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  1. It was Australians and the inevitable English people trying to impose their way on other cultures. The average Aussie hasn't a clue about how tiny League is in mainland Europe, and thinks everyone has it as easy as they do. There was some busybody type woman who supports Coventry Bears (I don't think they even exist any more?) who wouldn't let it lie, but thankfully she got shut down eventually by some sane minded people. Great effort by the Greeks. Their promotional photo with the captains looked more professional than the League 1 season launch!
  2. Awesome. We have nothing to worry about then.
  3. Thanks. One would think then, that building up our events menu would be a way to drive attendances (and the associated merchandising spend etc).
  4. That's the sort of smug comment we hear a lot from League fans, while union walks off with the best young talent. When your income is as spectator-dependent as League's is (ie: shrinking broadcast deal) and you are struggling badly financially vs your competitors (NRL/union) paying supporters in the stadium are vitally important. Sale was just an example as I know of a good young talent who is currently being pursued by both them and Wigan.
  5. They absolutely are not irrelevant. When the best young League talent is being chased by (for example) Wigan and Sale Sharks, then whichever club can offer the most (salary, prospects, lifestyle, facilities) will most likely secure that talent. If the union club has more income (from crowds, TV revenue, merchandising etc) then they will be able to offer better facilities, better coaching, and of course a better salary. The result: talent will be lost to League at a very young age.
  6. Why "taking events out"? How do the untreated figures look when you leave events in?
  7. Have just watched the whole game back, pausing it throughout. In answer to your question... You were far better defensively. Both in terms of effort (linespeed, numbers into the tackle, wrestle efforts, choke etc) and also technically (they looked like they had drilled some areas, particularly around getting numbers in, last man off squeezing, etc etc). However in attack, you unfortunately simply don't look like a very good side. We call it SUPER League, but seriously.... some of the decision making is appalling: -The short drop out as you say. (They did it again with 3:30 remaining and lost another score). - In the first half they just kept shovelling the ball from edge to edge, not asking many questions of Saints D. - The RIDICULOUS offloads having just regained possession. -Running Exit Sets where they are throwing looping passes across the pitch against a numbers-up Saints. -The list could go on. It really is a mediocre product when one of your bigger clubs is playing at that level. Sorry. I don't want to take credit away from them: they worked really hard and their defence was exceptional at times. (The half back's tackle on your left edge to save a try was outstanding). However it was so frustrating to watch. Saints were absolutely there for the taking tonight. Am glad you enjoyed it - it was entertaining if extremely frustrating. And that blue/white kit looks smart as well IMO. If it is any consolation, the ref was clearly more lenient on St Helens around the contact area than he was on your guys.
  8. Absolutely. I remember it. The most one sided "competition" in history. Halifax went to Australia and it was like watching a pub team. 60/70 points past them every game. Canberra came over to Wigan and ran over them by 50 at Central Park. It was laughable.
  9. I think the game should rebrand as 'Rugger'. That is a word that originated in the late 1880s, a few short years before the northerners broke away because they weren't allowed to play in university teams, or negotiate their own TV deal. It is a real nod to the game's roots in the English public schools. Naming the sport 'Rugger' would allow England to form a noisy, drunken fan group along the lines of cricket's Barmy Army. This group would be called the Rugger Buggers. They could follow the England team down to Australia if they are ever invited for an international match again.
  10. OK - in case you are being serious, I'll answer you. The entire world thinks of a different sport when they hear the word "rugby". Literally nobody (statistically speaking) thinks of League when they hear rugby mentioned. I appreciate the story is different in towns like Widnes and Dewsbury, but there is actually a huge world beyond those places, and if the game wants to remain viable as a professional sport, it needs to grow beyond its current, scarily inward-looking, supporter base. "Owning the name" (rugby) is a nonsensical fantasy. That ship sailed about 25 years ago.
  11. 3 fantastic paragraphs of pure whataboutery with zero attempts to accept ownership of your clubs' fans behaviour.
  12. It's the story of that club I'm afraid. I'm sure someone will be along with the classic TotalRL "it's just a few idiots" comment, but I find their fanbase to be by far the worst in League around Europe.
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