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  1. Gavinr

    2019 squad.

    Scott Moore signed i heard - without doubt a class signing - would be a worry having three hookers though all on decent money
  2. Gavinr

    2019 squad.

    Was definitely staying had Matt got the job - big loss
  3. Gavinr

    Members Meeting

    Before the Leigh home game in his Pre match speech Chairman Said that they are starting a new Limited company with Directors so the co-op model will be finished
  4. Gavinr

    New Coach

    Agree with that posting - such a shame, i know a three or four local lads were looking forward to the challenge - also would have put at least a desperately needed 100 on the gate with their respective friends, family and ex teammates coming to watch Opportunity missed IMO
  5. Gavinr

    New Coach
  6. Gavinr

    Short list Correct table here - correct Doug Two wins is possible?
  7. Gavinr

    Short list Table says we level now both on 8 points
  8. Gavinr

    Short list

    Can pal - level on points with Swinton - win Sunday and they lose then off the bottom and only bottom one in play off
  9. Gavinr

    Short list

    If you judge a coach by one season in 12 then maybe it wont - having said that, an 8th place finish in the top amateur division in the country is not to be sniffed at - the only reason it looks that way is because of how often Mayfield has over achieved in recent years largely down to excellent coaching All amateur clubs have transitional periods due to the inability to go out and sign players you can only play what you have - look at Leigh Miners and Siddal who have previously been the best in the country
  10. Gavinr

    Short list

  11. Gavinr

    Short list

    I think dual reg across the board has got out of hand - the Super League clubs are running the lower league partner club as a second fiddle taking the good bits when they come along and using their power to influence decisions made at lower league partner clubs - St Helens now have a Super League prop forward in Jack Ashworth because of the link with Rochdale, how much would a young English prop have cost them if they had to pay a transfer fee? I think it takes away the identity of the lower partner club in some instances Please bear in mind that with mandatory reserve teams as of 2020 - Hornets and other dual reg partners for SL clubs will get dropped like hot coals next season so I think we need to be careful how much influence they are allowed to have and the damage that influence does to Rochdale and its fans What will be will be I suppose
  12. Gavinr

    Short list

    Its not right though is it Mick - why would anyone from Warrington be sitting in on a Rochdale Hornets head coach interview?
  13. Gavinr

    Killer to Leave.

    I might be wrong but at this level you don’t get a scrum half of his ability vertually on your doorstep everyday - halfback is a hard job we have blamed them for years for our downfall 😂
  14. Gavinr

    Killer to Leave.

    Yates is a big loss that’s a shame - local lad aswel
  15. Gavinr

    Killer to Leave.

    Very keen but the circumstances have to be right - they need to not be playing second fiddle to someone not as good as them from down the east lancs road and not approached as an after thought Part way through a struggling season