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  1. Sue Winner was at the boys club this weekend. I'm sure if they send her over to tip his suitcase out on the bed to have a proper look she'll soon find it.
  2. I really hope you're right but I cant see where 6 tries will come from .
  3. All good points. But surely coaches have to take some responsibility for the refs predicament? Even at amateur the first thing you're told to do in a match is to lay on to test the ref. And every move now is as close to a forward pass, obstruction or just a shepherd as they think they can get away with. And dont get me started on back chat and play acting.
  4. I don't want to bad on Brown because he's a cracking player but this has been bugging me for seasons now. Why is Brown passing like a stand off and not backing himself near the line? He was throwing forwards around in the centre of the park but doesn't seem to (or has not been told to) just put his head down and attack the line from close in. At one point today he was dropped out the scrum ten yards out, down hill received the ball and passed. I really think he'd be better served and more successful if he just ran over the top of people occasionally and left the pivot to someone else. I know he's going to pass and I think everyone else does. I'd love to see him mix it up.
  5. Why would you take your home game to someone else's ground unless your own ground wasn't available? Especially as Leeds are probably dewsbury and batley's biggest rival when it comes to attracting fans. Isn't it just a big advert for the rhinos?
  6. Genuine question/ concern. Is this double a collaboration between 2 rl clubs? An attempt by Leeds to attract more championship fans to Leeds? Or the beginning of the end for championship rugby as we are relegated to curtain twitchers for sl games? I know it might be a conspiracy theory too far but why are dewsbury doing it? Is owl lane not available that day or are all the rhinos' cheerleaders on a hen do together?
  7. Turned up with printed tickets and there was no sign on the turnstiles to say where to queue. Went in concessions line asked a steward when we saw him behind the gate and got sent to the queue at the end. Tickets weren't scanned and we missed first 4 mins of the game. But at least we did better than those stood behind us. Annoyingly we missed Batleys first knock on of the season. Cant imagine we'll get to see another. Enjoyed the game though.
  8. Is he able to play at Newcastle because it's closer to the oil rigs?
  9. There are some great batley images in the 2 when push comes to shove books. Also try the rugby league historians group on Facebook. They're a great source of all things rl.
  10. Maybe if your chairman hadn't invested in the terracing at the owl lane end and closed the south stand and all but one turnstile thus saving on money (standing on slippy bankings in the rain is acceptable at sheffield) you'd still have guzdec. In fact if he'd cut through the whole horrible mess and financial burden of a stadium and played on the all weather pitch then you'd have the same facilities as Sheffield and you too could be playing at Wembley
  11. Maybe if batley played on a five aside pitch or went bust every other year we would be rewarded with a trip to wembly. Why does our chairman insist on following rl rules about financial restraint and ground improvement. It's getting us nowhere. The worst thing is I'm not even being sarcastic I'm deadly serious.
  12. Personally I couldn't care less if the players like diskin or if the BOD are happy with what he's achieved over the past 3 years. For me it's simply down to whether or not the on pitch product is worth the money I'm paying for it. And I'm very sorry to say but it's not.
  13. Bradford could always move wholesale to tong high school, spend all their money on other teams players and then get rewarded with a lovely trip to wembly in the 1066 cup.
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