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  1. And long may it continue
  2. I think he's doing a cracking job!
  3. Guzdek Morton Glover Aaron Brown Potts/Alex Brown Fairhurst Kain Stringer Ward Teanby Douglas Walshaw L.Adamson Interchanges: Day, Igbinedion, Sheriffe, Sykes FTS: Morton MOM: Kain Att: 900
  4. Some people make me laugh. Do you really think Dewsbury could afford him? Brierley will be on £70,000+ a year
  5. I'd rather play someone in the south stand than play Potts. Why the heck did Morrison sign him as he's absolutely c.r.a.p
  6. 1. Guzdek 2. Morton 3. Glover 4. Walshaw 5. Alex Brown 6. Aaron Brown 7. Speakman 8. Stringer 9. Hemmingway 10. Teanby 11. Spicer (if fit) 12. Senior 13. Douglas Subs 14. Ward 15. Sheriffe 16. Igbinedion 17. Tonks Sheffield 18 - Dewsbury 32 FTS: Morton MOM: Guzdek Att: 563
  7. Maybe Batley players should learn to stop gobbing off at the ref and learn to tackle below the neck! Suck it up. You lost! " Farrell, what's the score, Farrell, Farrell, what's the score!"
  8. What a joker. How many head-high tackles did you get away with especially on Igbinedion? Typical Batley when things don't go your way you blame the ref. Your indiscipline; probably due to not being able to just turn up and win when come up against a spirited Dewsbury side. Sorry I can't recall what the penalty count was, as I was too busy being entertained by such a fantastic perfomance. Dewsbury were great but, Batley were poor! Looking forward to the cup game!
  9. 'Average Joe's' haha. We played you off the park and had many of our lads playing out of position. Your best players were Lillycrop and Walker.
  10. Sipping from the well of confidence!
  11. Surely Glover would be better suited playing at centre?
  12. Rams 26 - Batley 10 FTS: Morton MOM: Guzdek Att: 1601
  13. Just imagine if Alex Brown was to score the winning try on Friday.....I'm sure that would p.i.s.s on your bonfire!
  14. York at home
  15. Around 650