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  1. Poll: 4+ games Raiders Titans Cowboys Knights Panthers Eels Sea Eagles Roosters  2 aways 318 points
  2. Poll - Broncos vs Titans Teams Rabbits Tigers Warriors Sharks Cowboys Broncos Roosters Dragons Home wins 5 Points 300
  3. poll Panthers v Sea Eagles Origin Qld Panthers Rabbits Raiders Cowboys points 147 Aways 3
  4. Poll - Knights to beat Roosters Eels Sea Eagles Knights Raiders Warriors Rabbits Storm Sharks homes 6 points 310
  5. poll 1 or 2 Storm Warriors Roosters Titans Eels Rabbits Knights Sharks aways 5 points 297
  6. Poll: 3 or 4 Winners: Sharks Panthers Sea Eagles Knights Warriors Storm Roosters Rabbits 5 home wins 336 points
  7. Poll - Eels v Dragons Rabbits Cowboys Storm Raiders Dogs Roosters Warriors Eels 2 Aways Points 324
  8. Poll - Sea Eagles v Raiders Roosters Storm Bulldogs Rabbits Tigers Sharks Raiders Knights Homes -5 Points - 342
  9. G, you appear to have not updated my score this week. I'm struggling badly this year as it is without points disappearing
  10. Poll - Warriors v Cowboys Winners Sharks Rabbits Storm Warriors Dragons Knights Raiders Eels 338 points 2 aways
  11. Broncos Panthers Storm Rabbits Knights Roosters Bulldogs Raiders Home wins: 4 Points Total: 330 Poll: Closest game - Dragons v Bulldogs
  12. Poll - 1 or 2 Roosters Warriors Panthers Rabbits Raiders Sharks Storm Knights Aways - 3 Points - 318
  13. Poll - 3/4 teams Winners Broncos Knights Roosters Warriors Sharks Storm Tigers Rabbits Points - 296 3 Homes
  14. G, I'd go with Burgess and Burns from those two options. Souths have an easy run (on paper) in the next few weeks and both should go well IMO. I'm bringing in Burns as well for Opacic who had been poor and has now been dropped.
  15. I'd noticed that G. Looks like big Sam won't be a POD for me much longer?
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