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  1. Do you work for Salfords commercial department?
  2. Didnt SBW also boycott banks sponsors while in RU? His Millions £££ must be under his mattress then and paid in a brown paper bag..
  3. I think they have to fly into Liverpool as St Helens airport is closed that day.... Should be a great game - best SL team of the past 10 years against the best NRL team of the past 5 years. Sydney favourites but Saints have a chance.
  4. Errr - yes as the clubs in RL ( both SL & NRL) hold the power- as I said- I would say that as we all know it doesnt matter which country he plays for it would be at the digression of the club. To be honest most of the NRL based players are on their way out or we have better in SL anyway - but SL clubs would have the final say anyway marra.
  5. This is RL marra, the clubs rule and have all the power. The small international teams have no money. In RU the international teams have the power as they have the money.
  6. The other 2 were as well but he kept spelling Wolfpack wrong so no one new what he was babbling on about....
  7. Well TWP are paying him £ millions and Samoa will be paying him a few £ Hundred... He will be expected to do what the club ask. - If hes still there at that point.
  8. As I said the government money was conditional it was mainly held in the North.
  9. Well there should be no excuse not to sell out the 60000 seats for the semi final if the south feel cut off from the tournament.
  10. Well the current MOS hasn't played in the NRL for many years and when he did he was a young lad who was still developing - think it says more about the NRL that they couldn't help and develop him. Ben Barber - SL shower him love then went back and destroyed himself. We had the likes of Greg Eastwood who has made a very good living in the NRL but was absolutely hopeless over her - couldn't handle SL at all - but horses for courses. In the 90s and 2000s SL paid very good money and that showed with the amount of WCC wins by SL. Agree about the salary cap but James Roby is world class and would be world class in the NRL. Makemson would score trys in the NRL just like he does in SL.
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