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#3205114 European Championship Squads

Posted by Gambass on 01 October 2015 - 10:31 PM

NZ only has 1 pro team. Comparison with England (or NZ) is exactly what France should be going off if they want to get to the next level. As it is they're miles behind and no better than the Celtic nations. Let's hope the youngsters are better than the last lot


Yes, we are. 8 wins on 10 matchs over the last 5 years for an average score of 32-16. That's better.
And that's leaving aside that the 'celtic' nations had often not much 'celticness' about them...

#3199314 Is Toulouse in the 2016 League One ?

Posted by Gambass on 24 September 2015 - 09:57 AM

Is it really about the system? Surely it's just about the feeble lack of drive or ambition from anyone at the top of UK RL. The flatcappers have, sadly, won the war.


Well, the new system is only a symptom (an other will be the funding cuts of the welsh/scottish bodies for instance)
But, yeah, bottom line, the RFL has gave up on any kind of ambition and expansion, and sadly, many people don't seem to realize that.

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#3198776 Is Toulouse in the 2016 League One ?

Posted by Gambass on 23 September 2015 - 11:54 AM

- They don't need a bigger stadium for League 1 indeed, neither for championship as nobody in France gives a ###### about neither competition


- They can not wait for a "few years" in League 1, nor championship for the stadium to be rebuild as nobody in France gives a ###### about neither competition


They are ######ed, and they have been ######ed since this 'new era' madness came up. 

#3145704 Crowdwatch round 19

Posted by Gambass on 23 June 2015 - 09:13 AM

But that doesn't stop people criticising the RFL for not taking SL to Scotland, Wales, Bristol, Birmingham, Barcelona etc. 


The issue is not that these places are not granted a spot in SL at the moment. The issue is that with the end of licensing and P&R being back (and P&R with its own RFL idiotic little tweak), these places have lost their only pathway to SL. The possibility of a new non-M62 club to ever took part to the SL has ended with the end of the licensing process (which doesn't mean that process was flawless obviously)
RL is too much of a geographical dominated sport to hope that an outsider could ever break in via P&R (RFL style P&R or otherwise).

#3133800 French Update

Posted by Gambass on 02 June 2015 - 03:01 PM



The touch rugby federation's map. 

#3120337 Sol Mokdad / UAE Rugby League (merged threads)

Posted by Gambass on 10 May 2015 - 11:33 AM



The full press release from UAE Rugby

#3114448 Italy RL - FIRL/LIRFL split (Merged threads)

Posted by Gambass on 30 April 2015 - 03:14 PM

Can you guys just be a little more melodramatic ?

#3114236 French Update

Posted by Gambass on 30 April 2015 - 10:22 AM

Word out is that TOXIII to play in Championship 1 next season



#3112619 Crowdwatch Round 12

Posted by Gambass on 27 April 2015 - 11:04 AM


It seemed to dawn on me thinking about it long and hard that the professional game itself hasn't grown much from it's 1996 footprint to what we have today.Compare SL 1996 to SL 2015 and it's still largely a one motorway league with token involvement from France.



For me personally I'd certainly have cut SL to 12 but brought back one up one down P & R. 


I fail to understand how one could be so be concerned - and rightfully so - about the expansion of the footprint of the professionnal game and yet still advocate P&R.
If it was not for licensing/franchising and direct parachuting into the SL, the Cats will never have happened as they will never have raised enough revenues in the championship to gain promotion into the SL (just like Toulouse will faill - again - if they follow this route)
Dragons might be only a token involvement, but, at least, it's a successfull expansion pro team, which is still one more than P&R could ever claim.

#3111186 Sol Mokdad / UAE Rugby League (merged threads)

Posted by Gambass on 24 April 2015 - 04:40 PM

What about another take on the subject before everyone goes apeshit ? 



#3098979 Catalans Dragons Omnisports

Posted by Gambass on 02 April 2015 - 11:29 AM

I'm not quite sure I follow. What are they doing to adopt the brand? They aren't changing names are they?

On a side note, OCP reminds me of Robocop!




les changements de nom et d’organigramme seront effectifs dès le 1er juillet 2015, selon les règlements de la FFF.



It seems like they will. Worth noting, that Perpignan had a short go at professionnal footy in the early 50's.



