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In Topic: worst import ever ?

21 January 2015 - 04:31 PM

Barry Ward?

First time I saw him play, a lady in front of me shouted an encouraging 'Come on Wardy' which I misheard as 'Lardy'. I carried on encouraging in that manner for the rest of the match.

It didn't help much.


Back on topic, Josh Perry, obviously, but what about Darrell Trindall? The only 'tricky' thing about him is trying to think of anything good he did.


Also, I didn't think Ben Walker was all that bad at Leeds - he didn't get a fair crack at the whip imho. Sticking with Leeds, apart from the usual suspects (Mullins, Clyde etc) Tonie Carroll stands out for me as being disappointing to say the least.

In Topic: Structure, is that the problem?

19 December 2014 - 02:36 PM

I like the penalty 'kick or reset' idea, even when the penalty is in the middle of the field and the kick for touch doesn't help much, we're in no worse a position than we are now. If we want to see less positional emphasis, then removing the easy penalty piggy-back could be the answer. Then if a team finds itself in the red zone, hopefully it will be the result of a line break and some good passing. It doesn't matter so much if the try itself comes from a kick if there's has been some good attacking play somewhere in the set of 6.

I don't think that tries scored from kicks should be devalued though. Makinson's in the GF was very skilful, and involved a good deal of planning, and as such was fully worth the 6 points it earned.

In Topic: Toulouse

11 December 2014 - 09:38 AM

Reduce SL to 10 by removing one British team and Catalans. Make it the British SL
Create a 4 team French SL featuring Catalans, Toulouse, Aude and Avignon.

British SL plays round robin (18) plus 4 cross group games (22).
French SL plays two round robins (12) plus 10 cross group games (22).

Top 6 of British meet Top 2 of French in the European SL "Super 8" (as now).
Bottom 4 of British go into "Middle 8" (as now).
Bottom 2 of French go into cup competition with French clubs.

Same concept, but French teams protected.

I like that as a blueprint for the future. I don't think it's possible just yet, but with Toulouse and the new Cathare side not too far away, it could be feasible sooner rather than later. One of its strong points is that it gives the French some local competition while not expecting all 4 sides to be immediately competitive in SL.

In Topic: Warrington squad numbers 2015

05 December 2014 - 03:56 PM

I'm not very convinced by that squad, particularly in the halves. You could argue that its possibly an improvement on last year's squad, but not as much so as Catalans with Carney, or indeed Saints with Burns (and Walsh available for more than half a season). Its probably safe to assume that Wigan will be their usual selves, so I'd expect those to the the top 3, with Wire, Leeds, Cas and Hudds scrapping for 4th place, maybe along with Salford, who have also improved much more than Wire on paper at least, and finished last season quite strongly.

And then there's HKR, with more or less an entirely new team capable of anything from hopeless to challengers, and the 'comatose giant' of Hull FC, whose squads don't lose much in comparison to Wire's either.

All told, I'd think the Wire are just as likely to finish outside the 8 as coming away with the league leaders shield.

Can't wait to find out though!

In Topic: England should play the Knights, says Schofield

27 November 2014 - 04:35 PM

while i like the idea theres a possibility of it decending into a apathy plagued game that lancashire v yorkshire became...

so...and you may have have heard the before....have england play the celts as a precursor to bringing back GB...

THE ONLY STUMBLING BLOCK i and many other fans have about bringing back GB is it'll be pointless because it'll be 17 englishmen representing GB..

so if we can build up a core selection of celts,that'll play england every mid season,ideally twice, then by 2018,when the proposed tour is likely to be,these celts might be in the frame for GB selection..

i honestly believe that england v the celts (tigers lol) would be the closest thing we could offer to state of origin..GB ORIGIN if you must..lol

a 2 game series,back to back games,winner decided by aggregate score,1 game in england & alternate the other game between wales,scotland & ireland.could be huge imo

the knights could play france twice in curtain raisers...

I like all of this.

I could be persuaded to back the return of GB, but only if at least one player from each of Scotland and Wales (and Ireland if they're interested) was guaranteed a spot in the 17. That would be do-able now (e.g. Brough/Russell and Flower/Dudson), and this idea helps further in that respect, while also giving France and the Knights a decent challenge.

Probables v Possibles, while an interesting selection exercise, isn't going to get any sort of crowd. I don't recall people turning up in droves for the RU equivalent (do they still do that in RU?).