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  1. As we have reduced to Niels, Canabull, Bedford Roughyed and me being the only regular posters of our weight I will be mothballing the spreadsheet with immediate effect, unless there's a sudden clamour of "No Shadow, don't do it" If there's a will amongst the gang I'll start a new one in January to review our new years resoultions. I've found it a great help having a regular review of my BMI and weight and I've been particularly impressed with the efforts from Bedford losing 11Kg or in old money 1Stone 10.2lbs / 24.2 lbs and Canabull shedding an incredible 23.13Kg in 10months 3Stone 8.7lbs or nearly 51lbs.
  2. In a pot by my side of the bed to be consumed with the morning tea.
  3. Great news. Great excuse to curl up on the sofa and doze through some box sets for the afternoon.
  4. You'll be fine. Itchy patch on your back for a few days and back to normal. Its remembering to take all the drugs each morning I find hardest these days
  5. Not at all if it was EU meddling it would be 274.32 cm when you’re 162.56cm this is more likely a Daily Mail inspired Metric Martyr style stunt
  6. He’s the man that gave you the yo-yo on another matter he makes you 9 feet tall when you’re four foot five
  7. You see, that's what we've been missing round here. Clarity of thought and vision.
  8. I heard from a friend in California that it was a bit derivative of The Magnificent Seven. Apparently. I can’t wait until next year to find out.
  9. I would be enjoying The Mandalorian if I could legally watch it in this country, which I can’t so of course I haven’t seen the first four episodes. At all. Nope. Not me.
  10. Ruthie My Dad and Me is quite entertaining, Blood on the Tracks is well worth a listen, it's a music quiz that's not really about music.
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