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  1. I really hope that the game can keep trying to raise awareness of the world cup, quite frightening that at the weekend a work colleague mentioned he had watched part of the nrl grand final but was totally unaware of the looming world cup,managed to point him in the right direction and left him fighting with the website as he tries to buy tickets for the Ireland games
  2. Looking forward to the game, interesting to see who Crarey selects,let's hope we can start getting a couple of county games a season from now on and make it an experience that all Cumbria players from in or out of the county want to embrace. On out of county players I read somewhere that Myles dalton-harrop the young kendal born Salford back was added to the squad but cant see any confirmation. Strip looks smart I'm sure everyone will do the county proud
  3. I take it Alastair Leak has played himself into a starting role for Cumbria today
  4. Definitely mean population as a whole, even in areas we class as rugby league strongholds the lack of awareness among general sports fans is frightening. However this world cup hopefully will be a game changer
  5. The 4 NRL games at the weekend again show what talent will be coming to these shores for the world cup,I've said before it's a shame that a large percentage of our population aren't aware of the level that the game is in Australia, looking forward to seeing Coates, Olam and Alex Johnston playing for PNG
  6. Was at that game,sure it was a draw,seem to remember jeff simpson being a handful that day
  7. Would imagine Paul Crarey would still be coach so expect a fair few from barrow ,Doran ,Fitzsimmons and Barnes from town,the likes of Bulman,Dixon ,Wilkinson from haven and see who puts their hand up from away Amor,Brad Singleton, Brandon Moore, will Maher, Greg Richards, James Donaldson, Brad Walker ,Jordan johnstone plenty of forwards anyway
  8. That will be fantastic, let's hope most of the out of county players are available and should have a decent team
  9. Watched the first 2 episodes of the Wrexham football documentary ,interesting to hear from the Americans that what attracted them was the concept that you can take a team at any level and hopefully move up the league's with promotion ,pity they've probably never heard of rugby league
  10. All seems very quiet on the stadium front,I know the board have referred to it in their statement but any firm plans seem a long way off. The main forum has a thread though saying the football foundation are making money available for multi sport venues
  11. Let's hope that Workington town are getting a huge slice for the anticipated new community stadium and training pitch to be shared with the Workington afc
  12. I'm sure the club are well aware of potential players, many though dont want the hassle and commitment to play semi professional, sometimes supporters forget the sacrifices players will have to make to succeed at that level
  13. Ultimately clubs will have to do what they are told if they want the sky money which ultimately pays their players, a separate 9s or whatever needs to be franchise only
  14. Just been reading that Workington reds ladies football team will be playing home games at derwent park this season, good link up for town and getting some use out of the stadium rather than it standing idle, maybe also help the club to attract a womens rugby team as I think part of any central funding will be closely linked to community development
  15. Really believe the quality of a lot of the games will be top class, somehow the tournament needs to be able to make the national public aware of the strengths of the teams before it starts, some kind of programme on the BBC covering the NRL playoffs would be ideal especially with reference to the likes of samoa and tonga
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