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  1. It's building up nicely thanks, three times a week, aiming to get to 10k each session. Have knocked 2 minutes off the 5k time in the past 2 weeks
  2. Is there a similar incentive for type 2 diabetes? I have regular blood tests to monitor my Hypertension and Heart and in the last couple my Blood Sugar levels have been slightly elevated but as you can see from the Fitness thread I've been dropping weight slowly and consistently overthe past 6 months and exercising more so when I had the last set the GP suggested we'd probably see that going down next time. Yesterday I got a call on behalf of the Nurse Practitioner booking me in for 20 minutes to tak to me about my Type 2 Diabetes and to refer me for retinal scanning. I suggested she have a conversation with the GP as he didn't seem to thk there was a problem. Short answer, one of them will call back in a week after the Nurse gets back from leave and will discuss it with me further. Mrs Shadow suggested it was a money earner for the practice, the cynic in me agrees but thinks it may be a presentational issue.
  3. Another one for the Arc Reactor T Shirt. I have been surprised since I had my Heart issues just how common it is, I choose to believe it's because it is easily and successfully treated these days and we are all testaments to the benefits of modern medicine.
  4. Don't watch them then. Be sure to take every opportunity to tell the world how much you don't care though.
  5. Tell her to telex someone who cares
  6. If you want me just whistle. You know how to whistle don't you Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.
  7. Best of luck, my wife gave me one of these the day after my Cardioversion
  8. Date Shadow Matt Santos Bedford Roughyed Canabull Niels 18-Jul 89.2 113 141.4 86.36 72.1 26-Jul 88.8 113 141.4 85.09 72.12 01-Aug 88.2 141.2 84.6 72.12 09-Aug 88.1 113 141.8 83.46 TBA 16-Aug 88.2 113 141.6 83.91 74 loss/gain 0.1 0 -0.2 0.45 1.88 Mongo 85.46 109.61 TBA 80.96 TBA Overall Change -5.3 -3 -14.9 -14.97 1.43
  9. She is now 43 years old. Makes me feel very old.
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