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  1. Poll - Dragons v Sea Eagles Winners Broncos Roosters Sharks Titans Storm Cowboys Sea Eagles Eels Points- 342 4 Aways Good to be back after not being able to get on the site last Friday morning, then being in the Highlands of Scotland with no signal on Saturday and Sunday 😠
  2. Poll - Bulldogs v Knights Winners Roosters Sea Eagles Eels Dogs Points - 164 2 Aways
  3. Poll - 1 team Winners Eels Titans Storm Sharks Sea Eagles Raiders Knights Panthers 5 Homes 345 Points
  4. Poll - Raiders v Broncos Winners Warriors Tigers Panthers Raiders Roosters Dragons Sea Eagles Points - 333 Aways - 2
  5. Poll - Eels v Dragons Winners - Rabbits Storm Sharks Dragons Points - 156 Homes - 3
  6. Some good scores all round this week. My first green arrows for a while so all is good in the world 😆 I'll be fielding a full 17 this round and it's now or never for Flat Capper Select to make a push for a top 1000 finish. Milford has become Widdop, Lolohea finally clears Pythian out of my fullback slot and Laybutt replaces the useless Frawley to become my first "nuff" of the year. ..
  7. Poll - 4 or more Winners Sharks Sea Eagles Broncos Titans Panthers Eels Roosters Dragons Points - 295 Aways - 2
  8. G, I too saw the late news on Smith and subbed in my backup hooker Pritchard who duly added 6 points before going of injured. Add to that Graham, Milford and MWZ all pulling out too and my best layer plans went up in smoke 😠 Anyway, next week can only be an improvement, can't it?
  9. A shocking round for me. Late withdrawals, injuries and general pathetic scoring have me wanting to tear my hair out! This year I have spent a fair bit of time planning for the byes and it has all gone up in smoke. On to plan B now, forget numbers for the remaining bye rounds, only keepers will be coming into my side. Congratulations to David again, fingers crossed you can push on even higher over the next few weeks.
  10. Back in full flow this week with my new smart phone. My old one is currently residing at the bottom of Peasholm Park lake in Scarborough! Poll - Storm v Knight Winners Storm Eels Dragons Roosters Titans Sea Eagles Panthers Total Points - 338 5 Homes
  11. This is the time of year when you can make a big move up the rankings if you have prepared well for the next 6 rounds. I've been a little disappointed with my scores the last couple of weeks but hopefully can see a few green arrows over Origin. Four trades for me this week. Milfords inclusion in the Queensland team caused a few readjustments to my intended moves; CHN to Gallen Hayne to K Pritchard D Walker to Holmes Talakai to Tohu Harris (another extra body for the tricky round 15). Good luck everybody. Graham, I've got you in my sights mate!
  12. Another good start this week G, slow down 😉 In the end I made 2 trades when I realised how much cash Kaufusi was due to leak. My team is pretty much set for round 17 (once I bring in Galen next week) so in comes Ryan James with a view to another warm body for round 15. Good luck everybody and may the players in Flat Capper Select all come through with no injuries!
  13. I'm here just in time! Poll - Knights v Panthers Winners Sharks Warriors Broncos Titans Raiders Knights Roosters Storm 348 points 6 homes
  14. I'll be picking up Gallen next week when it's confirmed wether he's in Origin or not. I doubt he will be but the NSW teams that keep being tipped by the pundits don't have an "old head" in the pack, maybe Daley might look for that? Just the one trade this week, Tommy Turbo to MWZ which gives me a big war chest you bring in a couple of bye friendly guns next week. Congrats to Graham on your huge round 10 score. I'm looking nervously over my shoulder 😕
  15. Poll - 1 team Winners Dogs Sharks Tigers Panthers Storm Broncos Raiders Eels Points - 342 Aways - 4