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  1. I fully agree from a gambling perspective but If we made the playoffs what is your prediction on how it would unfold? I dare say if you back the long shots you’d shove a £10 on us going up
  2. I am so sick of hearing that we may still hit the playoffs by the delusional supporters and media staff at Oldham. Why can’t people see reality and accept we are simply not good enough. We do not have the skills, determination or heart to compete with the majority of teams in league 2. Please face facts and accept this instead of hoping we somehow make it only to be hammered at the first attempt.
  3. Who writes the match report? They deserve a medal for positivity. There is no way we should be given reports stating the second half was a much better performance than the first. We all need to face facts and read reports about the truth, we are not competing in this league, we are not good enough and the way we are going, never will be. Don’t give me ###### about grass roots and woman's teams etc. the owner, the coach and the players should be held accountable and speak to the minuscule number of supporters that remain. It’s a complete shambles.
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