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  1. Ruan sims looks like the woman on the BBC show this country. Won't blame you if you never watched it. Was awful, only interest for me is my uncle lives where it's filmed so I could recognise places.
  2. Binged midnight mass on netflix. Recommended although a bit weird.
  3. I retried Guinness zero. Better than first time had 3 sadly woke up feeling like itld drank a bottle of rum. Christ knows what is in it.
  4. Water England have concluded it's the wrong type of rain.
  5. On his podcast James Graham admitted to not being one for the gym
  6. Perhaps going sober he'll realise there only ever was one?
  7. Just learnt that amazingly the hole in the middle of a spaghetti strainer is not for water to run out but is actually a guide for a portion of spaghetti. Why did I never hear of this before.
  8. Very similar. In fact they were next to each other on the freezer at Costco and I picked up the wrong ones.
  9. Just tried some kimchi flavoured dumplings I got a while back In Costco. Amazing! 9 mins in the air fryer so they are not greasy like the fried Korean stuff. Plant based version so good for everyone and little kick of spice. Similar to a mini samosa.
  10. Netflix. The Kurt Warner underdog story. Pretty good especially if you like the NFL. It does provide a decent life lesson to youngsters. You need to make your own luck.
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