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  1. Slightly off thread but personally think this is utter rubbish.The SL clubs wanting to keep most of the money for themselves rather than allowing a fair allocation is the bigger problem. If championship clubs had higher central funding the gap between SL and the rest wouldnt be as great allowing clubs to challenge for promotion without the huge financial gamble that Bradford undertook.
  2. If the first priority after 3 administrations for overspending is to go full time when they are on reduced central funding then I am afraid I have lost any sympathy for Bradford.
  3. A few players we didn't even know about if you believe everything you read!!
  4. Not a fan of DR but appreciate that it can help both clubs. Of the 4 players used at Barrow Dickinson is practically an Oldham player with the number of games he has played and along with Smith and Wood was a solid performer. I expected more of Ormsby. Performance was better than at Swinton and will hopefully improve again for the Rochdale game. Our left side defence was poor allowing Barrow to score all 5 tries in the corner but give credit to Barrow for their attacking play. Young Harry Warburton did ok but I fear he is not big enough at the moment to cope with the demands at this level. Hope he plays against Rochdale on a good surface at Bower Fold and flies in for a hat trick to prove me wrong.
  5. Second of the pre-season games and Scott looking for an inprovement in performance before the Law Cup. With Nathan Chappell still not ready, Danny Langtree out and Liam Thompson doubtful there looks like a problem in the back row. Interesting to see how that is resolved. Tyson Gee and Grimshaw ?
  6. The last few posts have begun to highlight the real issue which is not the system but money. Championship and League 1 clubs get a fraction of the funds given to SL clubs and cannot compete. The only options for a team to get promoted is to go full time and to do that you need an owner prepared to spend his own money (Leigh) or a club to gamble on receiving SL riches (Bradford). A club trying to operate within its means at Championship level will never succeed unless there is a fairer allocation of funds.
  7. Agree with Roughyed 34. We needed to vary the tactics from the relentless forward drives. Swinton tackled with three or four men which was easy as they knew we were just running in ones.The halves need to be more involved. Swinton passed it through hands for some great attacking tries with Jack Murphy joining the line and Grant Gore running across the line looking for runners and unsettling the Oldham defense. It was the first run out so time to sort it out. I don't think the ref had a bad game either, it was Oldham that were off the pace.
  8. A lot of decisions on the field are made following messages from the sidelines so in that respect it doesn't matter who is captain. Scott has highlighted the fact that he is also club captain and that seems to be more important. There are a number of players who will have things to say when out on the pitch if the need arises so lets just give our full support. As has been said it is an Oldhamer leading out an Oldham side. Can't wait.
  9. As I see it the "consortium" spoke to the administrator and then had a meeting with the RFL. It seems the RFL gave them 2 options: 1. Take on the club with its debts, stay in the championship, receive central funding but have 12 pts deducted 2. Start a new club with no debts, stay in the championship, receive central funding but have 12 ptd deducted. Surprise surprise option 2 happens.
  10. Accordingly the Board has agreed that the wider interests of the sport is best satisfied if it offers a place in the Kingstone Press Championship to any new club in Bradford and that such a club start the 2017 season on minus twelve points. - See more at: RFL going against it's own rules by the look of it. A club in admin can be deducted points but now they are deducting points from a new club that doesn't even exist yet. Wonder if the new club will be getting central funding as well. All a bit of a mess with the new season only weeks away.
  11. Just seen that the RFL have announced a few changes for the upcoming season. I am unsure about the 40/20 rule as it is talking about tap restarts and it has always been a scrum. Anyone able to clarify? I can't see any other details on RFL website 40/20 kick The changes regarding the 40/20 law now clarify where and when the tap kick will be taken. It specifies that the tap kick will be taken 20 metres in from the touchline where the ball first crossed the touchline but no closer than 10 metres from the goal line. - See more at:
  12. and despite all the hype about this being a great way of developing the sport and playing a Canadian team, have they actually signed anyone from Canada.
  13. The way he ran at people at knocked them over reminded me of Hugh Waddell.
  14. Sensible idea Dave but this is the RFL we are talking about. They wil probably just give the Bulls some assistance to help them out. Either that or fast track Toronto straight into the championship.
  15. Bradford were a huge club and still have a large fanbase and support from the business community. The income that this generates will probably still allow them to operate as a full time club whatever happens over next few weeks. If that is the case then they could well still be the team to beat and even with a six point deduction could be top of the league by Easter. Whilst I have every sympathy for the fans who have gone through a lot since they were top of super league I dont think another points deduction is much of a penalty for the club.