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  1. Best Player To Never Produce For Eng/GB

    karl pratt was hardly superb for club?

    Is Eastmond likely to leave? Is there a rumour behind this mate? Where too, oz assumably?
  3. Richie Mathers - Best Try Celebrater in SL

    I wonder what Mike Worrincy is like at try celebrations . . . . one of life's great unanswerable questions!
  4. Trains to Old Trafford

    me and a few of my mates have a game at haresfinch on saturday, then are going to the game. how long roughly from there too trafford? (we're in the trafford travel lodge) thanks!

    he's ######!
  6. Richie Mathers - Best Try Celebrater in SL

    Wendall - Worst spelling fan in SL
  7. Wakey sign..

    let's see what happens with regular gametime!
  8. Bradford Bulls Pledge Campaign

    at the end of the day its a competitive world and each club has to be selfish and do what they need to do to survive and run a succefull ship especially in and area with so many clubs! if your a loyal enough batley/dewbury fan you won't be swayed, if not then it would only be a matter of time till they switch allegiances anyway!!!
  9. Second favourite - Other clubs you like...

    Favourite - Bradford Bulls 2nd - Barrow Other Notables - Saints, Wigan, Warrington, all NRL clubs ( great to watch, i NEED this during the bulls current form ) Australian - Rabbitohs
  10. Wakey sign Frankie Mariano

    Wakefield have also announced Jesse-Joe Parker. Good signing??? Looked a real player in the championship i'd have thought he could make a good impact in SL. time will tell
  11. Bradford Bulls Pledge Campaign

    Survival of the fittest, go hard or go home.
  12. Four Nations bookies odds

    not sure about thurston but i reckon lockyer will be fine.
  13. England 17 for the opening game

    graham for lynch and your there
  14. England 17 for the opening game

    james graham?
  15. Jeremy Smith signs for Wakey

    the salford stand off?? better than paul cooke