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  1. My own tweet actually Carcassonne' président is saying that they are working to apply for a spot in League one in three years. My comment in a barely better English that the google translated one being that this is an utterly stupid move and that any french club wishing to leave for England without a solid mid-tem SL plan will only waste everyone time and money (just like Toulouse did a few years back).
  2. Not Really, Tour de France is running as usual during Bastille Day
  3. There aren't any "demonstration sports" since 1992. That starts well...
  4. Not that the game is not growing and probably growing fast fast, but WR playing numbers are well known to be BS. Just take the female number. They are about 20.000 registered female players in France, a bit more in England A few thousands here and there (AUS, NZ, Spain, Canada...), then you plunge in the hundreds, and then nothing. We are short of 2.5 million players...
  5. Absolutely not... I'm saying it's ridiculous to expect some paybacks (like a french TV deal) when nothing has been done to grow the market over here for the past 15 years. You need a very long term strategy and a full commitment from both sides to do so and expect results not in years, but in decades... For the moment, the Catalans bring nothing to the table and will continue to do so unless such a strategy is put in place.
  6. You guys should really stop this 'french TV deal' nonsense. Under the current circonstances, it will never happen. As a best case scenario, L'Equipe will take it where Bein left (ie producing Catalans home game and that's it). No french TV will put any extra money in the competition as the value is simply not there, and won't be there neither with an eventual addition of Toulouse. Sports channels need subscribers and Super League don't bring them. Simple as that. I do believe this situation can be changed and that eventually french RL can become self-sufficient..., but for that
  7. No one knows the numbers. The posters just had a bit of fun quoting whatever figures they had in mind...
  8. PSG XIII made the front page this day ! Which I believe is the last time RL appeared on the front page.
  9. There are some strong laws in Québec regarding the use of english in the public space. I assume the use of translated terms have more to do with that than some kind of marketing genius.
  10. Heum... what about lol ? Public subsidies (not just mayors) make for less than 2% of the TOP14 clubs budgets these days. That's 2% too much if you ask me, but that's just a fraction of clubs ressources, and just a tiny bit of town/departements/regions's budgets ('most of', come on...) But you're right, it will never happen nevertheless.
  11. Honestly. Who gives a f. ? There is nothing elite about the ""Elite 1"", It's just a local comp for very local customers. Their reach is not on the internet, but on local cafes and boulangeries. That's where any communication push should be focused on.
  12. 1,650 per game (2001-2002 season) http://web.archive.org/web/20020625195408/http://www.rugbytreize.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=1&topic=879
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