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  1. Kiraz & Koula have given me a headache this week. They were both on the chopping block but their big scores last week (when on my bench) means they should both make a fair bit more money. Either Haas or Koroisau will have to make way for Campbell Graham instead.
  2. Full Back has been very low scoring this year. In previous seasons to do well in SC you needed to have two gun FB's. Teddy, Turbo, Papy, Ponga etc. Bar Papys huge score last week none of them is really setting the world on fire and are no more valuable than a gun in any other position. Maybe it will sort itself out? Teddy to Taafe could be a goer for me as it would free up big money to bolster my front row especially with Haas suspended this week.
  3. Clearly can wait until his price drops for me although he will have to come into my side at some point, maybe after Origin. Probably only Tylan May to come in for me this week but Starling at Raiders could be an option as well.
  4. I reckon he will be the highest scoring 9 by some margin. Even though he was suspended for rnd 1 he was worth the pick to save a trade bringing him in this week.
  5. A tough start although was expecting a slow start after taking a hit on Munster & Grant who are back next week. Captain Teddy didn't score as expected, kicking myself I didn't go with the "safe" points from Payne Haas.. It's a marathon not a sprint though.
  6. Thanks as always Graham for the time and effort you put into the SC season for us. Happy with a 3rd overall finish after a strong finish but left it too late. Congratulations to Grant on the Premiership win and to James on a brilliant overall rank of 127! See you all again in 2022....
  7. 15 for me as well SH. I read somewhere that about 70% of the top 1,000 are in the same boat. Memo to self - don't be so trigger happy with the trades next season.
  8. There's a lot of people suggesting this Graham. I get the feeling that there's going to be a big shake-up of the format and scoring of SC next season. Good luck to all finalists this weekend!
  9. Poll - Eels v Panthers Raiders Storm Panthers Broncos Sea Eagles Dragons Warriors Tigers Aways 5 Points 376
  10. Poll - 3 Knights Raiders Rabbits Dragons Sharks Storm Sea Eagles Panthers 6 homes Points - 374
  11. Poll 5 or 6 Storm Sea Eagles Rabbits Tigers Knights Cowboys Roosters Broncos Points 340 Aways 6
  12. Poll - Cowboys v Tigers Storm Panthers Roosters Rabbits Tigers Sea Eagles Warriors Knights Away 4 Points 354
  13. Poll - Bulldogs v Tigers Winners - Knights Raiders Rabbits Warriors Roosters Storm Tigers Titans 366 points Home wins - 5
  14. POLL: Broncos v Cowboys WINNERS: Roosters Tigers Broncos Rabbits Knights Storm Titans Sea Eagles POINTS: 382 AWAY WINS: 3
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