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  1. England vs Tonga You Tube highlights

    It was a great game but despite the hype about raising the profile of Rugby League, it is only about superleague and the NRL. The nearest we will get to some reaction in the championship or league one is when some bright spark thinks it will be a good idea to introduce a team from Fiji or Tonga as part of the expansion programme. I am now just looking forward to games against Keighley, Barrow and Whitehaven.
  2. First game-Whitehaven away.

    There may be a couple of teams that struggle but on the whole it sounds like it will be a really competitive league. For those that are not happy with the travelling - no problem. Just make sure you turn up at the Vestacare Stadium and bring a friend. There should be some great games.
  3. Back "home"!

    Lets hope that being back in Oldham brings some of the stayaways back and crowds at least stay on a par with last year. Away fans are a bonus and lets face it Toulouse and London fans didn't do much for the attendences.
  4. Bucket collection

    We are not sure what insurance is in place and what it will cover. Bottom line is that some people have pulled on an Oldham shirt for very little money and been injured playing for the team we all support. All bucket collections are worthwhile but as this for our players I would hope that we can forego the odd pint or coffee and drop a few quid in the bucket rather than just a handful of change. Whilst the game is of no real consequence it will be good to see a team of players who are (at least for now) registered Oldham players and not loan or DR.
  5. Match today!

    A great game and we were unlucky not to get something out of it. That has been the story of the season. Ford was again top class for Toulouse and probably the difference between the two sides. It is all about Swinton next week now where the effort of today will hopefully reap the deserved rewards. Great effort today by all 17.
  6. Bradford at home

    Another game we could and probably should have won. The same as a number of games this season. Dewsbury and Rochdale (twice) spring to mind. Unfortunately another patched up side took half an hour to gel properly and then it was too late. Possibly more injuries as well with Grimshaw and Hughes going off. Pity as I thought Grimshaw was playing particularly well in the halves. We looked good in parts in the second half and with a little bit of patience and better decision making we could have scored the winning try. Five games left and they are all massive - and winnable.
  7. Sheffield away.

    I believe that we stayed up last year due to the team spirit with everyone working for each other and a never give up attitude. This was in no small part due to the leadership on the field - Lewis Palfrey - which has been sadly missed. There have been too many times this year when heads have dropped and no-one has shown the right qualities to get everyone going again. As has been said already Palfrey might not have been the greatest haflfback to ever wear the Oldham shirt but looking back I think he was one of the best captains. If someone can stand up over next 6 games and pull the players together then survival is possible but it might mean they also have to play what is in front of them and deviate from the gameplan at times. That maybe too big an ask.
  8. Sheffield away.

    Didn't go today but it was another team full of loanees that appear not to be working together as a team defensively. We kept Yere and Lo off the scoresheet but obviously leaked too many tries across the rest of the pitch. Would love to hear how things went, if there were any positives and what we will need to do to pick up a win before it is too late.
  9. Sheffield away.

    Looks like we will have to do it without Tyson as he has been charged following the flare up against Rochdale. Some of these loan players will need to step in.
  10. Relegation

    Hate to say it Suzzy but I am beginning to agree. One man rugby seems to be the only plan. Even when Rochdale did it they managed to offload in tackle and created things. We just don't make things happen. If Tyson, Clay or Ward don't break a tackle we have very little threat. I appreciate we have injuries but I don't see the missing players being any more creative than those that played today. Unless there is a change of tactics, or coach, then I fear we have seen our last win and will be heading for league one unless the RFL move the goalpost to accommodate Bradford.
  11. D.R

    Just wondered with two games left before the split which players have met the minimum requirements that mean they will still be available for the eights.
  12. against

    Bradford had lost nine games on the bounce and yet manage to score 47 points against us. 7 tries from their outside backs against our back five of which only Adam Clay is a regular. Terrible result puts us in the bottom two and whilst there are loads of games left we are going to struggle to escape.
  13. Relegation

    We need an experienced centre was the message when Egodo went back to Castleford. Instead we take on a 20 year old winger. He will no doubt replace Chisholm which is harsh as he hasn't been given a chance recently and has the pace to upset teams if he were to be given the ball with somewhere to run. And with Mason, Dickinson, Wood and McIntosh in Huddersfield squad looks like we will be struggling for players against Bradford.
  14. Hull KR

    So with Lippy banned for this one who do we think will put in the necessary effort to make a game of it? Turner, Clay, Tyson, Egodo, Chisholm, Leatherbarrow, Hewitt, Neal, Hughes,Davies, Spencer, Langtree, Thompson. Subs. Ward,Burke, Adamson, Gee(if available) What do we think?
  15. Referees

    The play the ball is like too many other rules that have moved into the realm of "interpretation". It is still in the rulebook as far as I know that to bring the ball back into play after a tackle that it has to be played by touching with the foot. If they made everyone stand up properly and do that it would make it easier to see who was infringing.