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  1. been asked to post the new blog url so read its a bit random this week http://unofficialfev.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/something-to-think-about-3082012.html
  2. http://unofficialfev.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/welcome.html stumbled across this on twitter a fev blog should be cracking.
  3. Getting really itchy for a game bring on January 1st!!!!! Any news on ropatiis visa?
  4. Resleased by Huddersfield this week along with Greg McNally would we want to snap either of them up?
  5. @Unofficial_Fev A shiny new twitter for all the news and rovers based fun SEE YOU THERE
  6. Fronted up well and didn't take a backwards step. Was a bit unsure about giving him his debut in a game like this but that'll show me for nt trusting DP.
  7. signs for....York hmmm great signing for the Knights but can he still do the business in our league?
  8. ROVERS TO TEST THE WATER WITH KICK OFF TIMES Featherstone Rovers are to continue with their customary three pm Sunday kick off times: but are considering playing some games on a Friday or Saturday evening. Rovers
  9. The only shame is the ground 2 traditional ones replaced with ones you needs binoculars to see the game hmmm
  10. Is the club shop open now?
  11. not even a week off and im starting to get nervous
  12. is this serious 30 or chinese whispers 30? how many did we take to leeds??
  13. what coach number we up to now?
  14. 16 coaches last i heard
  15. by all accounts an arrogant toe rag too, not really someone we want