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  1. The equivalent of adding 100 to our home gates, which sounds bloody cheap to me - If that's the deal, they should be snatching our hands off. There are considerations too, like who will be paying for security for the likely fan base, insurance, turnstile operators etc - I'm sure our directors will be on top of this all this, but it looks to me as if they'll get the best of the deal. Should the Bulls come to a loan deal with us for their unused superstars however, I suppose it might be an opportunity.
  2. If MS makes a few bob out of the deal. I doubt it will anywhere near recoup the money he has already put into the club.
  3. Well at least we won't have to buy a new flag.
  4. Bully for us. Hope Mark is getting the rent in advance.
  5. Can't see a problem with that BSJ - it worked out just fine for Hull Thunder and Huddersfield Eagles. I expect the RFL to offer a million quid or so to help get our fledgling club Batbury Ramdogs off the ground.
  6. I'm still pretty quick at last orders.
  7. Agreed - If we had had four or five quality regulars from the Rhinos available every match, we would be saying "well course I don't agree with it, but thems the rules". Annakin apart though, our own loanees/DR's were no better than the signed on lads that missed out to accommodate them IMO.
  8. I presume the German one wasn't thick enough to fix the wobbly table in the coach's box.
  9. Nail biting and exciting match, which went down to the wire, but why do we continue to give away stupid penalties for messing about at the play the ball, in dangerous positions, with the defense already well set - cost us tries yet again. Would like to give a big thanks to the Fev fans for turning out in numbers again - think the crowd might have been a bit thin on the ground without them
  10. Wasn't much of a brawl though was it Graham. I've seen more violence at a hen do in Newcastle. Don't even think anybody got decked. Fighting on the terraces is a different matter though, and needs addressing. Can you remember those heady days when officials didn't get involved, and just allowed the punch - up to follow it's natural course ? It usually provided some light relief for the fans in the middle of a dour game in January.
  11. I predict that the final positions in the table for each club, will be commensurate with their budget (wow, what a revelation). So you will finish just above us, and we will just about avoid relegation. Depressingly, we will be having the same discussion next year. York appear to have bucked the trend, but who knows what kind of a budget they started off with. Roll on the merger of the championship and ch1, at least we should both finish in the top half. Bottom line is, without the budget, the best coach in the world would end up in the same boat as Diskin and Greenwood ie. struggling for survival.
  12. Nice summary fevnut. I do wonder, when players have turned out for several clubs, how coaches can expect to keep set plays secret. Where such plays can give teams an edge, knowing the opposition are already clued up surely negates the advantage.
  13. If the faithful set up a separate fund for bribing refs, I'll be up for that as well.
  14. I'll leave an envelope in the office - this weekend if I manage to get over.
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