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  1. I cant find my posts from years ago, my last post with shirts was September 2019, and like Silverback says was based on the Rochdale shirt. I think you mean from the days when we ended up with the doggy paw prints ?..but that was a lifetime ago.. this was 2019
  2. I have not saved shirt designs on my new laptop, but the forum has posts going back 6 years,so if you know exactly how many years , they will be there somewhere, I had a go at a couple of design's over the years, I even got a nominate for a Dewsbury away shirt on their forum, they will not have been stripes though as such, hoops or Vs,
  3. at least BSJ did not get hooked on this one....
  4. https://www.batleyboysarlfc.com/photos/batley-boys-v-askam-140320-941514.html https://twitter.com/Boysopenage/status/1238935636922585092/photo/1 https://twitter.com/BatleyBoysArlfc/status/1238939530494967811/photo/1
  5. some would call it obsession ...you cannot post without giving us a mention... thank you
  6. was it abandoned at half time ?...or did they play down hill too ? found it on Askam twitter......bad day at the office final score 56-0
  7. just a thought....are these Afghans and Syrians carrying the inflatable boats on their backs on their hike through Europe...or are they buying them when they reach the French coast?....
  8. Ottawa Aces have been officially launched to join League 1 in 2021. A press conference was held at their new home, the TD Place Stadium, to unveil the new relocated Hemel Stags franchise. RFL chairman Simon Johnson said: “I was delighted to be present at the TD Place Stadium for the launch of the Ottawa Aces and to confirm that the Aces will enter our competitions in 2021. “It has been a long journey to get to this point, and I congratulate Eric Perez and his partners and investors for their commitment and vision to relocate the Hemel Stags to become the Ottawa Aces, along with the wishes of the Championship & League 1 Clubs. “That reflects the benefits to our competitions and clubs from the progress of Toronto Wolfpack through League 1 and the Championship over the last three years. “In Rugby League’s 125th year, as we celebrate the rich heritage of this sport, the introduction of Ottawa Aces to the competition allows us to look to a colourful, expansive and global future. They will bring a new and passionate audience to our great game. The wonderful facilities here in Ottawa will bring an exciting new element to the Betfred League 1 next season.” All Ottawa Aces home games in Betfred League 1 during the 2021 Season will be streamed live on the Our League app. The RFL has also confirmed that discussions with New York Rugby League are progressing and that negotiations are advanced for New York to enter the Challenge Cup next year. If these negotiations are completed, New York would enter at the first round stage. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/ottawa-aces-to-join-league-1-from-2021/
  9. if you can no longer draw a game at full time ..how come the league table still shows a games drawn column full of zeros.. even though we still registered a draw before loosing on the golden point..
  10. This warning comes with a Adult only content please no children this includes anyone from Dewsbury....
  11. do you mean Batley Based ?....Dewsbury were struggling
  12. it is a friendly, that's why the teams always get mucked about in the 2nd half.....everyone wants a bit part....
  13. for all those that knew Adrian funeral tomorrow at Brownhill St Saviours 12.15 pm followed by drinks at Birstall Nash
  14. RPH

    Club Identity

    the question is...why did we wear the red and white strip for the 2010 final?...if we were the home team in the draw...and had not worn those colours for years... I liked that cup final kit though.... red with narrow white hoops..... I cannot remember seeing us play in Cherry and white....we played in recycled Wigan red and white….
  15. RPH

    Shirt Launch

    I don't mind the red and white for a season but not keen on the red white and pink.
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