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  1. Would think they would get as many as they get for a normal league game,if you want to expand you have to try different things, I would have each super league team play one home game elsewhere
  2. Great news there, dont know the full extent to Salford's involvement but they should be trying to take at least one super league game a season into the valleys, similar to the aussie teams when they play outside their own stadiums
  3. Full of admiration for the blues performance and disappointed in Queensland but it's a completely new game in a fortnight and even though the gulf in the sides appears massive it's a credit to the series and the hype around it that I cant wait to see what the response will be. Just wish we still had some representative games in this country
  4. Still a long way to the world cup let's hope Wane is keeping an open mind and is prepared to a pick a squad running into form at the back end of the season, watching the origin game the other day I really hope Luai and To'o confirm for Samoa because the game at Newcastle promises to be a classic
  5. Great match so far and great crowd on the sunshine coast, got a lot of family up in caloundra
  6. Flicking through Amazon prime yesterday and came across the Joe strummer documentary 'The future is unwritten 'fantastic stuff, got the Joy Division documentary for tonight
  7. Can't remember seeing that but didnt Emlyn Hughes dad play for Workington Town in the 1950s
  8. People are quick to criticise the Aussies and their reluctance to play internationals and yet some on here look down their noses at the thought of playing our neighbours, an annual game with France should be guaranteed, fully supported by all super league clubs
  9. The amount of tier 2 possible players playing not only origin but NRL in general should give the world cup a massive boost, would like to see players declaring their allegiance early to help with the promotion of the world cup
  10. Due to work couldn't get to the game but will be free for the rochdale game,how many tickets can town sell at the minute because I see that barrow had 1900 attendance
  11. I love watching the NRL and think it's a magnificent competition with high standards and enjoy watching the British lads competing over there,however family comes first so hope he gets fixed up at home quickly and sorts himself out to prove a massive a point come autumns world cup
  12. As well as the earlier mentioned uppies and downies and hound trailing,Cumbria also has fell running and Cumberland wrestling both can have prize money for the winners
  13. Cheers for that update,just back in from the fells and couldn't find a score anywhere
  14. Might be wrong but thought George Graham's sons were born in Stirling and moved to Carlisle very young. Seem to remember George saying that his lads were Scottish through and through when older brothers Gary switched allegiance from the England squad. Anyone know the back story on the other lad,would like to think that there are young rugby players across the country who would jump at the opportunity to try our game
  15. Listened to a radio 2 concert while on nightshift yesterday, Glenn Campbell with the BBC orchestra, fantastic stuff, in the car at the minute got the 5 CD Pogues back catalogue, always sure to put a smile on my face
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