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  1. I was there when Max Fletcher actually made a break in one of the few first team matches he played in. He was so surprised he slowed down and got caught.
  2. Hitchcock ? Hancock ? Something similar anyway.
  3. I'd go for a match away from the usual obvious choices - it's so obscure, I might have even dreamed it. It was memorable, because not only did we thrash a useful Huddersfield outfit on their own midden, but did it with a scratch team. If I remember correctly, it was Tony Fishers first match in charge, and sported the fastest Dewsbury back line ever assembled (in my time as a fan). I think it involved Eddie Rombo, Eric Kibe, Dennis Bailey, Errol Johnson and probably Nathan Graham, and provided a real feast of attacking football. Can't remember the rest of the team, so if any of the older members of the forum can remember the game, maybe they could help me out. Course like I said- I may have just dreamed it. Never forget the looks on the faces of the curmudgeonly Huddersfield fans as their side got demolished.
  4. I suspect the recent tolerant attitude of Rams and Dogs supporters towards each others clubs may largely be a product of this forum and other social media rather than any change in the attitudes of the die hard, rank and file faithful on the terraces Nick. I also think that the creation of Superleague has left a feeling of "us versus them" among the part time club support, and left us with a bit of the "All for one" spirit, which might have diluted out some of the traditional antipathy between once bitter rival clubs. On that basis, I for one would be happy to see even the Dogs give a good kicking to any of the current SL incumbents, without a shred of jealousy. TBH, I have no real antipathy to the Eagles, just a mild curiosity about how they manage to achieve so much with so little. The last time somebody managed a similar feat it involved loaves and fishes, and a crowd considerably bigger than anything the Eagles ever get near.
  5. It's heartbreaking isn't it. Players having to get used to playing in empty stadiums, no crowd, no atmosphere, and no celebrations. Still, that's enough about Sheffield Eagles, I hear footie's back. ?
  6. My Batley contacts assure me he went to a pub side near Gawthorpe - wish we’d signed him.
  7. I liked Etu uaisale borrowed from the Bulls a few years back - good player in an average team. Biggest let down Michael Platt, who in his one game was conspicuous by his absence as a contributor.
  8. The happiest days of my rugby life.
  9. Hard to pick - Scott, Gabriel and Ryder have all been good, but what has impressed me the most is the collective effort - so the short answer is everybody.
  10. Take it you mean KP silverback ? He was a marmite player, and very few people had no opinion of him at all. I stood in the "liked him" corner, because for all his apparent nonchalance, he WAS dependable as a full back. He didn't drop many high kicks, and he always seemed to just about get across to make cover tackles. He also scored some good tries. Fitness might have been an issue, but I understand he played most of his time with us carrying a back injury. If that's true, he played creditably, in a struggling team, in pain, and while taking ill judged and unnecessary stick from some sectors of the support. He could have been a better player than his brother (and he was good) given different health circumstances IMO.
  11. That program must have been dated just before my transfer (as a spectator) from Wakey to Dewsbury, so would it be 1965 ish ? I'm fairly sure Marsh and Tank W were already at Batley when I got roped in by a friend in 1966.
  12. And Terry Biscombe (you might be thinking of Ben Fowler) All rubish, and Brunyee the pick of a bad bunch.
  13. Jordan Tansey, Michael Platt, Matt Haggerty.
  14. Excellent initiative - I suspect one or two of the Rams faithful will need a larger size shirt this time. Do they make 5XL by the way ?
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