despite being a regular back in the day). Both food and drinks options have been sheeite but at least I managed to get a half decent cider on Saturday so I was relatively content (I had chippy dinner on way to the ground so I was organised). Timed my trips to the bar before the game and a few minutes before HT and queues were really quick. Good day out overall despite finding myself on the very back row of Stretford End which nearly killed me on the hike up. Disappointingly one-sided women's final (NZ were awful l, but credit to the Aussies too) and genuinely think England would've given the Aussies more of a game than Samoa but they weren't disgraced. Ended up staying for all the presentations and then headed over to the Tollgate pub for a few with my Aussie mate and then got tram into town for a few more. Some little kid on there managed to get his hands on one of Latrell Michell's boots, his shirt and a load of other stuff by the looks of it as well, the jammy little git! The reception Kevin Sinfield got as well was spine-tingling. What a fantastic bloke and a credit to the sport. Not ashamed to admit I shed a little tear when he came onto the pitch!
  12. I don't even hit 45 until next month and constantly get told I don't look that old despite having been a Salford fan for 33 years. The body, however, feels 90!
  13. What a ridiculous question... if Leigh were playing then OT wouldn't be large enough! The RFL have already spoken to Kim Jong-Un about hiring this place in the unlikely event that the Leythers make the grand final..... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rungrado_1st_of_May_Stadium Joking aside, it's hard work looking for GF tickets using your mobile as that site really isn't moby friendly. I'm gonna have a nosey in a bit when my laptop has got some charge in it.
  14. Ah yeah you're probably right there, my bad. I've got the MW ones numerous times via my ST so I'm probably getting confused. I mean I'm hitting my mid 40's now... the old brain not working as well as it used to.
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