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  1. Poll - 3 teams Winners Broncos Sea Eagles Cowboys Titans Raiders Tigers Warriors Storm 5 home wins 332 points Good luck everybody!
  2. A good round that sees me move up into the 3,000's. I am only making the one trade this week, Hess to James Graham. I feel like I have used too many trades so am going to put the brakes on a bit. Congratulations to SS13 who (as the Aussies would say) is "killing it" in the top 100 overall. How is everyone going for bye coverage? I'm looking at playing 17 in round 12, maybe 13 or 14 in round 15 and 17 in round 18. Much like last year I think having a full complement for all 3 origin weeks will cause too much disruption to my team and I'd like to have at least 10 trades left from round 19 onwards.
  3. Poll - Cowboys/Knights Winners Raiders Rabbits Eels Cowboys Sharks Tigers Roosters Storm Aways - 0 Points - 292 Good luck everybody!
  4. New recruit Cody Walker very disapointing. I was going to captain him to be different to the crowd who all seem to be on the Milf. Decided against it at the last minute - bullet dodged. 😥
  5. I'm going with the Milf as captain this week. The Titans are struggling with injuries and Brisbane appear to have decided they want to throw the ball about. Cody Walker will be my VC. He's scoring well at the moment. Good luck everybody!
  6. Poll - Dragons/Cowboys Winners Rabbits Roosters Broncos Storm Raiders Dragons Sharks Tigers 3 Homes Points - 331
  7. Congratulations to DDG and SS13 on your successful weekends. A double well done to SS13 on the fantastic overall ranking. I had a similar start last year and fluctuated between 200th to 400th all year. I agree that picking the correct initial teams and avoiding injuries are important but don't undersell yourself. Six rounds gone equates to a lot of trades and correct decisions in terms of picking your reserves, they were your calls and have been very successful so far. I have had a more steady start to the season this year and appear to be scoring just above par every week, keep climbing a couple of thousand places each week and am currently in the 4,000's. As always how we get through the origin period will go a long way to how our teams fair at the back end of the season. What are Thurston owners doing this week? With his injury and Origin coming up I'm going to trade out. Cody Walker looks to be my number one target.
  8. CHN is due to make 100k+ this week. I am happy to do that trade for a quick cash grab. I personally have been very impressed with him though and even when Cartwright and JFH return I think he may still get a role off the bench. In addition if Carty (unlikely), Merrin (more likely) and Tamou (very likely) get picked for Origin he would perhaps get a few games then? I agree with G on Papalii, no brainer IMO. The only way I would look to hold is if you like to have a non playing player in your side to effect the vc loop.
  9. Poll - Titans v Raiders Winners Broncos Knights Panthers Sea Eagles Raiders Cowboys Warriors Storm 1 away win. Points - 282
  10. So having been an ever present in Flat Capper Select for the past 2 and a bit seasons I have finally pulled the trigger and chopped Jesse Bromwich 😢 His scores have been terrible and I am not convinced they are going to get better in the short term. Like many others I'll be jumping on CHN and GGM this round to increase my bank balance this week. Next week will be a shopping spree to get "keepers" with good bye coverage. Congratulations to David on his great start to the season. Being just outside the top 500 overall is fantastic. Hopefully a few more of us can join him up at the pointy end in the next few weeks. Good luck everybody.
  11. At last, a good captain pick, take a bow SJ. It looks like being the highest scoring week of the season so far. Good luck everyone.
  12. Poll - Warriors v Titans Winners Bulldogs Roosters Cowboys Sharks Raiders Storm Warriors Dragons 7 homes 311 points
  13. Poll - 2 teams Winners - Roosters Panthers Raiders Sea Eagles Eels Cowboys Tigers Warriors Points - 312 Aways - 4
  14. What is everyone doing with RTS this week? I understand he is going to have a final concussion check before the game to determine if he is OK to play. With the Warriors game being the last of the weekend. This makes it hard to sub him out at the last minute if you need to. I'm giving thought to leaving him out of my 17 all together.
  15. Ok, a tough week this week but my trades are now locked in. Hayne to Coen Hess via DPP switching TTurbo to fullback to cover RTS. Then Idris to Ponga. I don't usually pick rookies on their first outing but I think Ponga could go big v Manly and he's straight into my starting 17. Just hoping he gets at least 3 games before Coote and Winterstein come back. Any news on Jesse Bromwich? If he'sin the 17 I'll be playing him. Good luck everybody!