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  1. lad just purchased a cardboard cut out of a mate , going to be in the stands at he next roosters game
  2. Great sound . Strong words . America seems to have many areas set aside for nature (and people) things can always be better , how you make them better with population growth i've no idea . UK looked into how the national parks / wilderness areas are operated in America to see if any ideas could be transferred over here . In some areas you can use offroad bikes/cars etc bit of a free for all . Areas that allow access in 4x4 s on man made track . Nothing was used over here as our areas of national parks are not large enough to allow these sorts of activities to take place .
  3. that would be a Labour council , just saying
  4. Go fishing , your in Hastings ? Must be some good fishing marks around the local area . 8/9 hours fishing you'll be too knackered to worry about what's on the tv .
  5. Beautiful early morning walk around the Holderness Countryside . Fields dry , still water in the deeper ponds, dykes . Dog got a little warm by the end . 7.5miles
  6. off switch . take fishing up . dont watch tv or over use internet
  7. I've had a few over the years . Work well once you get dialled into them . Had a few issues with the latest one , probably heading back . Cleaver design to keep water out of our latest gopro 7 white . Not the most technical one by a long way
  8. Yes it will . He is a master at this sort of stuff , cant see him not getting back to 100% . Hopefully he will post updates
  9. Mates got 2 Spitfire Engines . Not sure what stage of restoration / condition they are in . Would imagine this one will be stripped and rebuilt as good as new . VID-20200425-WA0002.mp4
  10. High murder rate as well . Rate down a little in 2019 lowest numbers for 12 years . Only 41 thousand plus
  11. He said it's not as straightforward as it could/should have been , site and layout was a little confusing . Lots of help - helping results can via txt
  12. press quote bottom left . look for paperclip click onto choose files . should take you to pictures / documents . click on picture , open picture should start loading onto site .
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