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  1. Poll: Titans v Eels Sea Eagles Eels Broncos Knights Storm Souths Roosters Sharks Points: 311 1 Away win
  2. Poll Panthers v Sharks Broncos Sea Eagles Sharks Dragons Eels Tigers Raiders Storm Homes 3 Points 298
  3. Poll: Sharks/Rabbits Tigers Raiders Storm See Eagles Panthers Sharks Roosters Eels 322 points 4 aways
  4. Poll 3 or 4 Sharks Knights Rabbits Warriors Broncos Storm Roosters Panthers Homes 5 points 315
  5. RTS to Tedesco completes my team this week with 3 trades left to cover injuries/suspensions. Traded hard all year in an effort to get into top 1,000. A few good rounds could see me make it.
  6. Poll - Roostets/Knights Broncos Sharks Panthers Roosters Raiders Rabbits Storm Sea Eagles 3 Awayd Points Total: 310
  7. Poll - 3 or 4 Panthers Knights Rabbits Warriors Storm Roosters Eels Raiders 333 points 5 home wins
  8. poll Dragons v Storm Storm Roosters Warriors Sharks Aways 3 Points 154
  9. Aaaghhh, forgot to put my tips in. Maybe not so bad as I would have tipped the Bunnies anyway!! Here are my other 7 tips G;raham Dragons Storm Sea Eagles Knights Raiders Warriors Sharks
  10. Poll: 4+ games Raiders Titans Cowboys Knights Panthers Eels Sea Eagles Roosters  2 aways 318 points
  11. Poll - Broncos vs Titans Teams Rabbits Tigers Warriors Sharks Cowboys Broncos Roosters Dragons Home wins 5 Points 300
  12. poll Panthers v Sea Eagles Origin Qld Panthers Rabbits Raiders Cowboys points 147 Aways 3
  13. Poll - Knights to beat Roosters Eels Sea Eagles Knights Raiders Warriors Rabbits Storm Sharks homes 6 points 310
  14. poll 1 or 2 Storm Warriors Roosters Titans Eels Rabbits Knights Sharks aways 5 points 297
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