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  1. So out of 8 games left you think we will win half. Halifax have Sheffield (h) Haven (a) Dewsbury (a) Bradford (a) Swinton (a) Leigh (a) fev (h) London (h) Batley have Oldham (h) Sheffield (a) Bradford (a) Dewsbury (h) Haven (a) Fev (h) London (h) Swinton (a) Im guessing your tipping fax to win 5 of last 8 and Batley to win 6 of last 8? including them both to beat us?
  2. Griffin?? Did 20 mins at start and then came on for about 8 mins at end!!! 1.Baldwinson 2. Cording 3. Hardman
  3. snake1985

    Dual Reg

    I think with wakefield announcing there squad on Wednesday, us playing thursday, powell had already prepared team without davey in, if we would have been playing sunday i think he would have been in squad.
  4. Its an interesting debate, if we cant claim to be league champions because the play-offs is phased off from that, does this mean the clause in Sam Barlows contract mean he shouldnt have played against sheffield in elimination semi final ( i know its already been discussed etc) still remain in his contract meaning result should be void and fax stripped of there title? No probably not, just like i thought Fev are champions in our own way, fax are champions cos they won the final. I hate the term "minor" its a joke. also i know hunslet are champions, are york officially know as play off winners or league champions minus hunslet
  5. Even halifax players said that the incident helped them, i mean we was on attack they had scrambling defence, ok hardman was down but they were tired, we come back out play ball 1st pass goes back 20 metres chance gone, starting fires endangering lifes of fans is not on at all.
  6. said in another thread this stands out An investigation found the cause of the fire was deliberate. Nobody was injured but the incident delayed the game for more than an hour while fans were evacuated onto the pitch lets see what get done about it!!
  7. this line stood out for me : An investigation found the cause of the fire was deliberate. disgrace, absolutly discusting
  8. The announcement system at warrington was shocking i couldnt even hear team announcement, from where i was stood it looked like halifax were invading the pitch, a loud and clear announcement would have calmed th situation, even the sky boys didnt know what was going on!!! We all know you get idiots at every club, saw a comment above or in another thread saying police were only there due to fevs chaos we cause during challange cup match, well im sorry but craming 2000 fev fans into a small space and not opening a sperate stand was the main reason for the chaos!!! And there was quiet a few visits to top of stand where fax fans were moved in 2nd half, was this fighting between fax fans, or some other reason? As for fire, ive heard chip pan, disabled toilet and ladies so who knows where it was!! Overall a classic game of rugby spoilt Cant wait for next season, bring on the rovers!!!!!!!!!
  9. Summat about sheffield i dont like!!! But we did exactly same from 6th and then failed at fax, ill probably be wanting fax to win!
  10. Could have told you who would have been reffing this game at start of season!!! Mr Hicks is on sky more time than piers morgan!!!
  11. Would love to see rovers keep him full time, under rated player generally looked good when he played, be interesting to see what rhinos do with him wether he under contract or not
  12. Dont see what difference it makes, Dewsburys season is finished therefore its not disrupting or taking players mind off matches, every team does it !!
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