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  1. Can the face coverings be bought at the club shop?
  2. Maillot Francais - https://maillotfrancais.fr/3-la-boutique-des-clubs Toulouges Panthers, Le XIII Baroudeur Pia, Salses XIII & US Ferrals available Neo Logik- https://neologikboutique.fr/clubs/ XIII,Catalan, RC Baho XIII, Bacares XIII (Academy), Pia Bompas XIII (Academy) Both these companies are based in Perpignan but are very difficult to deal with. Neo Logik will post out but it was hard getting this information out of them. Maillot Francais - it says on there website that they offer free postage but they don't. Not even to France. You have to collect from their factory. You need to have or know someone with a good command of French. The sad thing is that they make quality items and I'm sure they could sell a lot more with a bit of flexibility.
  3. There are Catalans Dragons programmes being sold on ebay for their home games against Huddersfield and Cas. They are listed as unofficial 8 page issues but they are being sold from Belarus !! I'm guessing that they may never have actually visited France.
  4. M60 programmes are selling printed copies of Saints v Salford and also a Leigh programme from this season. Maybe "testing the water" to see if there is a market?
  5. I thought we were out enthused today. Luckily we had a bit of luck with awkward bounces which led to tries. The weather and conditions were the same for both sides and if West Bowling had won it would have been a fair result. I thought they might tire in the second half but they were a credit to the club. Sad to see we are not issuing a match programme this season as we have lost money on them. Maybe someone at the club needs to talk to the Zebras who issue every home game, free of charge and with extremely small crowds. How can they do that?
  6. Workington Town are not issuing anything this season. No online programme either. They are issuing a bi monthly newsletter online which they claim is replacing the programme. You do have to take out a £10 monthly membership to access this. I was told the programme was losing money. Maybe if they had someone actually selling them they may have sold a few more. Yesterday I went to watch Workington Zebras RUFC in the low level.Cumbria League. £3 to get in which includes a free full colour glossy programme. The attendance was about 50. Go figure?
  7. The seating is low down to save on expenditure but useless to view from. The Salford stadium is designed to be "outgrown" and is a very budget oprion.
  8. If the miracle happens we will get a replica of Salford City's stadium. If you read the Stadium Solutions website this stadium was designed to be "outgrown" basically a short term solution. I'm thinking if anything is built it will be a version of East Fife or Dumbarton's one stand stadium with the proviso that further stands could be built if either club progresses.
  9. The Batman of Seaton and his followers on the Reds forum have also gone very quiet as well.
  10. Funny how Batman and his gang have gone quiet on the Reds forum. Although one did pop up the other day.
  11. The usual twisting of facts to try and justify their actions.
  12. Just reading last weeks Times & Star. We keep having a go at Jenkinson but Bill Finlay is just as bad as him with his ""regular" letter in the paper every week. He really is anti Workington isn't he.
  13. Jenkinson has talked about new facilities being provided as and when necessary regarding stadium developments. With the Reds it will depend on the league they play in but Town? So would a one sided stadium (One new main seated stand) suffice. A bit like Dumbarton FC or East Fife.
  14. It's quite simple really. He has to keep a group of Seaton residents happy to ensure he gets re-elected in 4 years time. 600 votes should do it. He's joined the committee at Seaton Rangers and I'm sure he'll deliver funding to sort out another pitch for them. Then he can bang on about his support of grass root youth sports = a vote winner in his ward and at Seaton Rangers. He'll also keep on picking up dog ###### to get the votes. Deals will be done with the rest of the executive for their pet schemes to be delivered so they support each others. Finally he's hoodwinked enough people into thinking £95 million of tax payers money would have been spent on building the new stadium. I read a letter in the T&S by a Conservative Councillor claiming the new stadium would cost the people of Cockermouth £10 million over 50 years !!! Unbelievable. What happens regarding a new stadium. He bangs on about need and requirement. What do the Reds need to play Northern Premier League football? The equivalent of Penrith FC's ground. What do Town need for Championship Rugby - looking at Sheffield's set up - very little So we are looking at a ground with maybe a 1,500 main stand containing all its facilities and nothing else. A one sided ground. There may have to be a bit of covered standing to suit the football graders in addition but not much. We are looking at something like Dumbarton or East Fife FC. He'll then claim more stands can be built if one of the clubs is promoted. So probably a cost of £2-3 million. He can then claim to be the man who saved the tax payers of Allerdale £92 million who will lap this up as long as their bins are emptied on the correct day. I don't think they will actually build a new stadium. Borough Park will get demolished and both clubs will share Derwent Park.
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