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  1. Never a classic one for the purists where have I heard that before
  2. I went on an e-marketing course a couple of years ago where we were all told how the advent of £25 smartphones from China would open up the untapped markets in Africa as the people living there would have access to the web to buy stuff. what they didn’t explain was how they would pay for it, I asked and the presenter banged on about stripe and recurly missing the fact that if they have an annual income of under $2k then online shopping is not going to be high on their priority list
  3. I’m using the Information Super Highway
  4. There are two relevant quotes fro Michael Caine when asked about Jaws 4 ”I’ve never seen it, I hear it’s terrible but I have seen the house it bought my mum, it’s terrific” and ”they sent me the script, on page one it said ‘scene one: The Bahamas’ I said I’m in”
  5. I must have missed series 7 Last night’s episode was a bit disappointing
  6. I'm often out around Fritham and have seen the kingfishers at Eyeworth pond. The Royal Oak put a long post on the local Facebook pages explaining why they wouldn't be opening until all restrictions were lifted. I have seen plenty of Buzzards around Fritham and Nomansland and spotted a Red Kite coming out of Romsey last week, I've also been fortunate enough to see Owls in the trees when I've been running round Fritham after dark, my guess would be Tawny Owls as they are the most common but my identification skills aren't that great. I do remind myself how lucky I am to live where I d
  7. Where in the forest were they? I might go out and see if I can spot them myself.
  8. I'm a big fan of the Logan McRae books by Stuart Macbride which feature Rowies quite frequently so thanks for the explanation. I may need to investigate further.
  9. I said it partly as a joke but I have genuinely never seen Prawn Cocktail crisps anywhere else in the world.
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