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  1. RPH

    2020 coach

    See Roger....he's in charge of all that.... Batley Bulldogs Squad 2020
  2. RPH

    2020 coach

    22nd May Craig Lingard shocked by Keighley Cougars sacking after good start to Betfred League One season CRAIG Lingard has spoken of his shock at being sacked by Keighley Cougars despite a good start to the season. Cougars have only lost twice in their opening eight Betfred League One games and have clawed back 11 of their -12-point pre-season punishment for a change in ownership. But Lingard says he was called into a meeting with Cougars chairman Mick O'Neill before training on Tuesday and told his contract had been terminated. O'Neill says it was one of the hardest decisions he has ever made to part company with Lingard, whose last game in charge was a 40-12 defeat Newcastle Thunder on Sunday. Lingard previously resigned as Cougars head coach in November last year following the club's unpaid wages row under previous owners Austria Holdings, only to return the following month. Though massively disappointed to lose his job, Lingard says Cougars will have a special place in his heart. Lingard said: "I got to training and Mick said they were terminating my contract. I'm massively disappointed. It's a massive shock for me. "If we had lost seven or eight games on the bounce I could have understood it a bit more. It's something that's a surprise and a shock. "It's a bit surreal really. "I can walk out of there knowing that I've done a pretty decent job and got the club through the tough times that they were in. The performances have been good. "Mick has got his own ideas of what he wants to do, which he is quite entitled to do. "I was told all the way through the season that we are planning for next season under me. I had had that message all the way through this season, but then my contract has been terminated. "It happened at Cougar Park before training. Mick was there at the time. He said 'can we have a chat' and he said they were not offering me a new contract. "I had only sat down with them looking to extend my contract the week before. We spoke about getting players for next year and preparing for next year. "I didn't think it was a case of getting X amount of points. "The players have been in touch. It took me about an hour to put it on the group messages. A lot of players thought I was taking the mickey. They could not believe it. The players were as shocked as I was. I have personal relationships with the players, there is a strong bond with each other.
  3. have you transferred to the Batley Forum whilst your forum is under repair ?.....
  4. RPH

    2020 coach

    from the Keighley news 14th November 2018 Craig Lingard quits Keighley Cougars over wages row KEIGHLEY Cougars head coach Craig Lingard has resigned in protest at his coaching staff and players not getting paid overdue wages. Lingard, 41, who was appointed in September 2016 and has himself not been paid by Cougars for the last five-and-a-half months, tendered his resignation on Saturday. And he said his players and staff are owed money going back to August. He said: "The players still have not been paid. "I tended my resignation on Saturday and said I could not continue as long as the players were owed money. "It has been one thing after another, there is always an excuse why the money has not gone in. It came to a point when I couldn't take it anymore. "There is nobody there to run the team now. "I would only consider coming back if the players are paid. But even then I would now find it difficult to come back."
  5. RPH

    2020 coach

    are you on a Laptop Roger ?.....ZOOM top right hand corner...settings...zoom the page size
  6. RPH

    2020 coach

    what was the explanation for his sacking ?
  7. who are you talking to Roger?.....Moi ? I've got a 1 inch hole..... on a clear day I can see my small intestine ..... my absences have had little to do with Diskin…. but... I would sooner pay on the day if I'm feeling ok.... have to admit this years gate price increase was ridiculous...and inflation busting....£6 a game for me....
  8. I was also confused as to whom Kevin was …. because if its KN then he needs more than passing note...he needs a direct PM or text/phone call….
  9. only 110 conceded....not as bad as you think...
  10. far worse.....0-64....the Diskin Factor...
  11. we were keeping it tight.....now 0-54
  12. The Wrath of Ernie be upon you....
  13. only about 15...and not always to watch Batley.... and some now gone forever.... eg Bramley.....Don Valley.....Fartown….
  14. how many grounds have you been to?...
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