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  1. 01-Jul 14-Jul Week Gain/Loss Total Gain/Loss Shadow 86.2 85.4 -0.8 -2 Bedford Roughyed TBA TBA TBA TBA Damien 102 102 0 -5.95 Saint 1 84 85 1 -2.2 CanaBull 73.75 76.75 3 1.82
  2. I had it for a day and got shot my O2 tariff means it’s £5.99 a month from the start and there was absolutely nothing I wanted to watch, I’ve seen the Mandalorian and I’ve got all the Marvel films. I’d probably have ditched it if it was free but there was no way I was about to waste £70 a year on it
  3. People using US phrases and terminology. I think you’ll find these ladies to whom you refer are lazy slappers
  4. Liam Fox? If that gets out his chances of the WTO gig are toast.
  5. Something that used to be highly desirable but these days is looking a bit faded
  6. Having moved a whole 12 miles from West Hampshire to East Wiltshire I'm now firmly in the Western Counties and I agree with the northern chaps, you South Eastern Lah i dahs with your funny cockney ways are proper (consults Wiltshire Dialect for Dummies) moonied up
  7. Bradford on Avon counts as lovely Edit, I forgot @Wiltshire Warrior Dragonbeat me to it on the first page of the thread.
  8. Like he said, it's improved a lot.
  9. The chart don't lie Amended. I was testing the formatting on the spreadsheet and missed the check figure against your name.
  10. 04-Jun 15-Jun 25-Jun 01-Jul Week Gain/Loss Total Gain/Loss Shadow 87.3 87.2 86.7 86.2 -0.5 -1.2 Bedford Roughyed 156.6 155.5 153.2 TBA TBA TBA Bobbruce 89.4 88.7 88.7 88.4 -0.3 -1.14 Damien 104.8 103.4 103 102 -1 -5.95 Bob8 81.2 79.9 80.4 81.7 1.3 2.4 CanaBull 73.02 74.3 73.95 73.75 -0.2 -1.18
  11. I don’t think stats was the journalist’s strong point.
  12. If it's the same article that the Wiltshire Times has reported and distorted I'd query the accuracy. Wiltshire was on their list because there had been a 400% increase in positive test results, reading the article it was in one lab and went from 1 to 4 so strictly true but not what you might term the whole truth. Still, Main Stream Media guys? Ammirite?
  13. I saw a TV on ebay with a broken remote, I had to buy it. I just couldn't turn it down.
  14. The one in salisbury is quite nice and only a stones throw from the site of the Novichok poisoning. I have used it quite often but only for coffee and always make sure I have two mugs and leave a third untouched just to get as much out of Tim Martin as possible.
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