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  1. D.R

    Just wondered with two games left before the split which players have met the minimum requirements that mean they will still be available for the eights.
  2. Bradford had lost nine games on the bounce and yet manage to score 47 points against us. 7 tries from their outside backs against our back five of which only Adam Clay is a regular. Terrible result puts us in the bottom two and whilst there are loads of games left we are going to struggle to escape.
  3. We need an experienced centre was the message when Egodo went back to Castleford. Instead we take on a 20 year old winger. He will no doubt replace Chisholm which is harsh as he hasn't been given a chance recently and has the pace to upset teams if he were to be given the ball with somewhere to run. And with Mason, Dickinson, Wood and McIntosh in Huddersfield squad looks like we will be struggling for players against Bradford.
  4. So with Lippy banned for this one who do we think will put in the necessary effort to make a game of it? Turner, Clay, Tyson, Egodo, Chisholm, Leatherbarrow, Hewitt, Neal, Hughes,Davies, Spencer, Langtree, Thompson. Subs. Ward,Burke, Adamson, Gee(if available) What do we think?
  5. The play the ball is like too many other rules that have moved into the realm of "interpretation". It is still in the rulebook as far as I know that to bring the ball back into play after a tackle that it has to be played by touching with the foot. If they made everyone stand up properly and do that it would make it easier to see who was infringing.
  6. And Dewsbury beat Batley again. They certainly like playing their neighbours. Pity really as we could have done with a Batley win although we need to look at how many games we need to win rather than how many games the other teams need to lose.
  7. And Dewsbury beat Batley again. They certainly like playing their neighbours. Pity really as we could have done with a Batley win although we need to look at how many games we need to win rather than how many games the other teams need to lose.
  8. There are a couple of things that are down to Scott such as the tactics or choosing a captain that can motivate the players on the pitch and stopping their heads from dropping when things go against them but there are also some things that I think are out of his control. When you have three players on season long loans you would expect them to be some of the first names on the team sheet but once again they seemed to be unavailable. Then we have a DR player who we didn't really need. Are we being told who we have to have? Whoever is coach will have to deal with these issues.
  9. Very disappointing and a mystery as to how the second half performance at Dewsbury has turned into the disaster of the last two weeks. The constant change of players wont help the defensive system and why we needed a dual reg centre today I dont know. He certainly didnt perform like a super league player.
  10. Shocking today all over the park. Egodo is aggressive with the ball but positionally all over the place on the wing. Is Owen the answer at half back- probably not and do the loan/dr players in the pack give us anything better than we already have -no. We have played really well in some games so it must be a mental thing and we really need to get it sorted in the next 5 days or we will end up on the losing side against Rochdale and then Swinton when we should be looking at winning both.
  11. I expect the full time teams to improve as the season moves on due to their daily training and conditioning but that doesn't explain why we have again failed to turn up away from home. I don't accept that the team that we nearly beat at Bower Fold have improved that much. I am at a loss to explain it. Fortunately the league is beginning to take shape and we are still ahead of Rochdale Swinton Dewsbury and Bradford but there are some big games coming up and the team needs to turn up as most of those games are away from BF.
  12. OK it was Leatherbarrow not Hewitt but what a great way to win the game.
  13. If all the opposition coaches watch the match videos they will see that our halves dont take on the line and will just tell the defence to hold position until they pass it on to the next runner. If they just take the line on once or twice it could prove very effective or will at least put some doubt in the minds of the defence for the next few plays. I know it is easy to judge from the terraces or from the comfort of the computer keyboard but surely it is worth a go this Sunday.I would love to see Hewitt throw a dummy, race through a gap and sprint 30 metres to the try line.
  14. We could do with a sponsor to pay the match day rent at BP and let everyone in for free. Hopefully there would be a good crowd to watch a good game and maybe a few more to Bower Fold for the next game.
  15. So having reviewed the video they think Lepori deliberately makes contacts with ref. Assume they stopped the video then and missed Lepori getting the high shot some 6 minutes later. Unbelievable.