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In Topic: England should play the Knights, says Schofield

Yesterday, 04:35 PM

while i like the idea theres a possibility of it decending into a apathy plagued game that lancashire v yorkshire became...

so...and you may have have heard the before....have england play the celts as a precursor to bringing back GB...

THE ONLY STUMBLING BLOCK i and many other fans have about bringing back GB is it'll be pointless because it'll be 17 englishmen representing GB..

so if we can build up a core selection of celts,that'll play england every mid season,ideally twice, then by 2018,when the proposed tour is likely to be,these celts might be in the frame for GB selection..

i honestly believe that england v the celts (tigers lol) would be the closest thing we could offer to state of origin..GB ORIGIN if you must..lol

a 2 game series,back to back games,winner decided by aggregate score,1 game in england & alternate the other game between wales,scotland & ireland.could be huge imo

the knights could play france twice in curtain raisers...

I like all of this.

I could be persuaded to back the return of GB, but only if at least one player from each of Scotland and Wales (and Ireland if they're interested) was guaranteed a spot in the 17. That would be do-able now (e.g. Brough/Russell and Flower/Dudson), and this idea helps further in that respect, while also giving France and the Knights a decent challenge.

Probables v Possibles, while an interesting selection exercise, isn't going to get any sort of crowd. I don't recall people turning up in droves for the RU equivalent (do they still do that in RU?).

In Topic: Phil Bentham

18 November 2014 - 09:56 AM

I didn't think it was his best game either, it was more of a 'Gansonesque' display where he let both teams get away with plenty of stuff in the interests of keeping the game going, but by and large didn't let either side benefit too much (with the exception of all the late challenges on the kicker).

The other incident that annoyed me was the penalty shortly before the Aussie's first try where whoever it was deliberately put the ball on the back of Blair's leg at the play the ball. Vossy called that as 'a 50-50' which probably says it all.

Still, he did contribute to making it probably the best match of a fantastic series, so well done.

In Topic: 02/11/14 - Australia v England KO 5am (GMT)

03 November 2014 - 02:49 PM

How could the same VR award Jennings try when he had the slightest of touches on the side of the ball and yet deny Hall had the slightest of touches on the ball for his?     But then he thought about it and tried to cover it up by saying that the ball was rising from the ground when Hall touched it to cover his tracks for people like you to hang on to.



Maybe because Jennings had his full hand on the ball for about 20 seconds before he put it down, whereas Hall touched a moving ball with the tip of his finger for a millsecond or so? The 2 incidents weren't remotely similar, so different VR decisions were perfectly reasonable. The 'rising ball' was a guff explanation mind you.

In Topic: 31/10/14 - Scotland v France KO 7.30pm (Galashiels)

03 November 2014 - 12:31 PM

Agreed. And anyone who has heard the Scotland team belting out 'Flower of Scotland' pre-match can't doubt the commitment these guys have to their country, however loose the ties might be. That commitment won't be any less than the Samoa players have for theirs.


I'd bet my house that Danny Brough wouldn't play for England now even if he was begged on bended knee by whoever McNamara's replacement is going to be.


Scotland have deserved their chance, France had it to lose and did so again.

In Topic: 02/11/14 - Australia v England KO 5am (GMT)

03 November 2014 - 11:16 AM

Any evidence of these better cases?


So now a ball must be grounded 'in a meaningful way'?

1) There are way too many to list, and you know that. Just think back to all of those times you had to listen to Eddie or Stevo banging on about 'he had no control over that' or the like. And most of those 'tries' were rightly disallowed also.

2) Yes, for me. I'd never be happy to see a try given for a fleeting fingertip brush. Looking for a try for that smacks of desperation.


We're asking a VR to knock Australia out of a tournament on a very, very flimsy basis. It was never going to happen, regardless of the nationality of the VR, and rightly so. Of course I'd have liked to have seen the Aussies out, but not in that way. As it is, the Aussies can still go out, and I hope, if it happens, it's clear cut and unarguable.