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  1. Everybody forgotten Wozzer ? Loved a scrap - except with Tim Street.
  2. Think I have it on tape somewhere. My Betamax player is not so good these days though.
  3. Craig Miles - fast, and a good winger on his day. And incredibly popular in Batley.
  4. Ben Fowler - they were all useless, Biscombe got injured first match and never played again and Brunyee was the pick of a poor bunch.
  5. I'm amazed that no one has mentioned possibly our third fastest winger in my fifty odd years of support - Powderhall sprinter Jeff Yoward, and that was in the days of generally pedestrian Dewsbury backs. Never won anything in the Rombo years, but they were without doubt my happiest days. Who was the slowest winger ever ? Had to be the lad who came in the three for the price of one deal with Cas using the Mick Stevenson transfer money.
  6. Didn't hear it - can you give us the gist of what he said ?
  7. I presume they roll it back up again when they're done. I'm all for recycling but ...
  8. I just couldn't help myself, I had to look to see if anybody was selling toilet paper on ebay and found this. Think I might stick to using torn up bits of the Sun.
  9. I sympathise - it’s an impossible conundrum.
  10. I understand that Bi11 - the point I was making was that you can only base deaths as a percentage of those known to have the condition. There could be double, treble, or a hundred times more infected but not affected. To find out for sure, we would need to have tested EVERYBODY as soon as the virus emerged - neither practical or affordable. It can last apparently as little as two or three days, which makes measurement impossible. Therefore it's possible that PD could, but most likely not, be correct with his figures.
  11. Before everybody castigates poor old Phildog for his opinions, it would be a good idea for us to look at the facts rather than the headlines. 2.3% is the death rate among those tested and found to be positive, not of the infected population. Those tested are not randomly tested, they have either presented at hospital or GP surgeries with relatively severe symptoms or as a precaution, and many will have been in the high risk group. I believe that actual figures of about a 0.7 % death rate were predicted by the WHO recently, but of course even they might be being a tad pessimistic. Truth is, when a virus presents with a degree of severity ranging from asymptomatic to lethal, we simply don't, nor will we know the whole picture until whole populations are tested. Compared to seasonal flu, which depending on who you believe is running at between 8 and 17000 deaths a year, corona may yet prove to be no worse, although there is no doubting it's potential to be just that, and of course it does present a terrific threat to at risk groups. When the dust has settled, it will be interesting to see how much higher death rates from depression and the psychological damage inflicted on those who's livelihoods rely on social mobility become. Personally I will withstand the constrictions of self isolation, albeit reluctantly, until the shelves are emptied of red wine by the selfish sods who appear to be stocking up for a five year containment period on other consumables. After that, who knows.
  12. Yes, it’s like watching a Donny home match.
  13. Heard of laundering money, but not passports.
  14. Everybody in the world speaks English - it's just a matter of patience. You ask a question, then repeat it louder while gesticulating, then you shout at them aggressively until they understand - always works for the current Mrs Grumpy. Except in Dewsbury.
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