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  1. Amended. I blame the RFU, I spent a lot of the weekend watching Rugby eating snacks drinking tea which is why I put on half a kilo.
  2. Date Shadow Matt Santos Bedford Roughyed Canabull Niels 27-Aug 87.9 114 144 80.92 TBA 02-Sep 87.6 TBA 143.7 82.46 74.5 16-Sep 87.9 114 142.8 80.92 TBA 04-Oct 87.2 tba 142.6 tba 71.67 11-Oct 86.8 `+3 stone 143.5 77.33 72.58 19-Oct 87.2 118 144.3 TBA 71.22 loss/gain 0.4 4 0.8 TBA -1.36 Overall Change -6.3 2 -12.2 TBA -1.35
  3. It was 75% isopon by then I'm obviously a glutton for punishment as a few years later I had an Alfasud that slowly dissolved around me.
  4. Until someone parked a fiesta in the side of it. It was probably 9 years old when it was written off.
  5. Showing my age here but.... Prog Rock The Smiths Susan Boyle
  6. I have a sudden urge to compare my insurance quotes
  7. I'm the same Cars and Motorbikes going back to the 1960s no problem, anything up to 10 years ago is a complete blank. I have a photo of my current car and bike's number plates on the mobile now. First car I drove was a Blue Mini Clubman, DPC 808 J First car I owned was a Fiat 131 Mirafiori RPL 678 R
  8. It’s true I ran this year’s London marathon in over 5 1/2 hours and felt worse afterwards than when I’ve taken 3 1/2 hours. 2 hours must be a doddle
  9. Cowes on the Isle of Wight is twinned with Bulls in New Zealand
  10. A proper pub would know you and what your drink of preference would be in all circumstances, consequently they should have your drink waiting on the bar by the time you have hung up your barbour jacket and hat. You were clearly drinking in an inferior establishment. Probably foreign.
  11. Or better still: Thank you sir, that will be 6 Pounds 8 Shillings please.
  12. Leaf tea, made in a pot and allowed time to infuse. Preferably from Yorkshire. Or Dorset.
  13. Coffee should either be served Julie Andrews or Whoopi Goldberg. Possibly Mary Poppins.
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