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  1. No point being furious if something goes wrong on your recce run. That’s why you do a recce run - because it doesn’t matter when it goes wrong. Sounds to me like your preparations have done their job. Good luck on Thursday.
  2. One of my old friends is in that second video with her violin.
  3. I know what you mean. Years ago I stumbled across Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata. I listened to almost nothing else for about a month.
  4. I’m the same. I can even remember some of the reg plates of cars my Dad drove. BVH232S really stands out for some reason But not the cars I own now! No idea of their reg plates.
  5. I while back I heard this song that I found oddly moving for reasons I couldn’t put my finger on. It was had a bit of an early 90s feel with a voiceover about a girl listening to very loud house music. I heard it a few times and never found out what it was. But it’s been bouncing round my head ever since. This morning Mary Anne Hobbs played it and I grabbed the title. It’s Beulah Loves Dancing by Planningtorock.
  6. A Renault Clio. I had it for years. It was basically indestructible. I took a whole bunch of garden clippings to the tip in it once, and forever after it was infested with spiders.
  7. When REM played at the McAlpine (as was) in Huddersfield in 1995 they were due to be supported by Oasis, but by the time the date came round Oasis weren’t going to support anyone! We got The Beautiful South instead. They were great. Did a brilliant cover of Some Might Say. REM didn’t have a clue where they were and did a professional but somewhat unenthusiastic job. I finally saw Oasis years later at Heaton Park. The sound system failed, so they played a shortened set and Noel Gallagher announced we would all get our money back. A few weeks later an incredibly ornate, specially printed cheque arrived, complete with Noel’s signature. Had it been 1996 I’d have framed it, put it on my wall and left the money in his pocket. But it wasn’t 1996, so I cashed it and got my money back.
  8. I once fell asleep while stood up during a very loud 25 minute drum solo at a Led Zeppelin tribute band gig in Vancouver. In my defence, I was very jet lagged, heroically drunk, and it was an extremely dull gig.
  9. Like a number of bands, they went rapidly downhill after someone told them they were serious musicians Pablo Honey is quite fun. The Bends is superb. OK Computer is interesting but teetering on the cusp. Nothing after that is worth the effort. Just my opinion, of course.
  10. BBC 6 Music seems to have signed some kind of contract whereby they are contractually obliged to play Kate Tempest once every hour. To be fair, her words are quite clever. But her voice....dear God, it makes me want to tear holes my eardrums with my mum’s old knitting needles. I switch the radio off now and wait five minutes before switching it back on.
  11. ? No coffee, that’s easy! I’m a tea man. And by tea, I mean tea. Made of tea. With milk and sugar. Not a thin soup of twigs and mysterious spices.
  12. I am that man. And yes, you are the villain. In my - definitive - opinion, coffee is vile and should not be consumed by humans except in the form of a double espresso laced with sugar the morning after a very heavy night. People who ask for a double mocha chocca frappu-latte with soya milk on rye.....aaaargh!
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