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  1. I dont mind Phil Clarke generally but he does talk rubbish at times. He was telling us that Wigun have scored only 1 try less than Leeds yet people think Leeds have had a good season and Wigan have had a bad one. THEY HAVE CONCEDED LOADS MORE POINTS!! A minute later he was telling us that Wigan have not beaten a team in the top 6 for 13 games..... because they are lacking confidence in attack like Warrington this season Eh?
  2. Foran has got steadily worse since he returned for the Warriors, first few games he looked decent but last game he hardly did anything. Not sure about Marshall though, he has looked good in patches but i don't think he is the kind of player who Johnson needs alongside him. It would be interesting though.... With a full team out (ie nobody injured or suspended for buying drugs etc) the Kiwis had a real chance of winning this world cup, hopefully the rest will do Johnson some good and he will be back to his best
  3. I am not as old as John Drake as i wasn't born until the year after Tom Baker took over . Some of my earliest memories are of watching the likes of Destiny of the Daleks. Tom Baker basically was Dr Who and set a benchmark which will never be reached again (plaudits to all the other actors who generally did a great job) I hope the new lady is fabulous and the series continues for another 50 years
  4. She won't be as good as Tom Baker..... (Hinchliffe era Tom Baker)
  5. Brilliant news. The Warriors were never going to make the finals so he can have a rest and be fresh for the World Cup. Presumably Kearney will be getting the sack and he can go back to the national team where he did a better job
  6. Johnson is a world class player and has proven it numerous times on the International stage against Oz and England. He can be inconsistent (and needs an organiser at 6 so he can concentrate on his running game) but if he is missing it drastically reduces the Kiwi chances of winning the World Cup With Proctor and Bromwich also ruled out and an inexperienced coach, it is potentially terrible news for the competition as it reduces the chances even more of Australia being beaten. Whilst this might give England a better chance, i would rather have seen the full Kiwi team available as they are fantastic when on song
  7. Smith running the show. HIs running from dummy half is catching NSW out. Cronk and Smith are playing superb but have both bombed a try each. Game could have been all over. If NSW score next and the forwards get some momentum it will be interesting - not sure Smith / Queensland will let them. Entertaining and very fast game -
  8. Stod Fold opened a temporary pub in Dean Clough in Fax over xmas. It sold some nice beer. Sadly it closed down again so this post is a bit pointless.
  9. Great post - the last comment in particular A good few years ago i went to Wakey on a saturday night social outing to try out the local bars. As we got off the train, we were greeted in the station by a local lady who said 'What have you come here for, it is sheeet' Presume she worked for the tourist office We are very fortunate to live up North with this wonderful sport played all around us.
  10. Mt smart is spot on with his comments - as are all the people who reference his fitness as being the only concern He is quality and has been a world class winger for many years. I really hope this comes off for Salford and the game over here in general. Absolute box office
  11. Rocks and Diamonds player - personified the Warriors (like Hurrell) I still think he is worth the risk and would be more diamonds - he would do some right damage charging the ball in and would get plenty of tries Go on Marwan - give him a one year pay as you play deal, he would be better value than Todd Carney
  12. League Express suggests Warrington have made a bid to get Cooper Cronk next season. Whilst this would be a fantastic move on their part, i suspect it is doomed to failure since he wants to move from Melbourne to be closer to his partner in Sydney!! Plus he can have his pick of NRL clubs if he decides to continue playing. More likely is their move for Tyrone Roberts from Gold Coast - i think he would be a good signing. He is a good player and would do a far better job than Gidley has done in the halves. They could also do with a prop or two whilst the chequebook is out.
  13. Superb player in his day - fantastic finisher and suggestions he could not defend are strange. He played against the Aussies numerous times - presumably they just scored all their tries down his wing? He was prone to the odd misread but he clearly can defend. His fault was dropping the ball too much - dodgy under the high ball at times and prone to dropping the ball due to charging it in too hard (see Konrad Hurrell for a similar problem) Has had injuries over last couple of years but up until this season he was still scoring tries and doing plenty of damage carrying the ball for the Warriors. Like an extra forward starting sets off, very valuable player to have when fit. I would pay to watch him play if he is fully fit - class player and very entertaining to watch. Would be a great signing for Salford - as a player and also for marketing.
  14. Strange game to watch, it was kind of exciting watching the Cats coming back in the second half and the ending was great but..... tries are nice but a bit of defence is also part of the game. The biff when the players were binned was entertaining - whilst we cannot condone fighting it livens up the game no end. The next set of carries were brilliant as both teams just tried to smash each other. Just seen the Acton clip - disgusting. Players should be hard and fair - going after someone who is injured goes against the spirit of the game. A long ban should follow as an example. No excuse for that at all.
  15. As a neutral, i thought it was a very entertaining match. It would have been good if Hull had scored their tries a bit earlier for a more exciting finish but considering the conditions i thought both teams did a good job. The ref did have a couple of moments where he looked indecisive - eg the scrum from the drop goal which he got wrong twice but eventually got right with the help of the video ref. It is a thankless job though and i cannot see how anyone could feel that he was responsible for the overall result. Another game between these two would make for an excellent grand final on a big hopefully dry pitch as both teams have some fantastic talent. Well done Cas on finishing top in the regular rounds - they have been the best team this season and i really hope they get job done and win the grand final. Hull or Salford would be nice as well.