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  1. Is moor lane really as bad as being made out? Was good enough to be accepted into the football league, brand new construction and a capacity big enough to easily take Salford's average attendance, give the club a chance and see what happens
  2. Chris Thorman is such a positive inspirational coach and communicator, I'm sure he will know exactly what and who he needs to compete at the higher level, I particularly like how he speaks about the progression of existing players, I'm convinced that any players who decide to play for him with the right attitude will improve quickly . There are a lot of lads in league 1 who could easily step up the levels with the right guidance
  3. Too old to get on the pitch now but great for the young generation ,memories for life, great performance town and fantastic atmosphere
  4. Even as a west cumbrian I can see that Newcastle have the potential to succeed big time within super league in the near future, it's a fine city with great transport links,large university and a catchment area reaching out to Durham, Northumberland, Carlisle and the Scottish borders,indeed if they can replicate the Falcons ru development programme could produce stars of the future. Good luck to them,recruit sensibly and they will be challenging
  5. Let's hope this isnt the end of the Coventry Bears, it is disappointing that many followers of higher ranking teams would be quite happy to remove any presence of the sport in the Midlands to preserve an extra few quid, indeed an outsider looking in who wanted the game to expand and sell more sponsorship would be saying here is 1.8 million let's build up a club in the 9th largest city in the uk
  6. Having just watched back to back NRL finals games it is clear how the game must go,you need a competition where all the clubs over a small period of time can be at the top,where there are star recognisable players in every team,not the same year in year out,brave decisions are needed and you wont get that if those making them are full of self interest
  7. Shane Varley the former workington town scrum half is also on that photo, one of my favourite players back in the day
  8. My fear is that any proposals wont improve the sport in the long run,those voting will always look to self interest, the top 5 or so dont want to lose that ranking and the rest want to keep their share to artificially keep them above those outside the super league ,nothing changes same teams playing each other over and over ,if super league wants to alienate the rest of the clubs it needs a radical change within itself
  9. Definitely not but it's ok for league 1 to be stuck with ten teams
  10. Ambitious families are already doing this because they see a clear pathway to the top unfortunately in union. Our game is hampered by the insular attitudes of the top clubs and an inability to break the private school/ university clique. In Cumbria the presence of Newcastle Falcons academy aided by the big private schools with sports scholarships such as Sedbergh,austin friars etc are attracting some of the best young athletes. There are plenty potential players for super league ac cross the whole country the sport needs to actively find them
  11. As well as autumn internationals how about a county game for Cumbria to support development in a stronghold, would like to see a pack with Amor,Moore,Singleton,Donaldson, Maher and Knowles run out on home turf
  12. Attendances will ebb and flow in general with teams performance within the traditional rl towns eg 1500 at workington yesterday, I just feel in general supporters have got bored with the set up,constant threats of change and not knowing what's to happen next,maybe it is time to launch an invitational super league with strict standards and let the others return to a competitive meaningful 2 division semi pro competition with proper 3 up down promotion and relegation. Realistically any teams cut from super league would retain 90% of there support whatever they play at
  13. How did Ethan Kelly do today for the crusaders, would he not be a future option
  14. I could never understand the logic behind the sliding scale funding based on league position that applied in the championship over the years. League 1 has been fantastic and is still wide open now.
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