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  1. Mrs Frisky made me watch it (honest) on ITV Hub / catch up so maybe it wasnt on live ITV but not sure. Sort of hope it wasnt, would hate to waste all the budget tonight...
  2. Was amazed to see an advert for RLWC 2021 tickets during Emmerdale tonight. Great to see in prime time TV slot on ITV but then as a Typical RL fan I then worry that they used up the entire advertising budget tonight as well......
  3. I think it's ok, better than the blokey NRL coverage they have in Oz. Barry and Terry ok in my book.
  4. Is this really where we are in society.... A commentator mixes up 2 players who do look very similar to each other during a good game of RL and somehow RL gets dragged into a questionable organisations questionable politics.... man up, chill out - it's an easy mistake and nothing todo with Racism - they just look similar ffs. It's almost like there us nothing to complain about so people make things up. Watch the Rugby and enjoy lad.
  5. Agree but would love to see him go round again, just as an impact player - always lifts the team when he comes off the bench and with, hopefully, fans back would give him a great send off season to a great career.
  6. SBW for Toronto? Greg Eastwood - that NRL & NZ powerhouse who stormed SL for Leeds....
  7. So now the Twit is mocking SBW - you must have been some player lad.
  8. Yep Lg1 especially. Take Workington Town - ground holds 10,000 and average crowd in Lg1 is about 650 so even a 1000 people would only be 10% of the capacity. Plenty of room to spread out in a big ground. The local football team across the road are allowed 300 in their 3000 capacity ground so no reason why the lower level RL teams cant.
  9. Ffs - it's a play on your name, bit of light hearted Sunday night humour ..... RL fans used to have humour
  10. Many people happy to slate this man but nevermind the 2 finals in 12 months, would there even be a Salford without him?
  11. BBC Breakfast been all over the CC final this morning.
  12. Think the NRL commentary is what Sky Sports football was with Grey and Keys 10 years ago - very blokey and matey - almost a closed shop of in jokes, winks and back slapping. I like Vossy but the rest of the NRL commentary and studio teams would last about 10mins In the UK before they said something that's not acceptable these days - bit like Australia in general 10 years behind the UK.
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