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  1. Yes. But historically big run chases happen on the fifth day, when the wicket is crumbling like a Brexiters promise and the time is running out. It’s only the third day.
  2. Ain’t that the truth. Root should fine the buggers fifty quid for every boundary in this innings. Target should be every batsman hits a single in every over.
  3. It’s a big fourth inning target, but actually this is winnable. It’s only lunch on the third day. The weather forecast is good, there’s 240 overs remaining in this match and England need 348 more to win. If they don’t spunk their wickets away, that’s actually achievable. 1.5 risk free runs an over sees them home
  4. Good question. I think Root has only played twice this year for Yorkshire in FC cricket. Jonny Bairstow hasn’t played any FC cricket outside Tests for over a year Which not only suggests that it’s not surprising England’s players might sometimes go into a Test series “underdone” but also makes you wonder what Yorkshire pay these guys for.
  5. On TMS earlier today Michael Vaughan pointed out that there were back to back Ashes series in 2013/14 in order to avoid having the Ashes in a World Cup year. Sometimes I suspect cricket administrators look up to rugby league administrators as paragons of competence.
  6. There is a global problem in Test cricket, which is an unusually strong problem in England. White ball cricket is the priority. In England this is an openly stated strategy, to the extent that First Class cricket is shunted out of the way like an embarrassing elderly relative in favour of the ECBs daft ideas. You can’t expect batsman to focus on white ball cricket and then suddenly be able to bat for hours in a Test match. England’s (and to a lesser extent Australia’s) batting fragility is not down to individual failures by the players. It’s systemic and it’s there by design.
  7. As I recall from the utterly drek Star Trek III Searching for Spock, when Spock has an accelerated adolescence he has a spot of bother with Pon Far, and Saavik helpfully sorts him out. Sadly for Spock, it’s not the original Saavik from The Wrath of Khan, it’s the other one Ah, a young, smouldering, thin(!), Kirstie Alley. With pointy ears....
  8. I agree. But I’m no St Helens fan, and I resent any suggestion that might be. You have besmirched the honour of me and my family. Get your lirpa You’re going to need it
  9. Blimey. I think you must be suffering from a bout of Pon Farr. You need to find some relief before you go totally kal-if-fee
  10. God almighty that was a dreadful movie. Unlike.... ”Khaaaaaaaan!”
  11. Yes. Thats why I’ve banned my kids from reading books.
  12. My best mate is a Taff. Lovely bloke. He’s long had the opinion that the Welsh rugby fans have more in common with the English league fans than with the Twickers types.
  13. Good for him. To stick his hand up for that job took some minerals. I thought he’d lost it after the first ball. Good captaincy from Morgan to calm him down.
  14. The North is a state of mind.
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