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  1. Are you for real? Jeez some people are desperate to avoid reality, unbelievable. You need to wake up yourself for flips sake
  2. Anyone who thinks that covid is fake should take a quick look at the photos of thousands of dead bodies burning right now in India where they're struggling to find space to burn bodies and the crowds of crying families in the street outside hospitals that are literally full
  3. And it was a massive success in Toronto with crowds consistently better than most super League clubs despite only being in the championship. Who knows how high crowds would have got in super League if the turkeys hadn't voted against Christmas and jealously got shot of them.
  4. Eats haggis every day and watches Braveheart every night whilst tossing cabers?
  5. Yes, they might get crowds considerably larger than most super League teams and then get hit by a worldwide pandemic followed by being voted out by clubs with smaller crowds.......
  6. Heard of covid and it's financial ramifications? Sure you have, but don't let facts get in the way of your small minded agenda
  7. When making any kind of comparison, you have to bear in mind that Toronto had to play all of their brief set of games in SL away from home (not a single home game) and also remember that they smashed another SL team away in the form of Huddersfield in the Challenge Cup shortly before Covid totally undermined them financially and resulted in the Turkeys not voting for christmas vote that ended them in SL. Just saying like.
  8. The type of BS merchant that conveniently and deliberately underestimates crowds in North america by a factor of around 5 to suit his agenda? Can't imagine which bs merchants on this site might do that !
  9. "What worked briefly in Toronto" i.e. building crowds that were already bigger than most SL clubs on average before Covid and a ridiculous "turkeys not voting for christmas" system killem them lol
  10. I think we all need to be patient and wait a little before picking holes in every tiny aspect of this. One thing that's for damn sure is that there must be many people investing time, energy and money in this or what would be the point in all of the co-ordinated effort that's been put into this by 14 different teams?
  11. I decided to join Red Star's facebook group when offered to a couple of years ago. Just to say that they have popped up on my feed tonight offering a free stream of their quarter final Serbian Cup match against Dorcol Tigers this coming Sunday at 4 pm. I thought I'd post to point this out in case anyone wants to use their facebook page to find the link and support their viewing figures. Cheers. Edit, I hope this works as the link:- https://www.sportsflickglobal.com/products/serbian-rugby-league-2021-april?fbclid=IwAR3YPd6QnikaI8Y-KrT2g_xkOJnjiPFHXMKL7VY0Rq7wUJIxJDodju69qZI Second
  12. I agree that there were a significant number who had qualified via residency but the percentage has been steadily decreasing as the game has grown in popularity. I don't want us to hide behind the residency thing to pretend that unioni isn't growing in many countries, but rather be positive in building RL in pastures new. Though you were probably just having a bit of a laugh tb to be fair
  13. This is completely and utterly untrue and off the mark. Watch highlights of any Japan game from the world cup and you will see that at all times well over half the team "look" Japanese. The fact is that RU has grown massively over there - check their viewing figures. It's up to RL to respond and promote itself and there are positive signs that this can be done, with some joined-up thinking
  14. I agree that is not responsible as such for worldwide development. However the point here is that Toronto brought a lot of additional interest to the game here and as such the relationship would be mutually beneficial. Unfortunately we had a truly ridiculous scenario in which their bid was judged by other clubs, many smaller ones of which felt threatened by them and turkeys don't vote for Christmas. Lack of medium term vision wins the day.
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