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  1. To be honest I'd be more than happy to see a development like that of Afc Fylde on either site, the main thing is getting the project moving. The council needs to realise that town and reds represent the whole of allerdale and further and needs to back the clubs. The Fylde model is actually quite appropriate as its location in Kirkham and Wesham are tiny towns in a larger area. Hopefully progress sooner rather than later
  2. Have to agree that it is going to be very close in allerdale ,jenkinson is just a stooge repeating get Brexit done over and over again the Tories couldn't care less about the average working class people, Turkey's voting for Christmas
  3. Change car engine oil on the street outside the house Wait for a tru print leaflet through the door to send off to get holiday photos developed
  4. Power corruption and lies by new order and Searching for the young soul rebels by dexys midnight runners
  5. Quick question, is there a concession for pensioners or is it just under 16,might get tickets for my father for xmas
  6. Loved the flashman books that I have read so far will have to seek out a couple more,getting back into reading as the weather changes and just finished Stephen frys Heroesand Lonely Boy by ex pistol Steve Jones and half way through All Together Now covering the 1981 people's march for jobs
  7. Forget about the big city clubs for now and sort out the international scene first,that's where the interest can grow from. Needs to be on free to air and promoted correctly, just look at the old enemy, I'm sitting now with a match on in the background, woefully one sided and the presenters are making out that this is the greatest competition ever. They are now telling me that the forward passes are all a scientific trick of the eye!
  8. Great commitment from the coach and board just need to now sign up the players who match this
  9. Hopefully as soon as this season is completed the new coach will be announced and let him choose the players he wants. The last few seasons should tell us that we need a larger squad but also one that can rotate to keep players fresh,also only sign players who can commit to training and release any wont. Another sport maybe but look at Danny Graingers impact at the reds ,took on a relegated unfit squad who had ceased training and played when they wanted and has turned them completely around, largely same players trimmed down and hungry for success with competition for every place
  10. Loved the fixed odds back in the nineties, a friend was close to people in all 4 cumbrian clubs at the timr so it was pretty easy to pick out a treble
  11. The pitch looks very good considering the time scales involved hopefully the attendance this Sunday will surpass some of those at borough park.With reference to the reds,are the clubs still working together and with the reds shear number of games and vulnerability to waterlogging,is there a chance that football may still be played at derwent park sometime this season?
  12. Everyone of the championship and league 1 clubs have a story and history worth sharing, would love to see all our teams featured alongside a social history of the northern towns
  13. Don't know how many teams are there but cars are parked on the verges from the tip up into salterbeck and the field is rammed with kids and parents, although the reds first team struggled last year their whole community set up is light years ahead of anything that town are doing.Hopefully the allerdale councillors of Harrington and Moorclose will be showing face as they are so keen to support grass roots sport
  14. That type of ground sounds similar to Afc Fyldes ground but that didn't come cheap
  15. Unfortunately i think he does have ambition and thats why he is cosying up to Boris Johnson, I think sue hayman needs to get involved because that's who she'll be up against in the next general election
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