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In Topic: Italian split & partnership explained - independent articles

20 May 2015 - 08:49 AM

I don't think they killed it off from what a former Italian RL member said. Was more no government / financial support during a very bad economic period (a lot of people migrating to Australia etc in the 60s)


From what I've read, the creation of the RL federation was about some elite RU clubs which were ###### about Fiamme Oro hoarding most of the best players of the country. 


Any truth in that ?

In Topic: Italian split & partnership explained - independent articles

20 May 2015 - 07:21 AM

This is complete supposition but there's too much of it going around for it not to be a coincidence.  In my view, there has been guidance from the IRB that the way to blunt Rugby League's worldwide growth is to swallow it up in developing nations by making it a "division" of Rugby Union.  Pretty soon, "World Rugby" will try and usurp the RLIF and the only people who can conceivably fight it off are the Home Nations (under the wing of the RFL), Australia, New Zealand and, maybe, France.


As I said, guesswork, supposition, reading between lines that mightn't even be there.





Meanwhile, Kobus Botha, the president of the South African Rugby League (SARL), said interest in the sport was on the decline because Sascoc refused to recognise it as a legitimate national sport.

"They keep on insisting that the rugby league affiliate to the South African Rugby Union [Saru], in spite of being in possession of letters from both Saru and the IRB [International Rugby Board] indicating that such an affiliation is not possible as the sporting codes are separate sporting codes with different rules and different governing bodies.

In Topic: Toulouse News

11 May 2015 - 11:54 AM

It seems there is a large misunderstanding of what Toulouse is and what the finances of the club are.
The overall 'budget' of the club is about 1.8 M€ , including 0.4 M€ for the association (junior RL). From the remaining sum (1.4 M€), about 30 to 35 % (going by similar clubs in other sport) should be spend on players salaries. That's about 0.5 M€ or 0.35 M£. We are not talking about a full pro side here.
Considering that the championship in not going to raise any interest in the non tradional treiziste maket in Toulouse, the club won't be able to reach much more revenues than it does now. It should be enough to make of Toulouse a mid-table team, maybe to reach the championship top 4 with a bit of luck, but it won't be enough for the club to be promoted to the SL.
That is, if the club survives its first(s) year(s) in League One.

In Topic: Toulouse News

11 May 2015 - 10:49 AM

It's indeed time that someone get rids of the muppets both side of the channel.

In Topic: Can someone please get rid of the muppets running our game at the RFL!

10 May 2015 - 05:40 PM


Point. Missed. Country mile.

I don't need the figures pointing out, I already know them. It's you that doesn't know the difference between paying spectators and a fanbase; I'm sure the RFL does.


How do you determine a fanbase then, if not by the amount of people (paying or not) going to the stadium ?


Edit: these figures are about spectators as reported by the press back then. They are not about paying spectators only.