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  1. I've been away for a while and don't understand the first part of this ?
  2. Aldi Fruit and Fibre contains an inordinate amount of Raisins.
  3. In the last 2 days I have listened to 8 Jethro Tull albums, they are complicatingly simplistic in their content and quiete excellent. I think I may have made up a new word.
  4. In a very short space of time UK tourism to Sharm has reduced from 2,000,000 to 1,000,000, The missing UK numbers have been replaced by Russian tourists, it would therefore not be of any benefit to the Egyptian locals to upset the Russians and they still love the UK visitors who have continued to holiday there. The Russians have recently "assisted" in the bombing in Syria of (ahem) ISIS positions. ISIS, IS or ISIL really don't give a about who they upset. ISIS, IS or ISIL are not shy about claiming responsibility for this type of incident. Therefore ISIS planted a bomb and are keeping shush just in case the Ruskies actually level Syria in a fit of pique. The Russians however are still stating that there is no evidence of a bomb.
  5. I have just ordered Tony Christie "Made in Sheffield" this is not a statue request it is a cd. I am not from Sheffield.
  6. It's ###### working nights sometimes, but someone's got to feed the world
  7. I can still get my penguin shirt on, fittings a bit dodgy but you can tell its me
  8. I'd like to see someone take that worthless vase of that fella !!!
  9. Where is the party then? I'm on St. Andrews quay is near by then
  10. By the bloody hell thought I'd never get here