EDIT: almost a shame, as the football club logo is freaking great ! (and miles better than the Dragon's one)

#3066492 French league article

Posted by Gambass on 04 February 2015 - 10:44 PM

- Some people have launched a new project called "Objectif Ligue XIII" with the aim to create a new "professional" league based on the 8 existing Elite 1 teams + a certain number of new teams based based in large urban areas (Bordeaux, Montepllier, etc.)
- The project has been shown to the federation late december and the people from Objectif Ligue XIII have been told to come back with more factual evidences that their project can be launched.
- Due to lack of progress with the federation, Objectif Ligue XIII have decided to go public with their project a few days ago which triggered this public answer from Carlos Zalduendo which can be sum up as : "It's ######".

#3012660 RLIF reveals World Cup 2021 bidding process

Posted by Gambass on 12 October 2014 - 10:13 PM

Good point, England in a WC final in Paris would see 20,000-25,000 English fans alone going over. Without England in the final I think you could still see 10k+ from the UK to boost the crowd. 60-70k at the Stade De France would be huge for our game.


I love the enthusiasm, but realistically these kind of figures are pie in the sky.
At the moment, rl doesn't get any national traction, It doesn't ring any bell for most north of Toulouse. If for some reason the AFL decided to move their grand final to Paris, it would flop, just like a RLWC final would flop.
For a french WC not to be a total failure, it will have to be centred on medium southern cities where the game gets recognition (Albi, Perpignan, Avignon, etc.) plus a couple of nearby large cities (Toulouse and possibly Lyon) thrown in. But even there, that will be quite a gamble.
Of course, if there was a serious plan to (re)establish  RL as a strong second tier sport by then (by setting up a full pro domestic competition or by having 3 or 4 SL sides), that would be a whole another story. Sadly it's not the case (Toulouse in Championship is not a plan, it's stupidity).

#2947600 So will Jeopardy - Bradford v Wakefield - see a bumper crowd next week?

Posted by Gambass on 21 June 2014 - 11:39 AM

Bradford's home attendances in 2012 fell by 16% under licensing.

Bradford's home attendances in 2013 fell by 27% under licensing.

Bradford's home attendances in 2014 are currently down by 21%.


Jeopardy must be to blame.

No, really.


Jeopardy doesn't improve things though.
This 'jeopardy' game had a worst relative decline than other 'non jeopardy' games.
Anyway, who gives a f*** ? That a few extra hundred people may or may not be attracted to the stadium for a couple of games because of this so called 'jeopardy'  is not going to change anything. We are only talking of a few extra thousand quid for the whole game. That's as marginal as it gets.
In the meantime, in this brave new world of P&R we are going to:
- Lose the only non M62 english club in SL
- Make it impossible for an extra french club to join the SL, thus making impossible for an enough competitive french team to emerge.
- Make it harder - if not impossible - for a non M62 english club to join the SL
- Make half of the SL clubs jeopardizing their long term future for short term succes (which it what P&R does the best), creating a de facto two tiers SL.
These points do matter, and are all much, much more important that the few hundred extra spectators that may - or may not - be attracted to the stadium in Braford or Wakefield.

#2944466 Totally disillusioned with international rugby league

Posted by Gambass on 14 June 2014 - 12:23 PM

The USA qualified for the last world cup by playing in the USA against SA and Jamaica using mostly home grown players from their domestic league, which has grown since then. They can do it again. Once they qualified they did indeed pick a team of ex pat Americans and ditched some of their domestic players who helped them qualify but I think the team that did play all had as bona fide American connections or  American passports.


Italy also qualified by playing in Italy and barely defeated a Lebanon side to qualify on points difference I think. As with the USA the Italian League is growing. The use of heritage players to get a good performance at the WC was great publicity for the game in each country which must have enhanced the knowledge and interest in the game.


No it was not. For instance, I can't find a single article related to the RLWC on the Gazzetta delo Sport (major sport newspaper in Italy) website.
A new sport in a country with an allready established sporting landscape has really not a lot to offer to his members. The possibility of representing his own nation in sporting's events for people who would never had a shot at otherwise is one of the few advantages a new sport has. RL has managed to spoil it. Congrats.