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  1. Ive been banging on about cohesion for years, i loved it when i listened to a podcast wi Darwin putting the stats next to it.
  2. Who is to say what that appropriate number is? Can't we just let market forces dictate and leave it to the clubs in that region to work with amateur clubs as everyone sees fit? I know this is a forum and people like to bang on, but it shouldn't be that difficult. The current structure, as i understand it is a complete farce.
  3. I understand Chisholm going as i don't think he's as good as Jacks, but the Pickersgill situation was silly. Very silly. At the start of the season, Fev had great shape with the ball, loads of options and tbh, they looked very well coached. Something has gone wrong as they clearly didn't look like that recently. Ford always plays quite deep, but it was clear that we wanted a flatter attack yesterday. It just didnt look right.. Whether right or wrong, the optics of keeping the same coach aren't right, so i would like to see a change from that perspective; who, is a completely different thread!
  4. What is the end? They're not the same... They absolutely should have oversight and that should be primarily about protection for athletes, quality of delivery etc. If grading is the way forward, then the RFL should be supporting clubs on how to improve, nit punishing / revoking services.
  5. Absolutely agree that the current system is unfair and it should be the same across all leagues. I dont think we can mandate it across all clubs, hence i would have a feeder system. To get into the main structure, you 100% should have an academy / youth set up.
  6. The current structure is convoluted lunacy. Every club should be mandated to run an academy/under 18s. To continue the example, that would be Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Keighley, Dewsbury. Fev, Cas, Wakey, Batley. If you can't run an academy, then you shouldnt be a club in the pyramid. You mention yourself that a lot of lads who dont make it, often leave the game, but you want to increase that number by diluting the 25 per squad for the clubs above into 1 regional squad of 30. It's madness. You then talk about offering players to a different region? Which region? What if that region is better? Again, you're effectively writing players off at 16-18. Again, who coaches these players? Who provides all the facilities that they need? You want the RFL to manage this? is this a joke? Who then manages that at the RFL from a standards perspective etc etc etc. At the moment, the good clubs are in the communities as a way of attracting and developing talent, yet you want to take that away from them. It's madness i tell thi. Tell me where this model works in any other sport
  7. But thats not what i asked, you intimated yourself that they're run by clubs. Are there any structures where the governing bodies appoint coaches and pay for everything in place of the clubs managing talent? The answer will be no as it's a crazy thought experiment that ultimately doesnt serve a purpose.
  8. Quick ask, is there any other sport, particularly in a landscape & context similar to the UK that has a regional top down approach to youth development?
  9. I don't understand why you would want to dilute a pool. Take C Yorks. There are a hell of a lot of quality players who wouldnt make this squad, simply because they're arent enough places. What do those players do then? Scrap heap at 16? Club based academies should allow clubs to become more competitive in a salary cap era, take that away and you take away the ability for a Cas, Wakey, Huddersfield et al to be better by promoting from within rather than spending on outside, non UK talent.
  10. He's a superhero. He's why i'm stupidly running the Rob Burrow marathon in May next year.
  11. Evidently not. He gave a penalty try, I thought it wasn't one. That's why we're messaging to begin with..
  12. Thank you. Please chase me to reply tomorrow, its interesting this
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