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  1. Thanks. Interesting. Not a lot of *facts but of course, they dont exist yet.
  2. How does it make it easier to raise external finance? Genuinely interested.
  3. This is fantastic news. Is it published anywhere, would be very interested to read the plan.
  4. Sorry, this doesnt make sense. What gets worse if whats close?
  5. Hearts in the right place but unable to grasp any sort of nuance.
  6. 1. Root cause of the thread drift is your incorrect commentary on peoples view of the folk on the ground in Ecosse. 2. There isnt a plan at all, therefore the sport is a joke. Again, this is more aimed at the strategic view as a whole, not Scotland. Let me add more detail; in the NFL there are a number of student and amateur leagues. Participation could be awful, but right now it doesnt matter as theres a plan. By the way, i think theres a decent structure here in terms of teams. Oh.. wasnt the final cancelled because another team prioritised their sport 1st. 3. A myriad of reasons, the majority of them tied to point 2 which is applicable to the whole sport. Throw in a move away from the heartlands and that ive just moved on at this time in my life. As im the author of this post and as i havent said otherwise, these are clearly my opinions. 4. If ive tried something and it hasnt worked, its usually because i didnt know what i was aiming for. There wasnt a plan!! Business, life, sport. Applicable in all aspects. Have a plan!! Edit as im in a queue in John Lewis and i type like me Mam
  7. Absolutely makes sense. Is there a way in that this could be adapted to suit promoted teams?
  8. Sport. Noun. A competition of physical activity. People. Noun. Humans. Very different things. The first is almost non existant. The second are a brilliant lot. 2 very different things you see.
  9. Scubby briefly touched on the transfer windows earlier. Does anyone have any more details on what that looks like? Cometely agree that if the window effectively closes before you know where youll be playing then thats massively stupid.
  10. Thats your problem.. holding a consistent line where your initial line was and remains wrong. No one thinks anything negative about the players in Scotland, if anything its the opposite. I was one for a while and if i ever come to love the sport again, ill try and do somet out Helesnburgh way.
  11. By saying the below, you were inferring that Dave et al were suggesting that the lack of numbers is the players fault. Thats daft, hence my statement. One last question, who's to blame for the paucity of participants in Scotland? Well its not these few lads is it? Open question, whats the standard like? From what i know of Glasgow, there are at least a few quality players missing? Werent Kirkaldy* also decent at one point? *Atrocious spelling of a town that may or may not exist.
  12. If theres a Fev v Toulouse final in England, Fev will turn them over.
  13. I would love it if there were plans to have a Scottish based team in the professional structure. I would probably travel across the country to Edinburgh to watch them. The fact that there is zero plan, that magic weekends in Edinburgh havent been followed up on etc etc makes the sport a joke here. This is at a strategic level and the blame lies south of the border. Not the players.
  14. No one has said it is. The sport is a joke here and its not the fault of the blokes playing. As mentioned earlier, is there a plan for Scotland overall?
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