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  1. Is there a tentative time-line for you lot? In Singapore, the measures are in play until end of April - i don't see this being extended, but who knows.. Suspect that if other countries are in lock down etc, whilst we may loosen up the restrictions, we wouldn't be opening the flights up until everyone is out the other side.
  2. Comms this morning from HQ.. My pay rise is now on hold and there will be job cuts.
  3. I would absolutely love a month of self isolation. Working from home and a looking after a one year old instead.
  4. 500 swings wi 50 odd dips Absolutely drenched
  5. Medium term i wa thinking of moving back; wonder what the market will be like in 3-5 years
  6. Airbnb have refunded my villa in Bali. No messing. Scoot have given me vouchers for the flights but wonder whether theyll put prices up
  7. From Friday (March 27), people in Singapore who sit less than 1m away from another person in a public place or on a fixed seat marked as not to be occupied, or who stand in a queue less than 1m away from another person, can be fined up to $10,000, jailed for up to six months, or both https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/coronavirus-safe-distancing-rules-kick-in-failure-to-sit-or-queue-1m-apart-from-others
  8. Ive ordered some posh food in for tomorrow night and 2 old fashioneds. Wonder how a cocktail thats bee n delivered will be like
  9. My socks and pants drawer is rammed. As im not wearing either now, theres no regular outflow or stuff parked ready to come back in.
  10. Day 2 - 500 more swings with Shrek. 3 rows with him either side after every 20. Day off tomorrow - maybe have a swim. Might mix in some Turkish Get Ups, but the floor is ridiculously hot and i like training in the sun... (sorry) Aim is to repeat until ive done 10k in 30 days.
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