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  1. Ben Calland signed for hornets so won't be resigning
  2. What's Beckett from Fev doing? Still contracted to them?
  3. Adam Brook confirmed. Good half back
  4. Prop Jode Sheriffe from Dewsbury
  5. Who's available that we could go for? Brook (released by Fax) and Abram (Rochdale) could be good pivot options to partner Hewitt
  6. We're already behind the 8 ball because we're playing catch up. Plus we're likely to have the smallest budget
  7. Did Kilshaw have a trial with us when we played Kevin Sinfields testimonial at headingley under Gary Mercer? Think he was playing for warrington wizards at the time
  8. His weight is what was useful for lol
  9. We're definitely missing nelmes impact up front from the bench. Whatever happened to him?
  10. Been saying that about Hewitt for years
  11. I know what you mean. Brook is a better half back all round. He should have played today
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