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  1. Diskin poll

    Make my statistics a total farce?????!!!!!! How dare you. I think you'll find that on the Buford scale they are entirely accurate, in fact verily accurate.
  2. Diskin poll

    Tbf 31 out of say 500 regular supporters works out at about 6% of the fan base who want him to go as opposed to 1% who want him to stay. Now if we are honest then if you took the results of this poll to the BOD then you'd probably get laugh out of the meeting. But if you extrapolate (as with saying it counts as 75% of supporters) then you get a very different result. If you take into account that our possible supporter base is 50, 000 (population of Batley) then we must assume (as per the poll) that 75% want md out which is 37500 people (including those spoken to by Buford). The remaining 25% obviously don't attend enough this season or have not supported for a long enough period of time to be knowledgable enough to agree with Buford.
  3. Diskin poll

    May 4th 2014 Buford T Justice re John Kear "General consensus from most fans that hes lost the dressing room. Judging by body language of the team not a bad shout. We went back to basics today and were worse then ever. And if he says hes had the players in for a hear to heart AGAIN this week ill lose the will to live. Weve been poor all season and are getting gradually worse - Dewsbury and today were reminiscent of the end of the Thornton era - get rid of him now and see if we can save our season and stay up. We have nothing to lose - bottom 5 is a certainty if he stays. Ready for the optimists to shoot me down but king kear has lost it Imo."
  4. Vote with your feet against Toulouse

    Wish d seen this before I posted again. And yes I think you're right about an apology.
  5. Vote with your feet against Toulouse

    I'm not calling anyone a liar but some people are trying to get md the sack and I don't think message board quotes from anonymous peopl count in industrial tribunals.
  6. Vote with your feet against Toulouse

    I've just fact checked and I believe in 2015 we had three points deducted for breech of dr rules (along with Doncaster) From what I remember we should have been relegated but we had the points reinstated on appeal and keighley went down instead. If im honest I'm not sure if we had the (R) agate our name in the league table at any time but I'm sure you take my point. I am also sure that Kear was in charge. And less of the young man. I haven't got this old and miserable to be called young.
  7. Vote with your feet against Toulouse

    Yep you're probably right. But until someone talks to kn (in real life, directly not by simply hoping he reads it on a message board) we won't know if he's burying his head in the sand. Also when we got relegated due to the points deduction and then got the points reinstated on appeal, was that under Keay?
  8. Vote with your feet against Toulouse

    So the offended parties are attending the game and bringing up their grievances with the chairman at the match. Nice one. If they're off up then I guess there's no need for anyone to be offended on their behalf and boycott.
  9. Vote with your feet against Toulouse

    Jk got us relegated. And I've not seen one post that says, "mat swore at me and I've complained to the club."
  10. Vote with your feet against Toulouse

    You say you love the club but want to damage it financially because the people who put time, money and commitment into it don't appear to agree with you about the coach???? This'll be the same BOD who stood by John Kear when people were screaming for his head and the same and the same BOD that chose to invest in the ground, the club and it's future when it was far more fashionable to throw you're money at has been Australians for a bit of short term on pitch gain. I don't know if MD did swear at the supporters but wouldn't it make more sense for the offended to speak to his boss and let them sort out the issue (in the same way you'd expect your boss too) instead of trial by social media??? If it's all the same I'm going to trust in KN and the board. Hope they're are more apologies about MD next season like there were about JK last.
  11. Vote with your feet against Toulouse

    If you're not going can I borrow you're season ticket?
  12. unsavoury

    Any trouble at a rugby game is lamentable but as I was stood in the South Stand about 20 yards away from where this all took place and didn't notice a thing was it really as bad as it's being made out to be?? In fact the first I knew about it was when my dad told me about it. He wasn't at the game he'd read about it...... on SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!!! I was stood with a load of Dewsbury fans in my Batley shirt and didn't once receive any abuse as everyone was watching the game. Keep the violence where it should be in rugby.... on the pitch.
  13. Wouldn't it be great if Dewsbury's message board's top thread was about the Bulldogs.

    Just a thought.


  14. Unhappy Vibes On Here

    Nice1 julio I agree 100%. I never normally post on this board but do enjoy the debates. I have to say I totally agree with the administrator deleting personal attacks and threats, it's not about personal slanging matches it's about rugby slanging matches. That said Gaz Coyle (who's opinion I rate) did seem to take a step too far with his "upsetting the wrong people who don't forget" comments. Gaz you sound a bit sinister M8 do Batley have an ultras crew I didn't know about? As for exileing Bath Hotel Bulldog from the Mount I don't think it's your call and surely we can't afford to upset even a single fan. Keep up the informed and ill informed comments it keeps me amused on my dinner break. However, I think we should stop debating players gettin drunk after matches (drunk rugby players? my life) and look at the bigger and more worrying picture. That is why after 20 yrs of supporting Batley through thin and thin am I increasingly finding excuses to keep my £10 in my pocket on a sunday.