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  1. Squad looks exciting to me competition for every shirt and quality all over. I'd go with a starting 17 of Greenwood Riley Ratu Cookson Massam Yates Palfrey Tahraoui Moores Thompson Crowley Middlehurst Smith Taira Hadden Francis Maneely
  2. To be fair, surely the club would have expected some kind of written confirmation that the player wants to take up the 2nd year option on his contract, not just an informal chat amid banter in the car on the way to training! The fact the club are able to say hes not staying is proof hes not got anything formal to show hes taken up the second year?
  3. Cook and particularly Tilley has offered an awful lot to not only the team but the club and the community. . A factor in both are leaving i tend to think is there lack of pace. I have thought at times this year Crook has looked too slow so next year he would really have struggled. Tilley not so much but still not the the most light on his feet. Im just thankfull Hornets have a coach with the balls to make decisions not based on sentiment but on what he believes is needed on the field.
  4. Against what odds! haha A semi professional team with an extremely limited budget travelling to France for the first time to play against a full time team in front of 2500 partisan supporters. Erm yeah the odds were pretty much even And ive heard from players that played and the referree did not have control, using the cards in an attempt to demand the players respect rather than doing that from the start through communication. The on field behaviour from the Toulouse players in Rochdale was disgraceful, purposely going high in tackles after threatening to the tackle previous. Iadmitedly i havnt seen the game in Toulouse but if it was anything like Rochdale it will have been a horrible environment to play in particularly with a ref struggling to keep control.
  5. Dont know about anyone else but I cant remember having as much faith in a head coach, If he is leaving a player out i trust theres a good reason, whether he is holidaying, out of form or being rested. Considering the budget the squad the club has managed to pull together is unbelievable, im not a fan particularly of the DR system but without it wed have struggled for a competetive backline big time without Bloomfield Ratu Riley Cookson....
  6. Now 2nd is almost done is our first play off game on 24th away to Toulouse? Has there been any thought to away travel for players/fans?
  7. How did Jono Smith play
  8. I thought they tried bullying us because they were collectively a bigger pack but were shocked with the fight they got.
  9. I remember him a number of years ago being introduced to the team at Rochdale Cobras as a young lad half the size he is now. Back then he was a wrecking ball now im sure he will be a great success, particularly looking forward to seeing him play in the centres.
  10. RFL website says game is at Mayfield on Sunday at 13:30
  11. The comparison between Mayfield and Whitenank is fairly obvious, Mayfield has just had more time and investment
  12. Do we know when the draw is? I know the game will be next week.
  13. Over all Oldham looked fitter and faster, and made fewer silly passes in the conditions. They took advantage of Hornets appalling right edge defence in the first half, Dandy wasn't big enough and was it Riley playing centre?
  14. The squad looks that bit bigger and faster and the play is more fluent and less robotic and predictable
  15. Suspension from Mayfied? Any idea if he'll feature next week?