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  1. Isn’t it seven if Annakin is starting at prop ? Is Sheriffe leaving ? Wasn’t it that great Aussie coach Wayne Bennett who said “you can never have too many props” ? Or was it Wozza ? Can’t remember.
  2. We're being drip fed (as in water torture), so he'll probably be our last announcement - probably sometime round Boxing Day.
  3. Another theme year - 6 props and counting if Annakin is going to be used there.
  4. Fair point. Who do you think JH might tempt over ?
  5. Damned if I know - but then I'm not the head coach.
  6. Guess all we can do is keep an open mind. By and large, our track record over the last two decades regarding coaching staff has hardly left the present incumbents with huge boots to fill has it ? Hopefully they'll be able to do a similar job to the coaching staff at York. I'd hoped we might have got somebody with a few good contacts on board though.
  7. Most of it's gone on my waist.
  8. I rate Lucas. He has all the attributes necessary to be a SL regular. He hasn't really kicked on as he should have done with either the Bulls or the Rams though, so maybe you'll get lucky. If somebody can put a bit more aggression into his game, he will indeed become a top signing.
  9. Leave him alone, he's harmless. Along with the rest of the Dog's faithful, he will persist with delusions of mediocrity until two thirds of the way through the season, when they start looking nervously over their shoulders, and commence their annual hobby of demanding the coach's head. By then he will have started to realize they are yet again in the same boat as us, and stop pestering. Mind, he could be right for once.
  10. I like the idea of Annakin as prop. He reminds me so much of my all time favorite Dewsbury prop, the great Gary Cocks. Annakin is a true team player, never gives less than 100%, never takes a backward step, and leads the pack by example, and if he demonstrates the same degree of loyalty that GC did, I reckon we have an inspirational signing.
  11. Your original post would still be pertinent BSJ, although I don't unwrap gifts prematurely. I already know that Mrs Grumpy's Christmas purchases will largely feature shirts and jumpers, of which I already have a large number in the wardrobe still unused. Bit like LG's policy on signing second rows last year actually.
  12. Oh so true. “Suspense is worse than disappointment.” – Robert Burns
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