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  1. What relevance does her sexuality have? That comes across as a homophobic comment to me, would you like to clarify? I also don't see the relevance of her partners profession.
  2. I have wondered the same thing myself. One possible problem of your proposal could be if the team "winning" the toss was known weeks before the game this could give the ground staff the chance to prepare a pitch which would be to the advantageous to the home team. Another alternative would be having the toss before each game, as now, but have a rule that a team can only win a certain numbers of tosses in a series e.g. 3 in a 5 match series.
  3. Best sport in the world no question! What a second half, Broncos defence looked sold until the final second. Pleased for JT, great player.
  4. No better sound in rugby league than the south stand moaning about forward passes!
  5. I also don't care what other sports do. I, as a rugby league supporter am happy that we as a sport allow players to play for the countries they choose to represent.
  6. Maybe he felt more Irish because both his parents were Irish. If you watch his interview on Skys super leagues supermen it is clear to see he was proud to represent the country of his parents.
  7. And who exactly would him and his musket be defending them from? If a person is born in New Zealand, has parents / grandparents from Samoa and ends up living and playing in England it is entirely believable that they could have a desire to represent any of the countries. Having been born in England to English parents the only country i would have a desire to play for would be England, but that doesn't mean i want to stop others representing the nations they feel a connection to.