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  1. I love it when you get petulant PM. I doubt that we'll be borrowing halfbacks from HKR unless Sykes and Flynn get injured , or anybody else for that matter, although I'd be surprised if Trouty doesn't spend time with us - oh and maybe the odd prop, we're a bit short of those.
  2. Walton to Bench to cover back row/centres - simples.
  3. But if he does, another SL quality player in the mix.
  4. And I’ve just read about Fleming and I’ve managed a smirk.
  5. To be fair, I managed a grimace when they announced the signing of Annakin - course it might have just been wind.
  6. And that's my point - there seems to be this misconception among past Rams coaches, that back rowers and centres are interchangeable. Maybe I'm just old fashioned.
  7. Gosh have we signed two centres ? Love Ryder, but be honest, he's a second row playing centre, and I think the same will be true of Walton. When I think of genuine centres, I don't think of carl abblett and Joel Tomkins, both of whom I think played there, I think of Percival, Watkins and Gildart. Whether Ryder and Walton can get their wingers in remains to be seen.
  8. If memory serves correct, there were two types, a chocolate one with chocy cigs and a chocy cigar, and a liquorice one with icing sugar cigs and a liquorice pipe. Shredded coconut "baccy" also rings a bell somewhere. Yes I did smoke in my early teens for a few months - until my dad found out and gave me a good hiding.
  9. Don't get me started on Christmas. Every year as a child, hoping for a scalextrix and ending up with a compendium of games and a smokers set. That pattern of expectation, followed ultimately by disappointment, has ironically been a hallmark of my allegiance to the Rams. Take your point about TG, but out of the fish we netted in our trawl of the lower reaches last year, how many did we throw back ? I would be impressed by an established SL player though as long as it's not another prop, back rower or hooker.
  10. I'm gathering we have signed a couple more backs as cover then. Will I have heard of them, or will they be as obscure as all but two of our new signings ? Honestly BSJ, the suspense is killing me, and I bet they are on tenterhooks down in Coventry as well.
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