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  1. More like 400K including production costs for home games (20K per match). But, yeah, that's about what RL worth in France...
  2. Avignon is also the largest (by far) french city without a pro club in any sport.
  3. Sure, because a french RLWC wouldn't be challenging enough by itself.
  4. For BeIn, RL is a complementary product (in an otherwise very soccer oriented schedule). With Toulouse, they will end up with a better complementary product, but that's it. Not something that will drive subscriptions in any meaningfull way. So no... For any decent TV deal, it will recquire a channel willing to bet some money in order to (re)built RL as a desirable product in the country. It would also recquire BeIN (or someone else), the RFL and the FFRXIII to sit down and to plan fot the next decades of french RL. Something very RL...
  5. Yes it is. But just have a look at the name of the league: 'elite 1'. It can't be more misleading than that. It's not the french Elite anymore. As ist stand, it 's the third french league actually. Theorically, the Elite 1 should first be rebranded and then considered as a feeder league for the professionnal teams. Unfortnatly, I believe many people are not quite ready for that. It's also complicated considing that french RL has no say at all in what actually constitues its elite (the SL and to a much lesser extent the Championsip) and has no perspective whatsoever in what it could look like 10 or 20 years from now.
  6. Short answer: it didn't deliver the reason why RL was set up in the first place in the 30's in this country : to overtake rugby (union). The early nickname of 'neo-rugby' was there for a reason. Once its mission failed and it had no real social/regional boundaries to regroup behind like it did England. It went donwhil fast. The 80's results were juste à late echo, the disaster was set in motion way before (50's, 60's).
  7. One month later... Of course, it's recognised. This is only a list of sports who are played during IOC competitions (OG, YOG, EYOF).
  8. That's implied. If not, what is 'nice' about them putting a 'decent porposal' ?
  9. Sure, France is a pipe dream, but Canada is not .... There would be a lot of challenges in such a proposal (crowds, FFRXIII, media interest, private sponsorship ...), but securing regional/national institutional backing would not be one of them.
  10. Regarding crowds, something I made last week based on rlproject datas (a few games are missing): average attendance for home games by decade. If anyone thinks current french home crowds have been poor recently, think again. It has been much better (or least worse ?) than previous decades.
  11. For a non traditional treiziste, that the away team is called Wales, England, NZ or Ireland doesn't matter (hence the 12,000 crowd we had in Lens in 2012 for a game against Wales).
  12. Locals have other stuff to worry about right now... https://viaoccitanie.tv/direct-tv/ French link for anyone in need, I doubt it's geoblocked
  13. Ten years ago, the NZRL had 140 clubs and 16,728 registered players. What are the numbers today ?
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