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In Topic: What to rename RL?

30 March 2015 - 10:49 AM

For France, that's a no-brainer really. Having one rugby code recognised as only "rugby" by 95+% of the population and having another code called "rugby à" something isn't helping.


XIII/Treize will work fine enough (and allready do to some extent)

In Topic: bbcrugby

27 February 2015 - 09:51 AM

He's not wrong.... Union's size seems to be quantified only in relation to RL. In most of its strongholds it plays 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th fiddle depending on the country.


And ? Almost in every country, a football code (mostly association, but not only) will be the dominant sport.   
Basketball is arguably the second most popular sport worldwide. Yet, you'll be puzzled to find a country where the sport is ranked the most popular (Lithuania and that's it ?)

In Topic: bbcrugby

27 February 2015 - 08:47 AM

Had a look at that car crash of a thread...noticed it was started by an Aussie who was no doubt peeved that his beloved Ruggers is nigh on extinct in Australia while RL has grown exponentially. Always amuses me how Ruggers folk talk about their game as If it's some sort of Goliath..."the RWC is the 3rd biggest sporting event" ..lol..and that's from the RU governing body. Ruggers, an historically white oppressive public school game, is played by 8 nations, only 2 of which (NZ and Wales) were it isn't dwarfed by other sports. South west France is the only region where it wasn't imposed on the locals. There are roughly 200 nations...so 96% of the planet is not aware of its existence. They are in no position to attempt to belittle RL or any sport for that matter.




In Topic: French league article

17 February 2015 - 11:00 AM

Is there a significant quality difference between Championship and Elite 1 though? Is that not what will bring in supporters? That, and a direct opportunity to get into SL?

In my conference proposal, French clubs would only travel to England 6 times in the season proper, and host 6 English clubs. The other 9 games would be against French clubs in France (and one of those would be in the road as a French style Summer Bash).

English clubs would only travel to France twice and host French clubs twice.

Under the old model of having Toulouse in the Championship proper, they travelled to England 10 times and hosted 10 times. We've effectively halved the travel yet included 4x the number of teams.
The travel for English clubs has doubled from once to a staggering twice, mind.


The last time, Toulouse was playing in Championship, we didn't see any influx of fans or sponsors, I failed to see why this will be different this time. 
The issue, is one of value, the quality on the field being only one factor (and I'll argue a very small one). An another is the meaning of the game and the competition.  By itself, a Toulouse-Featherstone game played in the second tier of english RL doesn't have very much meaning (and thus value) for the locals. The direct opportunity to get in SL might give a little boost at the begining, but il will fade very quick if the club failed to get entry to SL.
Your proposal, is indeed better than having one (or a couple) club playing in the Championship, but I still don't see any advantage against the possibility of direct entry to SL.

In Topic: French league article

17 February 2015 - 10:06 AM

yeah i was saying nz domestic rugby league scene sounds a bit like France with 50 - 100 people whatching most games... thats another story.


back on topic maybe the way to go is get toulouse and maybe aude in championship and restructure french elite one and championship 1 so they have the same salary cap etc and french teams get relegated to elite one and english side to championship one.


No, having french club(s) in the championship is a loss operation. Revenues will remain stagnant at best, but expenses will skyrocket. It doesn't make any sense.


The only reason why a french club will agree on that, it's because  they'll see it as their only gateway to the SL, but it's realy, realy not needed.