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  1. Traffic Jam . Cornwall to Hull (east) 400plus miles no problem , few near misses . Just managed to skip of road at Melton . Another 20 miles onto journey . Better than 2 hours in traffic .
  2. Yeah , that's a good one . I have a rather strange interest in old ship wrecks , this area hold quite a few along the highwater mark . Two reasons to get myself out to that region .
  3. Wife , son and girlfriend did Lands End . I stayed in Sennen Cove with dog . Fantastic way to spend your Saturday . Had a swim , watched lifeboat (both inshore and offshore)launch to get 4 kayakers drifting into the main shipping lanes .
  4. I only watch highlights . Not looked for live games .
  5. Just bought a very nice /loaded Subaru Outback . Leather everything , electric everything , Boxer Diesel engined AWD well screwed together vehicle . Clutch pedal is a little heavy that's about the only negative thing In can say about It . Very good value at 3k
  6. Beverley v Hull Dockers Played at a fantastic venue in Molescroft which is a posh village attached to Beverley . Beverley took a 12 point lead , looked the stronger , better organised and fitter . Credit to Dockers how scored two well worked tries to tie scores going into halftime . Dockers looked to play a more open game with ball in hand early in 2nd half . This seemed to be working well , then it wasn't as Beverley found an extra gear or two to pull away from a very tired Dockers team . Stop start game , two sent off , ref went well . Good crowd watching , great facility , well done to Beverley , hope they can secure a long stay at the ground .
  7. Score line suggests a good tight game
  8. Its gone in freezer . Going to have a seafood special around mid winter time , cheer me up .
  9. Just caught a very nice Dover Sole in my Shrimp Net . Might chuck it on BBQ
  10. I started watching Bob Ross on bbc4 ? From that some of my family entered into a Bob Ross paint off on a Saturday morning after Parkrun . Even had entries from Oz . I just copied Bobs paintings , got quite good at it .
  11. Walked down to south beach from Barmston 2 months ago . Kids football tournament going on plus a much more interesting beach volleyball tournament . Great to see beach been used in a positive manner .
  12. Thursday night Hull Docker V Beverley Easy win for Dockers in the end . You score we score start to match . Dockers slowly took control , ref had a good game , kept the game moving . Beverly sounded like a poor pub team , calling for a forward pass nearly every pass dockers did . Both from the players and touch line . 2nd time Dockers have had this ref , impressed with how he handled the game . Heard a ref had been attacked over in Leeds , player been arrested . 2nd hand details so might not be 100% correct .
  13. Hull Dockers playing Beverley . East Park 6.45ish KO
  14. Hull Dockers V Heworth Game went down to the last kick of the game , which missed , giving Heworth the win . Really close game today , both teams playing well , dockers defending for long periods . Dockers attack got more predictable as Heworths forwards gained the upper hand , having said that Dockers try after halftime was a fantastic piece of running rugby . The young ref did well , few head high tackle maybe needed a yellow card or two . Two good teams playing some good rugby , 12.30 ko to allow people to go and watch FC v KR .
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