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  1. Watched Dockers A v Kingswood Knights on East Park . League fixture . Good solid win for Dockers . Kingwood played well especially 1st half . Dockers did plenty of goal line defending whilst scoring some well worked tries . Kingswood always kept Dockers on there toes . Lots of rain right through the game , luckily wind had dropped away during the game . Dockers 1st team played Skirlaugh in a friendly , game going to Skirlaugh . Plenty of under v18s across both teams . Great to watch some amateur sport , shame they couldn't get changed and showered after the game . Rules are rules !
  2. Council / sport England / lottery / planning authorities / charities / RFL /schools / Amateur rugby league clubs/pro rugby league clubs . Maybe they could work together to develop sporting opportunities for local communities . Maybe work together to provide Education / work experience opportunities for local youths all attached to sporting facilities . One football one rugby pitch(covered in dog ######) in an area with poor sporting facilities isn't really good enough . Maybe an area within the massive Preston Road Estate (Hull) could have been developed . Area is on it
  3. Nearly all teams are in or close to deprived areas . Even a little joined up thinking/planning would go a long towards helping teams / children/youths . I'm not holding my breath
  4. Most rugby teams in Hull (junior) operate in some of the most deprived areas in the city . To ask the people who run these teams to pay a membership fee is another nail in the games coffin . If You want to engage with children and local youth that live within some of the poorest areas in the country , local and national government really need to spend more money . Targeted into areas that would help communities , children and youths .
  5. Great old film . Guy on bike is fantastic . A truly fantastic old film
  6. It might be outdated and missing the point . Trouble is it works .
  7. Global Warming . Best Ski season for a good number of years . No customers .
  8. Good advice .Anything that makes life difficult for the low life #### bags that rob peoples homes and businesses is worth doing .
  9. Its part of our upgrade on security . Hard drive is in a very secure steel vault . If we did get turned over I really want a chance to get even with whoever thought its ok to break into someone's property . External lights are ok , ne3w back door is on the list to do . If they really want to be in they will . One camera needs moving to cover a blind area I hadn't noticed .
  10. I have had a 4 camera Hikvision wired system in for over a year . Stores video for 30 days( hard drive ), runs around the clock . Had no issues . Can send video to phone and alerts . Fitted it myself , need to take your time with cable runs positions of cameras . Brand was recommended by a friend . Son was needed to set up the tech side , took him 20mins . £200 for 4 cameras / hard drive storage
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