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  1. First kettlebell 300 in a while. Ouch.
  2. It's further away and less rewarding. Blizzard today = no gym and DVDs / Sport all day.
  3. Aye. It nearly froze solid in January!
  4. I could ###### in the clyde from my bedroom but it's settled here. I don't think it'll go until early March.
  5. It's a brothel if i've ever seen one!
  6. Good rather than great. Manu could be could if he played a pass wider and whilst Fitzgibbon and Berrigan are good they're quality grafters nowadays rather than pure quality if that makes sense. Taking it to the line like you said is key and no one does it. At all. Briscoe does look good though doesn't he. The winger (name escapes me), whilst raw is also potentially a very decent player.
  7. Difficult one. Hull have needed a 7 for a long time and when Long came on the market it was an obvious signing as they're a dying bread. If i was a Hull fan, i would have preferred someone younger who the team can be moulded around. Who's the back up 7?
  8. I don't see a great squad. At all. I'd struggle pick anyone from the Hull team to place anyone in the top fours first 13. Briscoe apart. He looks better and better every time i see him.
  9. Yep. Should have put the word temporary in there in regards to Fielden. Great prop.
  10. Look. He didn't deserve to be sent off. I'm a troll and you're really boring. Good night sir.
  11. I know you're from Hull but you can't be that thick! Who do you support? Get thi sen in The Beach Tree, have a few pints and toughen up. You lost cos you were ######. Get over it
  12. Who do you support?
  13. Are we talking about where the HKR player stepped inside, and put Manu on the wrong foot. I'm a troll. Yes. You're simple. Out of curiosity, who do you support?
  14. Wigan. Leeds can't score when they're dominant. I'd like to see a new controlling seven at the club.