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  1. italy v wales world cup qualifier

    I know my distance vision is horrendous but Im sure Rhys Williams was here...Rhys Evans probably wasn't ;-)
  2. Wales VS Jamaica - in Wakefield

    Make sure you say hello!
  3. Wales win European championship

    Great to see you at every game mate. Being part of this is now a real pleasure. Everybody has their role and is allowed to get on with their tasks without the intimidation we had from certain quarters in the past. Its a team effort from media department, time keeper, physios, analyst, strength and conditioning, team management, and coaches to players and administrators/WRL Board. Cant wait until next year!
  4. Albi XIII and Montpellier Red Devils

    Everywhere I have been in SW France as a RL fan you get a tremendous welcome. Albi is a very lovely place and we were treated exceptionally well. I am sure the Irish team will have a good craic like we did in the Irish bar in the centre of town.
  5. Aude Pays Cathare Rugby XIII

    I'm almost green with envy...have a great trip. If you haven't been before you'll love it.
  6. England Youth name squad to face Wales Under-16s

    Maybe the England coaches wanted to open it up and bring on youngsters from other clubs. Without a doubt the pool of players available to the England coaches is far bigger than our coach can call on. I agree with Penybont Crusader the English team were physically bigger and thinking back to this fixture over the last 8 years or so this is usually the case. Think we'll be rueing the slow start as we more than matched them in the second half.
  7. Jordan James adds to Wigan's Welsh connection

    Cywir, da iawn! Ro'n i'n anghywir, mae'n ddrwg gen i
  8. Jordan James adds to Wigan's Welsh connection

    I thought it was Gloucester too! (Caerloyw in Welsh) Delighted with this, top bloke from a top family!
  9. Briers signs up for another year

    We can but hope that Iestyn can convince him for a last hurrah!
  10. For a Lebanon RL shirt try emailing

    He is from Lebanon, and is the RLEF manager in that part of the world.


    Ian Lovell

  11. "Rugby"

    Having grown up in the cultural desert that is Lincolnshire I had no interest in either code of rugby. Fast forward a few years and I move to Wales. I now enjoy both codes; both can be exciting or both can be boring. Theres bits of both games I like, bits I dont like. Either way theres room in my life for both. I cant stand golf, horse racing or tennis but wouldnt begrudge anybody's right to be fans of those sports, its whatever floats your boat at the end of the day.