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  1. Where would Barnes and Crookes play?
  2. Where would Sykes play?
  3. I'm sure there's a few school pitches to choose from in Sheffield
  4. Dewsbury 48 - Oldham 22 FTS: Walshaw MOM: Grady Att: 591
  5. How many players have already agreed to play for another club next season?
  6. Couldn't make it tonight. Hoping to be at the Fax game next week!
  7. Who will be the goal-kicker?
  8. He was the same for Dewsbury against Batley the other week. Batley played offside all game and Kendall didn't seem interested.
  9. Rams 30 - Batley 12 FTS: Grant MOM: Sykes Att: 2135
  10. We should enter every game with the mentality of being involved in a tough game! What's with all the doom and gloom? How can you possibly think of our season being over with these 'tough' games ahead? You have a very defeatest attitude! We are in a good league position even though the lads haven't gelled together as of yet. We've made some cracking signings in the likes of Groat, Guzdek, Kain, and also kept some quality in the likes of Luke and Toby Adamson, Brown, Grady, Grant and Hale! We have a very good reserve setup that's seen Teanby make the step-up and he's done very well. I'm sure both Delaney's, and Glover will be given an opportunity at some point in the season! We have so many positives as a club and I believe we are heading in the right direction both on and off the field! Morro is still learning as a coach and needs our backing. We may not like some of his team selections but he's the coach. Stop the moaning as life is so much better when you have a positive outlook!
  11. So you reckon that playing Barry Eaton (who's 42 years old) would have helped Dewsbury secure the victory last week. You have the right to your opinion, but come on BARRY EATON - really? He would do absolutely nothing to enhance the club and would be a massive backward step. All you seem to post is negativity. I think Morro is doing a grand job and we as a club are going in the right direction with him at the helm. Also if Reynolds does go back to Leigh then so be it. Players come and players go. So after only 5 games into the season and you want rid of our coach. With such fickleness I think you'd be better off supporting Batley!
  12. Or even John Kear
  13. No Grant?
  14. Some people are never happy unless they can have a good moan!