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  1. Strenghthen my core through movement i suppose. Increased flexibility in the hip and hammy as well maybe
  2. Im thinking of trying brazilian jiu jitsu... might be good for the back apparently
  3. Cows. Falcons. Ravens. Browns. Packers. Vikings. New Orleans. Jets. Tampa. Texans. Chargers. Titoons. Kansas. Cards. Rams. Philly
  4. Started on the ski erg recently. Woof A lot of work to do to match the rowing times. Doubt I’ll get to same standard but it’s always worth doing somet you’re rubbish at
  5. We have different views on what makes a big signing. Just because he played a grand final doesn’t make him marquee. Cowboys had a no namer at 6 a few years back for example. Semantics really, but I do think that he won’t set the world on fire
  6. I reckon that’s fair. Pushed them around a fair bit but obviously second fiddle to Hodgson and Wighton. Who is 6 and 9 at Huddersfield? What styles are they?
  7. Were they? Who are these clubs. Its indicative of where SuperLeague is if he is a huge signing.
  8. Bears. Cows. Saints. Jets. Titoons. Browns. Philly. Green Bay. Panthers. Tampa. Ravens. Cardinals in a shock. Chargers. Chiefs. Houston. Seattle
  9. Houston. Atlanta. Bills. Bears. Steelers. Browns. Saints. Jets. Lions. Seattle. Titans. Pats. Green Bay. Ravens.
  10. I dont think hes trusted defensively at centre anymore. Wighton and Turbo Tom will be NSW centres next year.
  11. Does he want to play full back? Could be the end of his rep career if he does
  12. It’s been chucking it down all day and the temperature is mid 20s What is going on!!
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