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  1. POLL: 1-2 teams Knights Broncos Raiders Rabbits Roosters Eels Storm Panthers Points: 365 AWAY WINS: 6
  2. POLL: 1 or 2 teams WINNERS: Storm Panthers Eels Knights Titans Broncos Sea Eagles Dragons POINTS: 301 HOME WINS: 4
  3. POLL: Panthers v Sea Eagles WINNERS: Souths Storm Titans Panthers Eels Roosters Warriors Tigers POINTS: 306 AWAY WINS: 5
  4. Poll - Cowboys v Raiders Winners: Panthers Rabbits Eels Sharks Raiders Tigers Roosters Storm 6 Homes 311 Points
  5. Poll: Broncos v Panthers WINNERS: Panthers Knights Storm Titans Bunnies Raiders Dragons Cowboys Points: 353 Away wins: 2
  6. Lesson learnt for me this week... 130 is no longer a big enough score to loop if your captain is Ryan Papenhuyzen and young Sam Walker is the player you have to leave out of your side.
  7. POLL: Eels v Dragons WINNERS Souths Warriors Panthers Titans Storm Roosters Tigers Eels POINTS: 333 HOME: 7
  8. Poll 1 or 2 Panthers Rabbits Storm Sharks Titans Knights Warriors Eels Aways 4 Points 342
  9. Poll 1 or 2 Storm Dragons Roosters Raiders Broncos Eels Knights Titans 322 5 homes
  10. WINNERS - Storm, Warriors, Titans, Panthers, Rabbitohs, Cowboys, Roosters, Raiders. TOTAL POINTS - 318 AWAY WINS - 5 POLL - Warriors v Knights
  11. It was a really high scoring first round. It feels like the new rules have lead to the forward scores rising as the ball is in play more so more hit ups/tackles to be had.
  12. Josh Hodgson, Matt Lodge, Lachlan Lam, NAS and Fogarty the disappointments for me. Some other low scorers but they were expected. Everyone will get a second crack next week apart from Lodge who is injured and I don't think will be worth holding as he potentially was only playing until Haas is back anyway. He might become Leeson Ah Mau but will have to wait whike TLT. Just read Angus Crighton suspended for 1 or 2 games. Will be holding him though as he's a season long keeper.
  13. G, From the players I finished with last year I've only got Matterson, Cleary and Tedesco. Not many cheapies about this season so I seem to have a side filled with mid pricers who hopefully can get the job done. I've no gun hookers, 5/8 or CTW's which could work out well or totally kill my season in the first few weeks.
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