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  1. The pitch looks very good considering the time scales involved hopefully the attendance this Sunday will surpass some of those at borough park.With reference to the reds,are the clubs still working together and with the reds shear number of games and vulnerability to waterlogging,is there a chance that football may still be played at derwent park sometime this season?
  2. Everyone of the championship and league 1 clubs have a story and history worth sharing, would love to see all our teams featured alongside a social history of the northern towns
  3. Don't know how many teams are there but cars are parked on the verges from the tip up into salterbeck and the field is rammed with kids and parents, although the reds first team struggled last year their whole community set up is light years ahead of anything that town are doing.Hopefully the allerdale councillors of Harrington and Moorclose will be showing face as they are so keen to support grass roots sport
  4. That type of ground sounds similar to Afc Fyldes ground but that didn't come cheap
  5. Unfortunately i think he does have ambition and thats why he is cosying up to Boris Johnson, I think sue hayman needs to get involved because that's who she'll be up against in the next general election
  6. Embarrassing for the whole county and also for those rfl members who have tried to back the area,would have been a boost for the region for allerdale to be on the world stage but the insular council obviously know better, I really don't know anymore what the council want for the area
  7. Let's hope Newcastle go up as champions now as they will be unstoppable if in the playoffs
  8. There is a lot of hidden benefits due to people exercising and living an healthier lifestyle saving the country money in the long run,you can't put a price on health and aspirations, indeed some of the most vocal against the centre and the stadium are the most unhealthy people I know
  9. He has mentioned seaton athletics club on numerous occasions, if there ever was something not warranted in the area it is this, a perfectly good one at Whitehaven is hardly used,as well as the moorclose track there was one at the grammar school and one at cockermouth, none got hardly any use
  10. Small town mentality,aren't brave enough and no long term vision for the area,who were the 6 and who else should have been there?
  11. On the flip side,2 good attendances,would we have got the same crowds at derwent park?
  12. On the face of it due to fantastic work by volunteers borough park appears a decent little ground but scratch beneath the surface and it needs a hell of a lot of money spent just to keep it going, love watching football there and fantastic watching town there again today, a decent crowd too,Mark Jenkinson was busy supporting the lakes triathlon today and putting his support all over social media, someone better tell him there's another game next week
  13. Before Boticas time,Wigan team that day,Hampson,Stott,Stephenson, Hanley,Gill,Ella,Edwards, West,Kiss, Lucas,Du toit, Goodway,Potter.subs Ford and Louw .Wish we could see the likes again regularly
  14. Jenkinson seems to be the go to man and yet he trailed in a long way behind both of the others in seaton and scraped past the labour candidate. The reality of how we need to progress quickly has really hit home to me this week, looking at the pictures from the Wigan game at borough park, 33 years ago,I had just left school and will be 50 this year yet seems like yesterday, get some facilities built for the next generation
  15. I have seen somewhere that there was £100,000 in the last council budget for pitch improvements at derwent park agreed, but that was possibly in one of Mark jenkinson rants,interestingly he seems to be trying to take credit for the pitch works funded by lidl in maryport.
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