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  1. Personally, we sell services so tariffs aren’t that big a deal. If it becomes a problem working in the EU after Brexit I expect we’ll just move the business across to one of our EU offices and staff it from there.
  2. You won’t be paying four quid for a lettuce. You’ll be dreaming of lettuce while selling your body for an extra parsnip.
  3. It’s not the 1950s It does need the gender addition. England were already the Women’s World Champions. Good of the Men to complete the double. Happy days all round
  4. Brilliant. That’s a very clear description of your motivations. Thank you. Now, how do you want to do it? Start with how you want to handle our only border
  5. It’s a mess and it’s far from obvious that leaving the EU will sort it out. Even if it wasn’t a mess, it’s a horrible industry for people to work in. I would never blame anyone for taking the money and getting out of it.
  6. You gave three options 1. That sheep farmers are lazy 2. That sheep farmers lack imagination 3. Something else FYI, the answer is 3. The answer is that the UK is part of one of the largest and most powerful markets in the world and a huge amount of effort has been put in to aligning and removing bureaucracy to allow sheep farmers - who in my experience do not lack imagination and are certainly not lazy - to sell their products into that huge market. And you want to leave that market for reasons you can’t articulate and replace it with something you can’t define.
  7. So it’s okay to export telecommunications services to the EU, but not meat?
  8. I’ve just sold quite a chunky piece of work into Denmark. I’m disappointed to discover that this was lazy and I should have done better. Perhaps you will join me in requesting from saintslass and other Brexiters a list of ideologically acceptable export destinations? In the meantime, I will call my clients in Denmark to cancel the project. I wouldn’t want people to think I was being lazy.
  9. And because a UK fisherman thought “This is a lousy job, I’ll take the money and run” and sold it to the Spanish boat.
  10. I’m pretty sure that the Chief Constable of the PSNI knows much less about the border than he thinks he does and can therefore be ignored. What we need is a common sense approach.
  11. Yes. Laziness. I know a couple of sheep farmers. Absolutely bone idle people. Rarely lift a finger. Utter layabouts. Seriously, why do you hate the people of this country so much?
  12. Another difference is that the SNP presented a detailed plan for what they wanted to do and put that to the people. The Brexiters had campaigned for decades for their cause, but still don’t have a clue how they want to do it.
  13. Perhaps they have a clearer understanding of the EU than you?
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