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  1. Cows, Pats, Detroit, Jets, Pittsburgh, Houston, Titoons, Miami, Tampa, Rams, Philly, Kansas, Jags
  2. A quick musing... does this then enable them to say all SL games will be covered as they'll all be on/linked to SKYBET?
  3. The Betting Rights are given to companies who then have the sole right to broadcast live footage of X with the subsequent possibility of people consuming X to place a bet via the platform they're consuming the footage. A bit like when you can watch football games in betting apps. I have a few mates who are in this type of business. If i remember correctly, the footage, just needs to be footage. It could be one camera and silent, from a legal perspective. IMG through endeavour are linked to SKYBET, DraftKings etc. Edit... Someone, probably IMG then receive x on the profits made by the IMG client's Superleague betting activity.
  4. Probably promote Toronto, and keep the funding for themselves.
  5. If he was, he'd be looking for somewhere equidistant between Norwich and London, i.e. Linton.
  6. If they went bust.. would SL proceed with 11 or would a club be promoted? Who would be promoted?
  7. Detroit, Cows, 49ers, Miami, NOrleans, Bengals, Jags, Indy, Pats, Titans, Arizona, Denver, Kansas, Philly, Ravens, Chicago
  8. Nah. I see the point of a world's best player that takes internationals into account, but not as a standalone award. Especially so when there isn't a world's best player award. The optics are all wrong.
  9. Are you happy with the direction of the sport in Europe? There was a fella on radio suggesting so earlier. Again, if i specifically look at the NRL and the espoused benefits to Brissy, i wouldnt rule it out. It'd be interesting to understand the impact of Magic in Newcastle on the crowd we had for the WC opener, which was very promising. We'll never know as the strategy is about has joined up as my 4 year old's long johns he's come home in this aft. The fact that we're deciding Magic year on year also points to a completely reactive tactical fix every year rather than a medium term, strategic view of something.
  10. Magic is a wonderful concept. It really is. The NRL do it for a reason and Union will follow. The problem has been the execution over the last decade and Elland Road as a choice is the tip of an extremely smelly iceberg. The game is contracting as all the other leading sports are looking to expand, at least commercially. Internationally we're dead in the NH, IMG is dividing an already small fan-base and i for one have zero thought of pumping any money or time into British RL in 2024. There is a real negative energy within the game at the moment and other than new leadership, i have no idea on how positivity returns.
  11. Does anyone know who made the decision?
  12. There's at least 20, younger centres who i'd rather have. He'll be a good signing, but we just need to correctly contextualise.
  13. Ultimately, who made the decision and signed off? I was at the 1st one in Cardiff. If only we'd have stayed there for 5 years and actually built something. The sport in this country is a joke. It's governed by thickos.
  14. Aye, he's solid. Your points are often solid, but you lose all credibility with the hyperbole. I repeat. Peta Hiku is not one of the best centres in the comp. If he was, he'd be staying.
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