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  1. Heywood Tiger


    I am struggling to understand why the proposition of this new structure is making people lose their 5h1t so much
  2. Heywood Tiger

    Short list

    From the shortlist I think Mat Calland will be best for the club, I fear the fact he’s likely to use the DR system as it’s intended I.e. only use any available players if required, and not feel pressured to give minutes to young wire prospects, may be his down fall.
  3. Heywood Tiger

    Short list

    Does anyone know if the current head coach is part of the selection board? Ant Walker on the shortlist kind of worries me
  4. Heywood Tiger

    Killer to Leave.

    Have a word with the lads that are involved with the team and ask them how much time they spend in Rochdale! What Rochdale lads are good enough? Have you seen how dire we’ve been? I know several Rochdale lads have been spoken to but said no thanks. I mean it’s not like they live in Warrington! No, after a days work they have to get on the road to Cheshire!! Bring in a Rochdale coach and Rochdale players for Rochdale people to buy in to.
  5. Heywood Tiger

    Killer to Leave.

    I’d personally choose a Rochdale coach as they’d hopefully bring the club back to Rochdale, introduce more Rochdale lads to the squad. A better relationship with the community clubs is essential.
  6. Heywood Tiger

    Killer to Leave.

    I would never have imagined a coach of his calibre would be interested in a role in League 1. With his work with Scotland and Wigan i imagine he wll have a lot of contacts with players on the fringes of the top tier. I just hope who ever takes over the club is brought back down the M62 to Rochdale from Warrington and Chester
  7. Heywood Tiger

    Killer to Leave.

    So Steve McCormack has applied....
  8. Heywood Tiger

    Only bottom club relegated

    I’d probably prefer to just go down with the state we’re in, Bradford York and Workington coming up are just another 3 teams likely to give us a hiding. From what I’ve heard Massam amongst others has already gone, so already we’re looking more like a L1 team.
  9. Heywood Tiger

    Killer to Leave.

    I think he might be a decent shout, from what I’ve seen and heard it will be all about the team and less about himself, just what we need
  10. Heywood Tiger

    16 players!?

    In addition to the 2 sides at Mayfield Rochdale Cobras and Littleborough both regularly put a team out
  11. Heywood Tiger

    16 players!?

    Nowhere have I suggested the players didn’t give everything, I think they gave more than we could expect. Here’s a good saying; Unfortunately when youve a club with a board without the knowledge confidence or balls to say anything that isn’t nice you end up with the absolute shambles we’re left with here.
  12. Heywood Tiger

    16 players!?

    Mayfield yeah amongst others! The current team has 2 mayfield players in it, plus a Crossfields player and a Blackbrook player! Cos Mayfield aren’t top of the league none of their players are any good? What a load of nonsense! Do you think the same about Hornets? Toby Adamson and Rob Massam Are ###### obviously cos where the team is, rugby genius! And I said train not play, give young lads a chance to see what it’s like, Costs nothing, gives you a chance to have a look at players, helps connect the club with community and debvelops players. Instead we pull Warrington lads in!?
  13. Heywood Tiger

    16 players!?

    Can someone explain to me how we can only manage to field 16 players for an important home fixture? I understand there’s a cut off date for registering players but surely a bit of foresight would have prevented the embarrassment of fielding one short. Personally I’d have loved to see local amateur lads training with the squad, although the 50 mile round trip to training may be a barrier.
  14. Heywood Tiger

    Half backs

    The "best" training facilities are great if the players don't have to travel longer than training lasts to get there and back. I'd love to see stronger connections with the town, both on and off the field.
  15. Heywood Tiger

    Now for the final tests

    Were down, we have been clearly one of the worst 2 teams all season, we seem to have got no better as the weeks have gone by, worse if anything. Looking at league 1, with our current set up I fear we will struggle next year as well.