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  1. do you mean Batley Based ?....Dewsbury were struggling
  2. it is a friendly, that's why the teams always get mucked about in the 2nd half.....everyone wants a bit part....
  3. for all those that knew Adrian funeral tomorrow at Brownhill St Saviours 12.15 pm followed by drinks at Birstall Nash
  4. RPH

    Club Identity

    the question is...why did we wear the red and white strip for the 2010 final?...if we were the home team in the draw...and had not worn those colours for years... I liked that cup final kit though.... red with narrow white hoops..... I cannot remember seeing us play in Cherry and white....we played in recycled Wigan red and white….
  5. RPH

    Shirt Launch

    I don't mind the red and white for a season but not keen on the red white and pink.
  6. RPH

    Club Identity

    I don't mind the red and white for a season but not keen on the red white and pink.
  7. JET2 REVERSE £12.50P " GOODWILL PAYMENT " THAT IS A MEASLEY 0.032% OF THE HOLIDAY COST recent update and a warning to others. on the 25th of November 2019 Jet2holidays reversed the above £12.50 to easyfunding and are not now going to pay it. I think the problem arises because I had several holidays and durations ear marked with them, and I was not sure which one to choose. I whittled the saved holiday choices down to one over a few weeks in September , and when ready I went through easyfunding to Jet 2 to book the chosen holiday. I paid a deposit on the 18th September and Jet 2 paid the £12.50 to easyfunding straight away. a week or so later Jet2 reversed the payment, I complained via Easyfunding although I thought the reversal was due to the payment going through on the deposit alone. Jet2 paid back the £12.50 again, and it stated on my account it was a goodwill payment...happy days... I went through easyfunding again in early November to pay the final holiday balance. all was well until the 25th November when Jet2 reversed the "Goodwill " payment this time. again I complained via Easyfunding but Jet2 say no this time, ( I was saving or putting things in a basket and did not use easyfunding to find the holiday ) here's the letter from Easyfunding . telling me to empty all my baskets and to clear them fattening cookies . ……….……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Hi RPH I am sorry that your donation has been reversed. We have been advised that although you visited their site via easyfundraising.org.uk, this visit and therefore payment has tracked to another site which means that we will not receive the donation from them. We are not given any further information, but this could happen if you used a search engine, comparison site or voucher code site or if you had multiple browser tabs open when purchasing. Here are a few tips to help your purchases track in future: Clear your cookies before making your purchase via easyfundraising, as any other site you have browsed in the previous 30 days may be awarded the donation Items already in your basket prior to accessing easyfundraising may not be eligible for a donation. We would recommend clearing your basket, closing your browser and starting a new session with the retailer via easyfundraising Any items in your basket that had been 'saved for later' or as a result of a previous visit or visit from another website or from your search engine will not qualify for a donation. If you use an offer or voucher code not displayed on the easyfundraising site then your order may not be eligible for a donation Check the 'Terms and Conditions' on the Retailer's page to see whether your purchase is eligible for a donation. As we haven't been awarded this sale we are unable to pass on a donation. We're sorry that we are unable to help further on this occasion. Best wishes Easyfunding
  8. I know your trying to sound posh Roger.... but there's only you that knows what a Matrix is....
  9. RPH

    Shirt Launch

    shirts cant be more than £40 can they ?....( no inflation ) you'll be ok with £200 Roger....just take it easy
  10. where in the world is Stansted.....
  11. are you off to Blackpool Roger ?...central and south its not bad.... those tops are ok yes.... doubt the home kit will be as good....you can buy me one instead of that microwave...
  12. so are these shirts on the table, and sported by George Senior just training tops.....or next seasons shirts ? they look pretty good whatever they are....I like the Gold/orange bulldogs badge...
  13. RPH

    Summer bash

    Sunday matches were great when we had the Monday off....super league have borrowed that weekend ……. ..permanently
  14. book your digs for the Summer Bash through booking.com.....up to 3% given on your stay
  15. same thought about playing on Saturday..I've just booked overnight Friday and Saturday... booking.com giving 3%...
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