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  1. I know how you feel SS13. I have convinced myself that there is no need to trade this week, but I still keep messing about with trading options! *Note to self, stay strong, it will be worth it in the end* 😢 🤣
  2. Nice opening score LRL. I too had Kikau and Kenner on the bench along with Rochow who got 60+ as well. It was my "guns" that let me down This week but they should come good in the long run.
  3. Well round 1 over and a score of exactly 900 pre updates. Not as much as I was hoping for largely due to Tedesco bombing out as my captain, but overall I'm happy with my team. I will probably not bother trading this week but have my eye on Herman Ese'ese and RFM for round 3. How has everybody else faired?
  4. I've joined again for 2018 (Flat Capper Select). Now to try and put a team together that can get off to a good start! G, I've tried to create a shield but it's not letting me do it on my phone. I'll have a look at it on the laptop later.
  5. 3rd place playoff

    Or Union where it's another opportunity to socialise and drink Pimms in a car park.
  6. 3rd place playoff

    Neither Tongans or Fijians are Maori! A third/fourth play off is a game that no one wants to play in a week after you have lost a semi final. Who remembers any on the third place teams from recent soccer or RUWC's?
  7. Samoa RLWC Squad

    Probably Josh Papalii in the forwards.
  8. Let's talk about Andy Lynch instead

    I would have thought it was more he took the opportunity to go back to his home town club to finish his career. Any front rower who has played 500+ games of professional rugby league demands admiration and respect!
  9. Zak Hardaker suspended for positive drugs test

    "An error of judgement"? Errr no, with the drugs education professional players receive nowadays it's either a calculated gamble to hope you don't get drug tested OR you are too stupid to understand the risks and ramifications of your actions therefore no judgement was involved? If I was a Cas player (and to a slightly lesser extent a Cas fan) I would be livid by the selfishness and disregard shown towards his teammates, the club, the fans, the sponsors and the game of rugby league that all provided him with a golden opportunity.
  10. rugby league history quiz

    Richard, was the earthquake in Q20 the 1989 Newcastle (Aus) disaster or am I barking up the wrong tree?
  11. rugby league history quiz

    Ah I think I know another one! 22 - Ex French Flat Capper himself - Freddie Banquet (sp?) playing for Paris SG.
  12. rugby league history quiz

    12 - Ken Hirst (I think he got both Wakefield tries that day). Struggling to add any more without consulting my phone a friend Mr Google
  13. rugby league history quiz

    4 - Balmain Tigers. I remember hearing the story of few years ago. From memory I think the gist was they were due to play South Sydney in the final but agreed not to play it after the newly formed NSWRL arranged a match against the Wallabies (RU) on the same day. For whatever reason that match didn't go ahead, South Sydney turned up for the final, Balmain didn't and the Rabbits won by default.
  14. Samoan Rugby League Squad

    I think Jesse Sene-Lafao and Junior Moors cold consider themselves a bit unlucky to not make the squad. I suppose it dosent help their cause playing over here.
  15. I brought Gutherson in last week to replace Johnson, sums up my luck this year. ? I had planned on "nuffing" a few of my fringe players out but with all these injuries I'm holding trades to replace fallen guns. ..