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  1. RPH

    Diskin out!

    Diskin will probably only ask for 50% of what he's currently being paid....just think of the savings to be made over the next 3 years...
  2. what's the point.....we are going to get stuffed...
  3. MOM ratings only please....see the final posts on this topic...….no general chitta chatta…..
  4. send the "idiots" a PM... RogerT , RobertAM and Phildog ... I guess this reply makes me an idiot too....?
  5. RPH


    yep we are learning fast..... or is that slow ? ( 21 games )
  6. what a sad life you moddies must lead....if you can dig up a post from 4.5 months ago.....
  7. So how was your first visit to the Mount ?...did you go for a beer in town or straight to the ground.....
  8. RPH


    A York supporter I think...he raised £200...Nikki Wilson https://www.justgiving.com/pinkweekendheadshave " Francesca & Richard Bullers 3 hrs ago Just watched the clip of the head shave. Here's another £10 for the lad from York. Well done all."
  9. is there a direct link from the Bulldogs homepage ( not twitter ) to buy matchday tickets?...I cant seem to find one... http://www.batleybulldogs.co.uk/ I have the ticket link on my faves...but anyone going to the main web site will have a problem...
  10. .moddy please delete
  11. I did not know you could see Emley Moor mast from downtown Toronto....
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