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  1. None, I was going to st Ives. Not the man with the cats, sacks and wives
  2. Don't know if you saw this, I thought I'd post it again just in case.
  3. I'd love for you to answer the earlier question, you state you want to see Britain "to stand on its own two feet again instead of relying upon membership of the EU" Note the use of the word "AGAIN" When did Britain stand on it's own two feet prosperously?
  4. Was that the occasion of the "why are you so fat?" "Because each time I #### your missus she gives me a biscuit" exchange?
  5. I don't think there has. Perhaps you or Saintslass could show some examples. An example would do. Try to complete your answer without resorting to "belief"
  6. On reflection I'd love to hear about this fabled time when Britain stood on it's own two feet instead of relying on EU membership. Was that when we had an empire or was it when we took a loan from the IMF because we were in such rag order? Do either of you genuinenely believe there was a time when we stood alone and were prosperous?
  7. As I recall you were one of the people arguing quite strongly that Huaweii shouldn't be allowed near our core infrastructure, a point I agree with 100% and bearing in mind your employer it's a viewpoint I would take as an informed position. I think the issue is that the truth of "taking back control" is exposed here as "Do what our masters tell us" the fact that in this instance I agree with the instruction doesn't make the background to it any more palateable. The crass and overbearing manner in which it is presented is entirely indicative of our future "relationship" with the USA.
  8. I know you watched an episode of countryfile so are better informed than the NFU but Lambs don’t lay eggs. happy to help
  9. MP for Basingstoke? Chair of the Women and Equalities select committee? or do you not even know who you’re slating?
  10. Last week I found out internet dating isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
  11. I can recommend the motorbike to put a massive smile on your face edit to say unless it’s a Hardly Ableto
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