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  1. Olson Filipaina? The only man to get the better of Wally Lewis IMO.
  2. Fair enough Dave, I'd not thought it through properly. Historically, World Club Challenge/Series matches have been held on Friday or Saturday nights. Maybe the RFL consider a late kick off the best time to maximise attendance and revenue?
  3. What about him?Defensively he wasn't as good as when he left the Bulldogs. Attacking wise he was probably on par with how he was previously. Anyway back on topic. I can't see Benji playing in the centres, that's just journo speculation. I can see him coming off the bench to replace Milford or Hunt or more likely coming on at six with either Milford or Boyd taking up a ball playing loose forward role.
  4. Agree with this assessment, I think he will be a good acquisition for Cas. Manly generally used him as an impact sub for two twenty minute spells but I'd say he has the engine to play bigger minutes than that. I suspect he will have a similar impact to what Junior Moors had, a steady first first season followed by a year of being a key player. No doubt he will be pushing for a place in the Samoan World Cup squad as well.
  5. Those that are owned and dictated to by Sky Sports?
  6. I agree, getting rid of the VR is a backwards step, but far too many cases are referred. A captains challenge system would be my solution.
  7. A belated thanks to you Graham for another great tipster season. Your hard work and hours spent at the keyboard are very much appreciated. Oh, and well done on your victory. If memory serves, you were in the top 2 all year along with Southstander. Looking forward to next year.
  8. Have you seen George and Tom play this year? They have been poor. I'd rather have Mike Cooper at least he can catch the ball. As you say though, those other players should be in before Cooper.
  9. Just got around to catching up with this week's Backchat. I agree that Lionel Hurst was very good on the panel. Plenty of positivity, enthusiasm for the game with a bit of criticism when and where it was warranted. Very eloquent stuff. Hopefully Premier will invite Lionel on a more frequent basis next year (if indeed he wants the gig).
  10. Mis-spelling your name so the bookies don't realise it's you. Very clever Sean
  11. Agree totally GS. When he was not named for Samoa I automatically assumed that would be due to him being picked by Australia. Now he is not involved with either. Crazy
  12. Struggling to understand how Blake Ferguson can get in the team ahead of Joey Leilua (the best centre in the NRL this year) or even his Canberra team mate Jarred Croker?
  13. A nice farewell from RL, with a few days on a tropical island?
  14. I don't think anyone is arguing with this. The point being highlighted is that regardless of a teams performance during the year, each individual match should be contested on an equal basis. No system is perfect but Golden Point is the least satisfactory of any IMO.
  15. Samoa team now announced: Bunty Afoa Lesson Ah Mau Erin Clark Raymond Faitala-Mariner James Gavet Pita Godinet Sam Kasiano Tim Lafai Mason Lino Sam Lisone Ken Maumalo David Nofoaluma Junior Paulo Kaysa Pritchard Denny Solomona Sauaso Sue Matthew Wright