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Random thoughts on Wales vs Scotland

16 March 2014 - 05:39 PM

Just got back from Cardiff from a good weekend of ale and rugby union.   Here's some random thoughts in no particular order.


1.  Cardiff has a real buzz about it when Wales are playing.   The whole city is taken over by it.

2.  The locals are very worried by the collapse of junior rugby in Wales, and think that the future of Welsh rugby isn't that great.

3.  Brains SA is still a good drop.

4.  Wales can play a bit.

5.  Scotland are an embarrassment to rugby in all forms.  Could have played for a thousand years and not scored.

6.  Contrary to popular belief on here, they do make a noise during conversions.  Quite a lot of it.

7.  But they talk during the game.   There's a constant bubble of conversation in the background.  You don't hear it at big football games with a similar sized crowd.  Maybe it was because the game had zero intensity.

8.  The game had zero intensity.

9.  Cardiff has *lots* of good looking women.  If I were ten years younger....

10.   I enjoyed the weekend, as a social thing more than anything, and would go again quite happily.

11.  The atmosphere in the stadium was closer to a cricket Test than a rugby league Test.

12.  None of the Scottish team would get close to an SL side.  Not one of them.  Some of their backs aren't Championship standard.  Danny Brough would have been the best player in Scotland by a mile had he joined them.

13.  Quite a lot of the Welsh would play SL easily.

14.  I still remain baffled by RU forward play, but a good dose of ale, some eye candy sat a few rows in front and some good mates to chat to and it all seems okay.

15.  One Scottish bloke in front of us was so drunk he fell off his seat.   This was before kickoff!  He slept through most of the match.  Given he was supporting Scotland, he probably did the right thing.

16.  Charlotte Church's parents keep a decent pub. (in truth, I think they left a while back, but it's still a good, honest boozer)

17.  I could do with an early night...