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  1. Snap https://www.hullkr.co.uk/drive-in-experience-coming-to-hull-college-craven-park/
  2. Gone for a Wakey win, apparently Rovers aren't happy about having Thaler as referee although I've yet to find any evidence of this after looking on Rovers' site or on the cabbage patch Paul Cooke to get flattened by Clint Newton perhaps
  3. I saw a Hull shirt, a Leeds shirt, a Catalans vest and wore my Rovers shirt
  4. We had a crow in our back garden on Tuesday, it plucked a dead starling chick and then ate it
  5. That was in the 1988/89 season We won th Div 2 championship in 1989/90 and were promoted, we stayed up for about 2 years I think and then were relegated and remained down 'til this year
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