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  1. You've no need to get on a high horse about this one. The only previous trouble at the JJB/DW was when Hull visited a few years ago, which involved Paul Cooke's mates on a stag do.
  2. Who is the best player you have ever seen? How much would he earn under the cap restrictions? Would this be enough to keep him in the game?
  3. Actually Richards had 2 chances to draw Wigan level which he eventually did - and one chance to win the game.
  4. Why don't Wire field a weakened team Friday, then play the winners of the Hull derby (a match that will have taken a lot out of the winners) at home the following week then go into a semi at Knowsley Road all guns blazing. This would give them a better chance than the alternative of having to beat Saints twice, which looking at the history of such clashes you would have to say is a difficult proposition. An even worse scenario would be to put a great effort in on Friday and come up just short.
  5. The string should not be long enough to reward mediocrity. Finishing outside the top half of the table and winning less than 50% of ones games hardly deserves a shot at being acclaimed Champions.
  6. Presumably most of those rematches were in the top 5 / 6 systems and occurred in the final which is ok as the best 2 teams gravitate there. What I was winging about are rematches in weeks 1 and week 3 which begs ask what is the point of week 1? I didn't winge at all with the top 5 system but have winged consistently ever since, even more so with this daft top 8 one which Nigel Wood thought up when he was presumably drunk.
  7. Leeds would have to win on an opponent's ground for that to happen - have they ever done that in the playoffs?
  8. The Aus system guarantees no rematches until the Grand Final.
  9. I'm hoping that the playoffs go to form, in which case we will be looking forward to 2 semis in 2 weeks time, Saints/Wire, Wigan/Leeds, sound familiar? Hopefully the outcry from such a repeat set of fixtures (what was the point of them playing in week 1) will cause the playoff system to be reviewed, as the current system is ######.
  10. If there's trouble through drink for a 2.30 kick off, what chance do we have with an evening ko for the Grand Final?
  11. Always wondered why he didn't sign for Wigan a few seasons ago when the chance came - presumably because he was offered peanuts. Would have been interesting.
  12. Aussie top 8 works because there are more teams and the difference between 1st - 8th is relatively small, look at the current league tables in terms of points: Aus (1st - 8th) 34-32-32-30-28-28-28-26 - 8 points between 1st and 8th GB 42-38-38-33-32-31-29-22 - 20 point diff Top 5 works in GB but we have to artificially keep the lower teams involved to pander to Sky and because there is no relegation to increase interest lower down.
  13. No the winners go to Wigan. If Leeds lose they'll probably finish 6th.
  14. Anyone know when the Dream Team will be announced this year? I have a few season long bets on this which are looking reasonably good - Oloughlin, Joel Tomkins, Monaghan. I would expect Wigan and Warrington to dominate.
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