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  1. The only shame is the ground 2 traditional ones replaced with ones you needs binoculars to see the game hmmm
  2. not even a week off and im starting to get nervous
  3. is this serious 30 or chinese whispers 30? how many did we take to leeds??
  4. by all accounts an arrogant toe rag too, not really someone we want
  5. just going by what has been done recently the championship sides get the sidelines and the champ 1 sides get behind the sticks dont shoot me for this atrosity, besides who cares where we sit/stand or hang aslong as we win
  6. season ticket holder pay into everygame...they just do it in a lump sum i agree the club has about a 1000 season ickt holders so they should hav 1st hit of the tickets. Im nt saying that someone who pays into games deserves less but its a perk of being a seson ticket holder
  8. got mine ready.......eeeek nervous!!!
  10. best ting to happen to this club in years
  11. saw Liam and little welham on the gate and it made me laugh haha how many other table topping clubs would you see this at?: none! had a fantastic day so did the tag along big congrats to evryone involved. best partof the day other than the challenge Zak race had to be DP answering questions, the more you speak to the guy the more you get the sence he wants to be the driving force behind getting club into super league. and by the sounds of it a new contract could be sorted this week
  12. ybody know where i can pick up a copy?
  13. this crowd will reach 3000 easily now the "official" attendance might be half that but.....the groud should e jumping!!! BRING A FRIEND!
  14. the best team lost its players and the world is conspiring against them
  15. Watching then Barrow dvd and the main thing that shines through is the team spirit! they were playing like a group of 17 mates having a throw about in the park and its fantastic they were out there having fun. it showed how much fun they are having his year with each other when Ben kaye scored when Andy Kain was running behind him, when Benny was calling for Zac to hand him the ball, shouting and waving his arms telling Zac not too hahaha good times.
  16. maybe one of him on his trusty mower......
  17. any news on tickes for the Halifax game? early bird deals and all that jazz ps SELL THIS GAME TO ANYONE YOU KNOW AND DRAG THEM ALONG
  18. the players hav a 3 week gap and are playing the reserves in light contact so td get ready
  19. ~Tommy, he looked to be really struggling after the hour mark, itsonly his 2nd game back but he was really blowing. Against a poor Barrow side this was noticed when he left a drop out to go intouch. i hope they can get some energy into him before the semi with no games to get match fitness
  20. HAHA happily swallow the words i said leaving the LSV after the cup game haha
  21. if we went macron i wouldnt mid it being this design http://www.edinburghrugby.org/content/view/163/86/
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