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  1. Pre season. Aye. Otherwise youd have to be a mentalist to want a mid season comp
  2. Are you seriously in favour of a mid season 9s? Is anyone? Is the world that mad?
  3. What if Keira Knightley popped by on her way to Malyasia. Invite hwr in, show her the haribo and then tell her to intercourse off
  4. Drugs? Only child? Cas fan? Nigel Woods sister? Imsomniac?
  5. Its an Hibiki limited edition 21 year old. Probably never drink it.
  6. You cant get the boozy dandelion and burdock. Ive tried.
  7. Zero RL coverage. Absolutely nothing on their front page. Pish all. 5 day old strories about utter nonsense and yet no RL. We have a lot of work to do....
  8. Cant beat a bit of salmon B. Ps. A great competitiom for the women..the Emgland PNG game today was ace *i am not Cas Vegas
  9. If Blake Austin can make an International squad then this could be a great move.
  10. Eh. I dont live in the UK anymore but arent the bamk holidays the big local games or finals? Do we not already have a festival of rugby.. the magic weekend? When i own Fev and were in Superleague, i'd rather you lick my bag than take away my precioius to play a daft 9s mid season. This is insania. I could go on but my champagne needs supping
  11. You want to see 9s mid season? Whats the plan?
  12. Based on a mid season thingy 1. Its utterly pointless 2. Injuries 3. Repeat from 1 4. Who cares. 5. No 6. Focus on stuff that matters for s sake
  13. Theyd have to be so stupid i wouldnt need much would i?
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