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  1. what a sad life you moddies must lead....if you can dig up a post from 4.5 months ago.....
  2. So how was your first visit to the Mount ?...did you go for a beer in town or straight to the ground.....
  3. RPH


    A York supporter I think...he raised £200...Nikki Wilson https://www.justgiving.com/pinkweekendheadshave " Francesca & Richard Bullers 3 hrs ago Just watched the clip of the head shave. Here's another £10 for the lad from York. Well done all."
  4. is there a direct link from the Bulldogs homepage ( not twitter ) to buy matchday tickets?...I cant seem to find one... http://www.batleybulldogs.co.uk/ I have the ticket link on my faves...but anyone going to the main web site will have a problem...
  5. Roger spends a lot of time in his shed....or on his boat....
  6. I did not know you could see Emley Moor mast from downtown Toronto....
  7. we don't seem to use the slope to our advantage these days, and throw it about more , but cannot catch it. you'll see, enjoy your day in the Sun, in beer garden anyway, if your going in the shade in the top stand. enjoy your long awaited win at the mount...the last time was the year 2000 There is a Charity head shave after the game... https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/pinkweekendheadshave
  8. the way Batley are playing...it wont really matter....
  9. don't forget its a 5 year plan. early days yet.
  10. have you been before ? there's the Union Rooms,( Wetherspoon's ).at the end of town and a beer garden behind the short stand at the ground. if you don't mind plastic. great on a sunny day.
  11. that must have cost a few bob,
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