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  1. Remember when the world existed without TikTok, Instagram, Facebook etc? Bloody blissful! Can't go 5 minutes without my phone vibrating now because a friend/family member wants to share "content". The world's bl00dy obsessed with Social Media! And before any of you say it, in my eyes spending 20 minutes a day on a RL forum doesn't count, it's totally different! PS. While we're on the subject of Warrington... WTF was Karl Fitzpatrick wearing in his left ear on an interview I saw with him over the weekend?! Looked like something Kevin Rowland out of Dexy's might've worn.
  2. I doubt 90% of people on here will be able to open that link cos it's on "the gram" innit fam!
  3. Must remember to post these every week.... 1. Name the winning sides (1 point each) Leeds Huddersfield Saints Warrington Catalans Salford 2. Which team will score the most tries (1 point) Salford 3. Which team will score the fewest tries (1 point) Wakey
  4. The game we played at the AJ Bell in 2021 I think was a prime example. Your pack that day was huge and for most of the first half we tried to match you down the middle. Dumb idea as we got steamrollered. 2nd half we ran around you at will. Absolute no-brainer. Will be interesting to see where Smith goes from here (assuming he's given time). Apologies to be using a football example, but it seems like he's got a similar job to Ten Haag at Utd. Massive club where the whole set-up needs an overhaul. Fortunately he'll have the finances to try and fix it.
  5. Ok Derek donates a lot of money to charity which is commendable, it doesn't make him a saint though. A certain Yorkshireman raised millions for charity but wasn't exactly a nice bloke was he? And no I'm not comparing Derek to him but you get the gist right? Lots of rich people donate (as do poor folk), it doesn't make them a perfect human being. As for the Twitter comment, yes it was stupid, but it was completely unintentional so you move on. He'll no doubt post something far more offensive/intentional at some point which we can laugh/cringe at because that's his personality. He's brash and a bit of a balloon, he just happens to be bankrolling his local club and, for the time being at least, it's bringing on field results (which Leigh are rightly getting plaudits for).
  6. Who needs sanity @Oxford? The predictable unpredictability is part of the joy of watching Salford. Turning up expecting your team to win every week like Saints & Wigan fans would be boring! As for the game, the way to beat Hull is to just keep moving the ball. Their pack has had a fair amount of size the last few seasons (as did their backline) but their backs have been painfully slow. Games where we've tried to match them up front we've struggled but as soon as we've thrown it out wide we've caused havoc. They're also susceptible around the ruck area and having a running 9 like Ackers continually puts them on the back foot. I know they weren't at full strength yesterday and whilst I think that did impact them, I'm not sure the result would've been massively different if those half a dozen or so had been available. For a club with such a great fanbase, ability to spend the cap, strong local amateur set-up and elite academy they really should be a top 4 club.
  7. PS. That one's for you lot on here who love a snipe at Salford due to crowds, the ground situation, no elite academy etc etc. If you genuinely think Salford offer nothing to SL then I think it says a lot more about you than it does about Salford. You know who you are. UTFRD!!!
  8. Slightly less stressful afternoon than I was expecting as a Salford fan but I'm not complaining! Big shout out to Rhys Williams today. Doesn't get much of a look in these days when Sio & Budgie are fit but had a hand in a lot of those tries and rarely lets us down. Top pro.
  9. That Lafai try was majestic. The running lines, timing of the pass etc Don't get me wrong Hull have been dreadful but some superb execution from a Salford perspective.
  10. Was expecting a lot more from FC. Whilst I'm not complaining as a Salford fan, Hull's fans deserve a lot better. Couple of soft pens I thought in our favour but the 6 again rule is driving me nuts. If anyone can tell me what benefit a team gets on the 1st tackle on their own try-line I'm all ears. Based on that 1st half, only discipline can cost Salford the game from here.
  11. I'd be happy for you to score a couple of tries as long as we scored a couple more. It's the 2 points I'm concerned about!
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