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  1. Line of duty, what a load of rubbish.Stopped watching it.
  2. Nothing we could do about a refs performance 30% in League Weekly.You would never believe he reffed Toulouse V Hornets when we got promoted.
  3. Just hope we can get a result against Halifax on Sunday.
  4. A really entertaining match.The two best games have been last nights ,and the Leeds Wakey one.Superb!
  5. The Telegraph reckon this trial could last for 5 years.
  6. Dec Gregory he has a lot of bottle certainly gives 100%.
  7. They were horrendous murders and they got away with it.Chanting stripped and shot.
  8. Is it a Diplock trial or a jury.?
  9. There will most likely be a RFL enquiry.
  10. No idea,you would have to ask the CEO.
  11. Go to the Flyer you will be most welcome.
  12. A lot of Hornets fans use the Flying Horse in the Town hall square.I never go in Dale bar.
  13. I doubt they would pay it.
  14. I would think York will get their costs paid by Hornets, if not its a disgrace.
  15. Called off for H and S by the football staff,why on earth it couldn't be called off a good deal earlier is very strange.
  16. Be lucky if York game is on. Dale play on Sat .
  17. Toulouse 0 Hornets 6,good start
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