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  1. Hmm it's like 1997 never happened................
  2. It just reflects the average age of the people on here marra. The best ever try could have been scored in 1921 but not many people who post on here will have seen it. Same with any sport - best ever Soccer player isnt Messi - Its Maradona by a mile ..........but someone older may say Pele, or Best or Finney.
  3. Callum and Bret Phillips from Workington Town and in Australia Nathan and Ian Hindmarsh
  4. I think that's the point of the thread marra.
  5. Wide to West, still great to watch ( along with Eddie's commentary) all these years later and I'm not even a Saints fan. For a match I was at the GB win over the Aussies in Sydney in the 2006 Tri Nations by Gareth Raynor- Great breakaway by long and it ended up with GB players queuing up to score in the corner and against the Aussies in their own backyard it was great to see.
  6. Most of us are thinking fast skillfull players but in hindsight the highlight of a match for me was the first big carry of a match by a forward or when one teams enforcer hit the other teams enforcer - for that Morley, Burgess or Peackock at peak would get me out of my seat.
  7. The trouble is the RFL need the money which is why they would want to stage it - if it's a charity event the RFL get nothing
  8. It's a shame your wife didnt say - Slow Down.....
  9. Great Britain shut the Aussies up - best video on You Tube from the best Sports match I've been to - Australia V GB in the 2006 Tri nations in Sydney.
  10. For anyone in the world who actually watches the news... - France is in lockdown, so there is a law stopping Cats playing or travelling in or out of France.
  11. Hope someone from the club reads these and puts something in place if this situation carries on past the first week in April - which it obviously will.
  12. I've just cancelled my sky sports. Following on from a post on the main forum I would be willing to give some of that monthly subscription money to help out Town - any thoughts on this? Crowd fund page for town ? I appreciate not everyone could afford it but even £10 a month for the next few months from a few hundred fans may just help keep our club alive.
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