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  1. A cold Singha is a thing of beauty. It really is. I would have to go Japan, the breadth of quality is unsurpassed in the region tbh.
  2. Lucky. You were lucky. Good effort on the prize front...
  3. Lets hope crowds can go back and clap him non stop for 80 mins. Proper player.
  4. Pink Floyd. The Wall. Oh my. I cant get enough! Imagine buying that on vinyl back in the day. You lucky buggers.
  5. Farnworth looks good in spells, but he looks exactly what he is. A rookie. Doesnt help that hes wing one minute, 1 for spells and now centre. Outside that porous middle and with another rookie outside him. If i wa Brisbane, id be getting Maloney and Graham over for rest of the season..
  6. Seiko SKX007 or a variant thereof. Dont even waste any time looking elsewhere as its one of the best watches out there full stop and in your budget.
  7. AFL A second team in Brisbane also ensures that it remains a Rugby League city. Strengthens the East coast before an 18th team is in either Perth, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands
  8. Wish he were English. Brilliant player.
  9. The other team names are relatable things we know. Firehawks one minute, the bombers the next. Journalism is really poo isnt it.
  10. Really enjoying the bike - a nice hour in the sun during my dinner 'hour' is an absolute joy. 117
  11. How very dare you. Ban this thug. Immediately.
  12. Theres not many outstanding youngsters? Are you on drugs?
  13. Work in progress. Gutherson is ok/good, but hes not elite. Reminds me of Ratchford in that sense. Brown is still new and a bit of a maverick at the moment, not sure on what his game is. Moses is the general, clearly. But needs to be better against the better teams. A bit of a cop out, but you get the drift. I dont know enough about Mahoney. Parra's strength is their exit sets on the back of Sivo, Ferguson and to a certain extent Blake. I personally dont think this is good enough for them to be talked about as they are, but one of my best mates is a Parra fan so maybe im being too negative. As i said. WIP in terms of my understanding of them.
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