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  1. Thanks for the kind words Irish Saint, Graham and JimBronco much appreciated. It's tough at the moment watching a loved one struggling, just have to stay strong for them. Happy to contribute to the thread throughout the season and will post my rank if anyones interested (and if I'm doing well ). I'll be joining other leagues and will no doubt be as addicted as ever once the season kicks off. All the best Supercoaches!
  2. Ahh, too late!!! Have a lot of family issues which have been occupying my mind and time at the mo and not been on the forum for a while. Sat down tonight thinking will still be a few places left as 3 weeks to go, how wrong can you be! Anyway good luck to all SC'ers for 2024. I'll continue to lurk around here and contribute if I can come up with anything of value to say.
  3. Thanks once again to Graham for setting up the TRL SC competition. Been a goosd season for me with my highest ever finish. Wonder if the KFC prize pack for finishing in top 1k will arrive. The only other time I've managed it a plastic key ring arrived 8 months later and had snapped in half on the journey (unless it was snapped deliberately when they realised I was a Pom)!! See you all again in 2024!!!
  4. SH it is a gamble for sure. Looking at the teams at the top they are all starting to look a bit generic. I just feel like I need to do something different to escape the pack. It'll probably come down to the toss of a coin, but I just have a sneaky feeling the Warriors are going to score big.
  5. Cheers Graham. Good point about leaving it a week to see how Cleary goes. Trouble is they play the Bulldogs this week at home and Cleary might go beserk!! At this stage of the season I'm looking more at points than player value.
  6. Anyone think I'm mad trading out Hynes for Cleary, leaving me Cleary/SJ at halfback for the run home? Johnson going well and Warriors have some easy games (on paper) and the Sharks seem to struggle against good opposition. Would probably make or break my season but worth a shot?
  7. So do we think 102 is big enough to loop Turbo or not? Maybe a few updates will help me decide if his score is reviewed before Grant plays on Saturday. Or maybe just risk new recruit Kiraz going massive again v a poor looking Tigers? This game drives me mad....
  8. Harry Grant with the C for me. Hoping with Munster sidelined that he has a more flexible role in attack, maybe switching it up a bit with Hughes and Wishart in the halves? Was almost tempted with HopGod. He definitely comes into the reckoning in future weeks!
  9. Agree Spotty Herbert and Jim Bronco. Seem to have evaded any injuries or suspensions in round 1 so I'm holding off trading and giving everyone another run out to evaluate how they are going. I have a feeling with one team on a bye each week the trades will be more valuable this year.
  10. Congrats to Oliver & Kurtis on their wins. Congrats to Marge as well, who barring a big collapse in round 25 looks to have the overall standings rapped up as well. Thanks Graham as always for the time you take pulling all this together... much appreciated. I'll be back in 2023, hopefully being more careful with trades, but I say that every year.
  11. Kiraz & Koula have given me a headache this week. They were both on the chopping block but their big scores last week (when on my bench) means they should both make a fair bit more money. Either Haas or Koroisau will have to make way for Campbell Graham instead.
  12. Full Back has been very low scoring this year. In previous seasons to do well in SC you needed to have two gun FB's. Teddy, Turbo, Papy, Ponga etc. Bar Papys huge score last week none of them is really setting the world on fire and are no more valuable than a gun in any other position. Maybe it will sort itself out? Teddy to Taafe could be a goer for me as it would free up big money to bolster my front row especially with Haas suspended this week.
  13. Clearly can wait until his price drops for me although he will have to come into my side at some point, maybe after Origin. Probably only Tylan May to come in for me this week but Starling at Raiders could be an option as well.
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