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In Topic: Was the third test sold out?

16 November 2015 - 08:24 PM

There were quite a few empty seats at the start of the game. Empty seats both side of me weren't filled until 20/25 mins into the first half - and I think were a result of traffic problems. (It was only when the adjacent seats were filled that I realised how narrow, cramped and uncomfortable the seats are! - Still, I thought the ground looked good and full and came across well when I watched later on TV).

In Topic: Rams announce partnership with 6TK

28 October 2015 - 09:18 AM

There's good points made that the club could involve fans in the shirt design. I agree. An earlier post said players had been asked - which is good - but it's the fans that pay £40 or more...and a number, including me, would like a traditional design. The shirt is important as it's what supporters and the town identify with. Its strange that one of Dewsbury's more visible, marketable assets of a distinctive RAB hooped shirt is neglected, only to be promised for centenary occasions, and in the meantime we get nondescript 'any team' stuff. I buy them as I believe it helps the club, but the club can't expect people to keep buying something they don't want - and the club's losses on shirts suggest this. It would be encouraging if the club could ask fans for their input.
Still, I'm hoping we get a nice surprise when the new kit is unveiled.

In Topic: New Shirts/Sponsors

15 October 2015 - 05:54 AM

That's helpful insight from BSJ - It hadnt occurred to me the club lost money on shirts but wrote that off against opportunity to attract sponsor income. There's few easy answers with shirts. There's the equation of price v quality v quantity - I'm guessing there's limited scope to influence manufacture cost, but dropping quality significantly may turn buyers off. So it becomes more a question of increasing volume of sales (which again might be limited given Dewsbury is not Leeds Rhinos) - but maybe the club could do a little bit of (cheap, internet based) market research to find out what we, the customers, want. An earlier post suggested better club info on size range and access to buy, another suggested different 'vintage' type shirts (- which I'd buy - if the quality is right!) - this looks like the sort of feedback the club could usefully seek and respond to, as well as modern v traditional style.

In Topic: New Shirts/Sponsors

14 October 2015 - 08:12 PM

I'd be interested in why the arrangement with fi-ta didn't last to another season. Every year we seem to have a press release from a new kit supplier saying how excited and proud they are to be associated with the Rams - but the relationship doesn't last. Maybe there isn't the profit to be made out of us.

I do buy a new shirt each year regardless of style - I figure it helps the club with income. I'm not sure there's much in the argument about different markets/age groups wanting different things - but if I had the choice I prefer traditional hoops, and the test is if I was going to the Challenge Cup Final I'd wear the samurai hooped shirt of a few years back - that clearly says 'Dewsbury'.

On the question of appearance - a tubby bloke is a tubby bloke in any design - I know as I see him in the mirror lookin back at me every day.

In Topic: RFL should take over the Darlington Stadium

10 October 2015 - 03:54 PM

Not sure I get this!
- The stadium is not Darlington Councils to sell. I understand it to be owned by Darlington Mowden Park RUFC, bought at a knock-down price and from substantial proceeds of a land sale. DMP did a great deal and doubt they would want to sell on?
- The stadium lacks character, is a couple of miles out of centre on edge of town, with poor public transport links and no pubs or anything else close by. Darlington FC supporters never took the new stadium to their hearts. Why would RL supporters?
- Darlo is a decent town, but small (circa 100,000 pop) and not affluent. What benefit of locating RL operations from Darlington?