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  1. Im debating whether i should join the online program i was in before my injury. Scared i'll do it again though...
  2. I fancy buying a posh whiskey soon i have some reading to do
  3. 113. Steady away but a few niggles in the gym so took a few days off.
  4. Id love Leeds to go down. London will though. Toronto will beat Fev or Leigh in final to go up.
  5. Taking the 11 week old to his first michelin star gaff this evening.
  6. 113k Worked from home a few days this week so more chocolate biscuits and less rowing hasnt hurt me too much.
  7. Business travel has ruined normal travel for me, i hate walking past business class knowing what could be!
  8. Help! Im coming back home but refuse to have my actual holiday in Fev. Any recommendations for nice towns to stay within an hours drive? Initial thoughts are York or somewhere a bit more rural with pleasant walks etc. Looking at the end of September
  9. My mega holiday will be the UK rather than NZ to watch the rugby. This is not good news.
  10. 8k row today. Aim is to be at 10k in sub 40mins pace as the standard. Will test my 2k at some point. Nervous.
  11. Wonder where theyre meeting. Will try and sneak in.
  12. Currys are nice. As is chocolate. 113kg
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