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  1. I meant Brad Mackay the loose forward who played for Bradford. McNamara was quality for a couple of seasons so I stand by that one.
  2. Sculthorpe A Farrell Fielden Fairleigh Vagana Anderson Morley Hill Graham Sinfield Mackay Cunningham Roby Lowes Peacock O Loughlin Bateman Whitehead Vowles Bird Burgess McNamara Shiels Walmsley Thompson Forshaw Watts Clarke L Farrell Dymock Hetherington Lautiti Delaney Gilmour Was he better than any of these?
  3. Not the people who choose the 20 best forwards obviously....
  4. Every player is 'quality' according to O Connor. I was trying to work out how Leeds are doing so badly as according to McDermott yesterday all their players are wonderful, especially the young ones who all seem to be set to be world class. The potentially interesting part yesterday (Wilkin's comments about faking injuries and crusher tackles) was cut short by Carney but is exactly the sort of thing they should be debating. Clarke talks some rubbish at times but when prompted in the right direction he can come out with some interesting stuff. Jodie Cunningham has real potential - getting better and better and already better than 'Baz and Tez'
  5. If it is a choice between Liverpool or no magic weekend = Liverpool. The concept is sound. A weekend of rugby league be it live or on TV is a great thing. There is work to do and ideally it will go back to Newcastle but wherever it goes it is still worth having.
  6. Very good point. Does not portray the sport in a good light - other sports dish out massive fines for even suggesting refs get things wrong. (Fans doing it is bad enough)
  7. That went well for the Roosters....... The Knights were fantastic though
  8. I like magic weekend - can we not keep it and try your idea as well? Surely the fans would go to magic and a big game at a football ground if there was plenty of notice and they were kept away from magic and the cup final?
  9. Stick with it - it takes a while to get going (and to understand some of the language) but once it does it is excellent
  10. Fascinating game. Sam Burgess is heading for the bin or a MOM performance, it could go either way.
  11. but there was enough there to disallow that one.. Anyway some positives - well played Salford, much better game than I expected.
  12. One for a separate debate but a very good point. Could just have refs call if video ref is unable to make a decision
  13. Do any Saints fans on here think that wasn't a knock on? I don't even see it as a close or debatable decision? Clear as day. Would have liked to have heard the video ref explain the decision. 'Yep lost the ball but the grass has stopped it so he regathered.....'
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