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  1. In 2011 couple of my mates travelled to Bishop Stortford from Workington for a conference north game
  2. The northern league is still a fantastic historical competition who's members are regularly fa vase finalists but are now constantly losing their bigger clubs to the pyramid. Most notably lately Darlington, Spennymoor,South Shields and Marske .Probably been in decline since Blyth Spartans left though but still got some great old clubs and some excellent north east players who dont fancy trailing the country. Harry Pearsons book the far corner is a great insight to the northern league and professional game in the north east
  3. It sounds like rovers over time have built up a following, the problem is most clubs would just make the game available but do nothing to attract and engage their potential viewers. Following a team is habit forming but once circumstances change and the habit breaks it can be difficult to return, how many supporters from our towns have left their areas and then been lost to their clubs, these are the ones who could bring in the extra income alongside regulars. Would love crowds back in at league 1 level ,have seen 3 Northern premier league football games this season, 400 attendance each one all tickets sold a day or so early,demand is now massively exceeding supply which seems to be hyping up the interest even more.
  4. How much will it cost to produce a streaming service of say the bbc early challenge cup/fa cup production against a realistic figure of individual clubs ability to sell passes to view. If I was involved in a championship/league 1 club I would be studying the lower reaches of the efl and looking at their uptake. Personally I agree with an earlier poster the more live games on telly the less I want to watch it,there is no substitute for going to live sport
  5. Premier league football is just one giant money making machine who will be using the no supporters at games to justify something that they've wanted for years. No doubt that plenty will sign up though as the club's and their ideals move further away from my generation of supporters.
  6. Every sports fan in the area would love to see improvements in a sports stadium I just feel that the public have been kicked in the teeth in the past and have little faith in the council,mp etc to deliver what they promise. Unfortunately we cant live in the past ,with so few games in a season for town ,derwent park must be a money pit to keep going whereas borough park gets plenty of use through the reds many teams but has poor shelter and a lack of a proper grandstand. I want to see both clubs and sports progress but both clubs need to ensure that it is a rugby/football venue and dont let others drag a multitude of other things into it
  7. I always had a poor impression of an agent until an old work colleagues son was offered his first professional football contract, on recommendation from a senior player he engaged the service of an agent and secured a lot better deal than was first offered, 6 years on hes still using the same one and is happy with the service provided
  8. Is it not possible for league 1 at least to start up on time with reduced capacity similar to the Northern premier league (600 at minute) or are they classed as elite sports teams
  9. Handled correctly it will all bring good publicity to league 1,I know a few people who will watch west Wales in Cumbria on the back of Henson playing
  10. For me VAR sums up the problems at the top of the ,tv and money are everything, it wouldn't be too bad if they got all the decisions right at the end of it. Watching sport is all about the action in real time, be it football or rugby, the ref is in charge and you take the decisions as they come. With regard to tv coverage did anyone watch last week's fa cup live game on bbc ,no action replays ,no time for washed up pundits to argue the toss of which way a throw should go,just the game shown in its entirety with minimal commentary, fantastic stuff.
  11. Just watching match of the day ,what a joke VAR is,everything scrutinised totally spoiling the flow and enjoyment of the game,I'm glad I only get out and watch non league football.
  12. Can only go from the workington game yesterday but the seating area was taped off as was the covered standing behind the goal.Supporters were eventually allowed to stand in the seating area due to the incessant rain. Club took your details with the match day ticket and people tended to stay in small groups, no standing allowed in the bar area but no problems as you can drink pitchside. Absolutely brilliant to be watching live sport again to be honest
  13. Dont think it will be long now for limited numbers back in ground ,I'm off now to watch workington afc play Lancaster in a preseason friendly, ticket only ,maximum 400,expect all tickets to be sold
  14. Been back visiting hmv for my books since lockdown, 2 for £6,read Fahrenheit 451,the boys from Brazil and a brave new world now ready to attempt Dune,I really want to enjoy this ,any thoughts
  15. Rarely watch films now but tend to go for British films, watched the Selfish giant on all 4 the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it
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