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  1. Any trouble at a rugby game is lamentable but as I was stood in the South Stand about 20 yards away from where this all took place and didn't notice a thing was it really as bad as it's being made out to be?? In fact the first I knew about it was when my dad told me about it. He wasn't at the game he'd read about it...... on SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!!! I was stood with a load of Dewsbury fans in my Batley shirt and didn't once receive any abuse as everyone was watching the game. Keep the violence where it should be in rugby.... on the pitch.
  2. Wouldn't it be great if Dewsbury's message board's top thread was about the Bulldogs.

    Just a thought.


  3. Nice1 julio I agree 100%. I never normally post on this board but do enjoy the debates. I have to say I totally agree with the administrator deleting personal attacks and threats, it's not about personal slanging matches it's about rugby slanging matches. That said Gaz Coyle (who's opinion I rate) did seem to take a step too far with his "upsetting the wrong people who don't forget" comments. Gaz you sound a bit sinister M8 do Batley have an ultras crew I didn't know about? As for exileing Bath Hotel Bulldog from the Mount I don't think it's your call and surely we can't afford to upset even a single fan. Keep up the informed and ill informed comments it keeps me amused on my dinner break. However, I think we should stop debating players gettin drunk after matches (drunk rugby players? my life) and look at the bigger and more worrying picture. That is why after 20 yrs of supporting Batley through thin and thin am I increasingly finding excuses to keep my £10 in my pocket on a sunday.