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  1. JT's Final Season

    An absolute great of the game and a fantastic role model I hope he gets through the season injury free and leaves us with yet more great memories
  2. Magical World Cup memories

    Good post that - i was laughing at the bit at the end
  3. All of these games should sell out. We have just seen a fantastic performance from England - I will be attending at least 2 of the games and taking along as many folk as i can The Kiwis will hopefully sort themselves out as they are a great team too. A nice close series with England winning would be great.
  4. World Cup 2021

    Can't we bring it forward a couple of years? Far too long to wait!
  5. Agree re Tomkins - a fully fit and in form Sam would have been a great asset for us. Widdop is a top player - never understood the stick he gets. The Aussies clearly rate him and rightly so.
  6. Well done Australia. It has been a privilege to watch Slater, Smith and Thurston for the last few years. Wish they were English! (Though we have some gems of our own) Credit to the BBC - the commentary and analysis from Noble was spot on as always. The presenters in the studio were good, even Robbie Paul who has really improved since he stopped the pointless walking around on the pitch.
  7. Agree with above. We failed to take our chances - Australia take theirs. We matched them in all areas apart from the last tackle options - kicking game was inferior to theirs.
  8. So disappointing. If we had scored a try we would have won, they were spent in the last 10 minutes The difference as ever was composure - we need some halves to play in the NRL and learn how to create when under pressure for the full 80 minutes. Too easy to score at times in Superleague. Big step up for Gale and Brown. All the players were great. Immensely proud of all of them. To be arguably the better team away to the best sporting team in the World is an amazing effort. Watkins, Whitehead, Jerry, Hall, S Burgess, Graham, Widdop, Hill, Walmsley.... all were incredible. Gale had a decent match - just panicked when we had the kicking opportunities in their 20. Easy to say but if we had Thurston or Cronk we would have won that game - we are not far off! FANTASTIC MATCH.
  9. Fabulous match Great performance for 70 minutes - incredibly exciting at the end!! Some immense performances - Graham / Burgess T / Widdop / Walmsley / Whitehead in particular
  10. Who is up for the Semi Final?

    Been out on the lash all evening - leaving do for a colleague so classy places like Wetherspoons and Salvation in Fax... Set alarm for 4.50am to watch this absolute cracker of a game. Will be like death all day afterwards but really looking forward to the match
  11. 2018 Series v NZ

    Hull is a strange choice and for the first game - surely you go big with the first one? If we win the first two it will be harder to sell the third one (or impossible if we lose the first two!!) Would have liked Etihad but Anfield and Elland Road are decent choices and i will go to both of them, followed by a night on the beer in the city in question.
  12. 2018 Series v NZ

    Etihad is a fantastic stadium - also a short walk from the City Centre which is nice. Really hope they get one but i cannot see it. It will presumably be much cheaper to get Hull, Hudds and Elland Road
  13. 2018 Series v NZ

    Etihad 1st, then Anfield and finally Hull - could get 120 000. I suspect it will be Elland Road, Hull and then Huddersfield. Which would be a bit poo
  14. David Kidwell - Wow!

    SKD was seriously awful in his last few tests. Hurrell is a great player to watch but he makes too many mistakes in defence and dropping the ball. Vatuvei was a top player for a long time but has not had a good season. IMO none of the backs you mention are better than what NZ had in their team - the wingers and the centres were not the problem, they did not see the ball. They did miss all the forwards you have mentioned though. A number of world class players there They lacked a game plan and direction, they kept running it up the middle against a Fijian defence which lapped it up. Six drives and a kick. I still think the Kiwis have a good team with everyone available. If they get a decent coach they will be back - i expect them to give us a good test next year.
  15. Media Watch World Cup

    The semi final promotion will be wall to wall on BBC this week - what with them showing it and wanting to get good viewing figures as a public service broadcaster who represent all of the country.... They are even showing some highlights of the first semi final for us to enjoy on the friday!