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  1. I've got a lotus grill, it's pretty handy. Once i get back to the UK and sort myself a garden, i want a Komado Joe. The thought of a simple grilled mackerel, a salad and a late summer evening is very appealing.
  2. Another 750 yesterday. Will try today's in the shade, see if i can find some energy.
  3. Gyms are shut here and my stuff is being shipped to the UK on the 25th. Therefore, i'm attempting to do 10,000 swings with the 24kg kettlebell before then, starting yesterday with 750.
  4. Kiss my sexy face! The Yorkshire kit wi Nike is lovely btw
  5. I might try and watch a few of these.
  6. 121 after a very 'busy' weekend. Quoting Tim2 - Time to knuckle down.
  7. I've just bought myself some lovely new bats. Single figures here i come...
  8. Good on ya! I've alluded to it on a previous thread; i'm potentially taking a break soon and quitting completely to be the stay at home parent. A big shift in mentality which i'm slightly nervous about.
  9. 120 Big boozy & brunchy weekend ahead...
  10. 11 players in the NRL i would say are 'better' than Coote at playing 1. Isaako, Guth, Ponga, Edwards, Mitchell, CNK, Tedesco, Can't spell Manly fella, Papenhuyzen, Brimson, RTS Doesnt include the Laurie young un at Wests who looks fun as well as folks who can play 1 but dont, Morris and i'd include Farnworth in this bracket, too.
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