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  1. East Park (Hull) celebrated its 500th parkrun Saturday . Over 600 runners , great morning .
  2. Died a slow and painful death . Could be better news on the way (heard a wisper , new ideas , people)
  3. thats how we remember mablethorpe , lots of plastic and tie wraps covering bits of bike .
  4. Agree , lad started racing on a Yamaha PW80 which was a great 1st bike . Up graded KTM65 all out race bike . Finished at Mablethorpe on a Kawasaki 85 . Got some good photos , see if I can find them . Neil Tuxworth who I think is boss of Honda Racing in the UK , seemed to win every race he entered on an old Honda 250 road bike with mx tyres fitted .lol
  5. The fella had steel storage boxes still hanging over the back wheel , never went to far at scrutineering !
  6. MT500 - seen one race at Mablethorpe sand-racing when lad raced . Never near the front but always got round (many didn't)
  7. Alaskan bush family(people?} need to get themselves some decent wet gear to protect themselves from the rain when they are pratting around outside .
  8. Probably a Bass or two feeding on the white bait and mackerel
  9. Good skill balancing the beer on your shoulder .
  10. The lads got tickets for Sunday , not looking good .
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