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  1. No he bloody well isn’t.
  2. Steve May

    RIP Ray

    As a one time contributor to this board, who left some time ago and lurked today only to check out the Leeds Hull score, I stumbled across this thread and was moved to return briefly to add my condolences. My deepest sympathies to Ray's family and friends. A true RL man and a stalwart of this community for many years. RIP.
  3. One of the great joys in life is to read a book in a single sitting. Did that with The Ghost by Robert Harris on Tuesday night, after a false start a month or two back. Cracking read. It's interesting that the (alleged) three word comment by Tony Blair when he finished reading it was "The cheeky ****er" Not sure they're friends any more!
  4. If someone wants to pump millions of pounds into Oldham or Rochdale they'd get into SL under any structure.
  5. I know you have problems with Huddersfield but surely even you can see it's harsh to lump one club who have doubled their attendance with a club that has halved theirs and another that has collapsed totally and then claim they are all the same!
  6. That's a really interesting point. In fact, the game when Bradford played host to Leeds in front of an SL record 24,000 at Odsal was arguably the peak of Bullmania. In the Bulls 17 that day were three Kiwis (the Pauls and Tevita Vaikona) and three Aussies (Withers, Boyle, Donougher) Parky also said this, as a criticism of the Giants. And at the very height of Bullmania we see a Bradford squad with er...... 4 Bradford Academy products in it. Peacock, Jowitt, Fielden and Pryce.
  7. Pretty sure you're right. At various times, a number of clubs have had the TV money withheld for a number of, usually daft, reasons.
  8. Who are the bigger clubs being elbowed out? If, say, Huddersfield were to leave the game then which bigger clubs would be breathing a sigh of relief? Leeds? Bradford? Halifax? Batley?
  9. The BT Sport effect coming into play? It's the first time in a long while that Sky have had serious competition in the UK market for sports rights. I'm glad the RFL noticed the fundamental market shift and seem to have capitalised on it.
  10. Ooh, that's a bit disingenuous Parky. When Bradford were competing they could turn crowds as high as 23,000. But they didn't do that very often. In fact, the very height of Bullmania only produced one year where average crowds were more than 15,000, and Bradford City often outstripped them. I think there were only 7 or 8 matches across the whole of Bullmania that pulled in 20k plus. They did have a long run of games against Leeds where they pulled in big crowds consistently though, I'll give you that. Alas, because of some poor management choices and a long term lack of investment in facilities (the curse of RL), it proved unsustainable and Bradford are now worse off than in the old Northern days. Anyway I'm pretty sure that Huddersfield drew about 11,000 to a game against Leeds last year, an unimaginably huge figure to a young lad stood on the terrace at Fartown. I hope that Huddersfield continue to build and that a similar rivalry can develop between the two clubs.
  11. The curse of "big club" Wakefield strikes again....
  12. The Academy argument goes back to the 80s because in the 80s all the good Huddersfield lads ended up playing for Bradford, Halifax and even Wigan. Nowadays, the good Halifax and, increasingly, Bradford lads end up playing for Huddersfield. Swings and roundabouts. The ascendency point isn't "yah boo", it's actually pointing out that when the boot was on the other foot, those clubs wasted no time in sticking it in. What goes around comes around. In terms of the Huddersfield Academy, I don't know what Ken Davy thinks about it. Maybe you're right and he doesn't care. Then again, the Giants first choice 17 has 4 Huddersfield Academy products in it - 2 of whom are England regulars who've never played for anyone else. Sure, I'd like that to be 10 players, but 4 ain't bad and especially ain't bad when two of those are Leroy Cudjoe and Eorl Crabtree. And then again, when the 20 man England Academy squad was announced last autumn it had more Huddersfield players (three) in it than any other club bar Wigan. And just for fun, one of the two Wire Academy players selected came from Meltham All Blacks in Huddersfield. As for it needing improvement, I don't know what the criteria for that is. I'll tell you what though, in the league last year the Giants U19s finished 5th. Above the likes of those mighty rugby league nurseries Hull and Wakefield. Personally, I don't think U19 results tell you a lot, but it's still there in black and white.
  13. 1. God, you're right. 2. Yes, but it's been a very bumpy ride since then. Can of worms, leave it closed. 3. Not interested in junior development? I'll ponder that next time Leroy Cudjoe passes the ball to Jermaine McGilvary. As for snatching players - have a look at some of the club sides in the 80s. If Huddersfield had actually been able to keep hold of all the local players at that time they'd have been in the top 4 every year. For a start, you'd have Henderson Gill and Wilf George on the wings. How is it that the player with the most SL appearances is from Huddersfield but never played for Huddersfield? - What goes around comes around on that one. Huddersfield are in the ascendancy over Bradford, so they get the pick of Bradford's players. And as for Uncle Ken and the attendazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry. Nodded off.
  14. Union is not an inferior game. It's a different game. I don't like it much myself but if I had been born in Northampton I'd probably love it.
  15. It's rather boring to have to revisit the Giants crowd situation every ten minutes, but nonetheless. You're spot on. The club had atrophied to the point where there were perhaps 200 regular attendees at games. Right now, a whole new generation of fans is having to be built up literally from nowhere. The scale of Ken Davy's achievement at the Giants needs to be thought of in terms of Hunslet or Swinton being resurrected from the near-dead to go and top the table.