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  1. Watching the highlights. Croft reminds me of a young Adam Hughes
  2. I thought 3 swinton trys were debatable and 2 of oldhams were on second half
  3. The ref evened things up in second half
  4. Agree with that. I'd like to see barran and green as half backs
  5. Barran must have been injured. Could have give Owen a rest during game with Charnock to Hooker and Green and Barron at halves
  6. Like the team selection. Best he could've picked IMO Maybe more cover for backs on bench. Someone like Green but other than that
  7. I think Ince, Leeming and Heaton will start before 3 of the 4 wingers and centres today
  8. Roden Perhaps - https://www.wiganwarriors.com/teams/reserves/aiden-roden
  9. Nobody mentioned the comeback win in 2001 play-offs against Rochdale
  10. Ben Calland signed for hornets so won't be resigning
  11. What's Beckett from Fev doing? Still contracted to them?
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