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  1. Why?.

    This weekend was our free week, tomorrows game is rearranged due to the first time round postponed as we played saints in the cup.
  2. Golden Point

    True we did know the rules but it is something that needs looking at as the present rule is no good in my opinion.
  3. Golden Point

    I dont like the golden point same as i didn't like the golden goal in football. I think 10 minutes extra time and then either a drop goal shoot out or penalty kick shoot out. After 100 minutes of playing even the best kickers will find kicking goals tricky. At least this way it is 5 attempts each and not game over as soon as someone scores
  4. Haliclowns

    I know of another fev fan who got chucked out for smoking in bogs as well
  5. Fan assaulted - Fev or Fax fan?

    Exactly, we must have gained around 1500-2000 extra yesterday and i'd say virtually none of those will be back next season. I noticed in the pubs before that the faces i recognised were having a drink and a sing but were not goading anyone.
  6. next season

    I'm in for more of the same (but one step further ).
  7. Jessie Joe

    To be honest, has he really been missed?
  8. Season Tickets

    I think for the benefit of those who work shifts, weekends or just can't commit to every game, a flexi ticket of maybe any 6 games for
  9. Tickets

    In the pub after the game were 2 who said they will be going and as far as i am aware they haven't been this season
  10. Tickets

  11. Tickets

    They dont, my point was that regulars could miss out depending on how many tickets we are allocated, that includes fans who pay but dont buy a season ticket.
  12. Tickets

    When we get our allocation of final tickets is there going to be some sort of priority for season ticket holders? I would hate to lose out to one of the 3500 none regulars who turn up for finals
  13. How Halifax view the Play Off Teams

    Let them keep thinking we have been lucky, finishing top has nothing to do with playing the best rugby any fev fan has seen for years or excellent defense (most of the time). As long as they keep thinking we aren't a threat it might just be too late when they finally realise we are.
  14. Fev not champions yet ?

    Rovers won the league Rovers = League winners