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  1. Heywood Tiger

    Today's game

    Today was pretty diabolical to be fair, go forward wasn’t impressive meaning the half backs that aren’t half backs struggled and had to try and force the play. It is really early days yet and so I wouldn’t get carried away with the negativity but the team is lacking flair and something special. Who played in 13 for hornets, team sheet says Howarth but it’s wasnt. I thought he looked very good. Brandon Wood tried his heart out and looks really good, definitely not a winger though
  2. Heywood Tiger


    In my opinion the 2 best players on the pitch were playing for Mayfield, 11 and 8 (Callum Marriot and Jimmy Connaughton?) Marriot looks real quality I’d be surprised if he hadn’t been asked upto a pro club already. The young prop needs to be if he hasn’t already
  3. Heywood Tiger

    2019 squad.

    It’s all still up in the air for me at the minute, there are some quite impressive experienced names in the squad as well as some promising young talent. I’m hopeful the coach can get them playing and that we have enough size and aggression which is what I think we have lacked for a while now
  4. Heywood Tiger


    I agree, I'm looking forward to seeing him getting the squad firing. I don't agree with attaching terms to donations and sponsorship for a club struggling for finance.
  5. Heywood Tiger


    £20k to appoint the coach, how much to change the kit to blue and white stripes. Talk about hold the club to ransom
  6. Heywood Tiger

    2019 squad.

    Good to see a bit of quality and experience in the back line
  7. Heywood Tiger

    2019 squad.

    Poor attendances were due in my opinion to a number of factors, not least the poor standard on the pitch. The disappearing squad of players contributed to an appalling standard. With very little connection to the community and ticket prices, in the current climate considering the product, rather expensive, certain weeks I could take or leave a hornets game. Joe Matty and Seta were a link to the community and with those playing I’d be inclined to go.
  8. Heywood Tiger

    2019 squad.

    Joe put bums on seats, it’s as simple as that he’s a massive loss. One of very few players last year worth paying to watch
  9. Heywood Tiger

    Members Meeting

    So there’s no one on a contract from last years squad, maybe a good thing! Losing Joe would be horrible but hopefully Seta signing will keep him here. I’d hope Toby Adamson stays as he is real quality, Dec Gregory looks a good player, with the players that have left I’m struggling to pick out others I’d be upset to leave!
  10. Heywood Tiger

    Members Meeting

    What’s the score with the squad? Have we retained anybody from last year?
  11. Heywood Tiger

    Members Meeting

    I’d have liked to have attended this I’m looking forward to this season and a fresh start but I’m working. I’d like to have asked what kind of squad we’re starting with if we have one. Also the reasoning behind the recent increase in admission price as I’m struggling with it, the attendances last year weren’t good at all neither were the performances.
  12. Heywood Tiger


    The last 2/3 weeks have seemed a different side, almost as if the RFL get out of jail card has rejuvenated the team. This great escape and the coaching appointment for 2019, a fresh start and a different attitude for next season has really sparked my interest again which was flagging.
  13. Heywood Tiger

    Now for the final tests

    I can only imagine how sad and unfulfilling your life must be to think to look back for this comment when everyone else is full of beans after staying up. The fact this comment was made before the RFL changed the rules is something I could point out but I won’t because I got plenty going on in my life, what a creature ha
  14. Heywood Tiger

    New Coach

    Looking forward to seeing him develop the club hopefully strengthening the relationship with the community. Cant help but think he’ll be good for team, I think we’ve missed leadership on the field.
  15. Heywood Tiger


    I am struggling to understand why the proposition of this new structure is making people lose their 5h1t so much