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In Topic: Hinkley Point an the Myth of Austerity

24 September 2015 - 12:51 PM

I suspect power generation is going to become a huge issue in the next year and a half. While we should be ok from a generation capacity perspective this coming winter, next winter is another question entirely. Early next year we're losing Ferrybridge and Eggborough stations and they aren't being replaced by anything other than a hand full of windmills which won't cover a fraction of the energy they generate.

The governments response to questions on this is something along the lines of "the market will drive new facilities". Clearly that isn't happening. I currently work in the industry and can't say more, as everything I've mentioned is already in the public record. This year's winter power forecast report is also public if people want to look more in to these things.

I suspect that the grid may need to rely more on standby diesel Generation to meet short term needs.

In Topic: puppy advice

28 July 2015 - 03:28 PM

He's now 19 weeks old and growing rapidly. Chewing settling down a little but still teething. Playful as ever and bounces around from the minute he wakes up till the minute he falls asleep again!

In Topic: Tour de France 2015

26 July 2015 - 08:14 PM

It seemed to be the Dutch yesterday. Geraint Thomas shared a short clip on Twitter from one of the Sky team cars going up Alpe d'Huez passing 'Dutch Corner' and they were throwing stuff, jeering, booing and banging on the car.

That's the madness of Dutch corner. Mountain was closed for five days before so will have all been on the beer all week

In Topic: Tour de France 2015

16 July 2015 - 08:29 PM

I use to enjoy the Tour de France, but for me its been tainted by Lance Armstrong and the ever hanging cloud of drug use in professional cycling.

Lance wasn't the first to dope and won't be the last. Riders have been trying to find an edge on the tour since it began. From the early use of alcohol to numb the pain to Tommy Simpson dying on Ventoux after taking speed.

Whilst Armstrongs era took doping to a new level, Armstrong brought a banana to a gun fight when he arrived in the peloton. Armstrong has been made an example of whilst a lot of riders largely walked away. Even Floyd Landis stands to make $30m from bringing a case against Armstrong. Riders at US Postal knew what performance was expected of them and they all chose to dope to achieve it.

Don't hate Armstrong for being a doper. Hate him for his win at all costs attitude. His non British attitude to life after beating cancer. Indont agree with what Armstrong did but I understand why he did it.

Pro cycling will always have those that dope. The nature of pro cycling forces temptation. Butnbr thankful of the efforts pro cycling now makes to keep the sport as clean as possible. Not all sports do.

In Topic: Tour de France 2015

15 July 2015 - 04:42 PM

Lots more mountains today, including the Tourmalet.

Useless prediction: Rafal Majka

Dark horse: Joachim Rodriguez

Good call!