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  1. just made main bbc 1 news
  2. Should be a good game . Rovers wont be taking any prisoners .
  3. Wasn't the ship an old Hull Trawler ?
  4. Lads been doing the 5k race series around the cycle track . 1st Thursday (could be Tuesday )of the month . Well run , results straight after you finish .
  5. It looks like a great few hours watching the game , nice weather helps . The guys on the far left seem to be enjoying themselves . Hope you can kick on and secure a place in SL . Hopefully another French team will follow you . The game needs to spread its wings , Toronto seem to be pushing the game along , few not liking that . Keep up the good work
  6. Its great to be watching rugby league on a sunday night . Crowd not shouting forward pass / gerrom side every 10 secs , bliss .
  7. East Park (Hull) celebrated its 500th parkrun Saturday . Over 600 runners , great morning .
  8. Died a slow and painful death . Could be better news on the way (heard a wisper , new ideas , people)
  9. thats how we remember mablethorpe , lots of plastic and tie wraps covering bits of bike .
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