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  1. I always think theu could put a small terrace behind that goal - even say 5 rows deep would get a couple of hundred behind the goal to improve the atmosphere.
  2. More wasted energy.... now stop it!
  3. Yet you use energy on your phone/ laptop to post that comment- horrendous waste of energy..etc etc
  4. Great to see Cats keeping up with Wakefield.
  5. Hes got a one game ban...please keep up.
  6. Think you will find goals are a lot harder to kick in the NRL.
  7. FFS So you have discounted Catalans despite them finishing top 3 over the past 2 years and getting bigger crowds than Widnes, Huddersfield and Wakefield- no place for Cas but one for Wakefield, no Salford or a promoted club but gave Widnes a golden ticket for some reason. I take it your SL team that can play internationals ( SL team- what ever that is) play in black and white and play on a plastic pitch.... in a suburb of Liverpool...
  8. Cross-eyed mary... Your mate brought up 1997....
  9. Yes, but in a salary capped sport you can't pay 20 playesr £200,000 a year. The 4 I've mentioned would walk into most NRL teams - would you leave Walmsley out for a penrith prop? Even Wayne Bennet says Makemson is an absolutely amazing player and would excell in the NRL - just check out the recent James Graham podcast with Bennet when he is still raving about Makemson. Roby - best in his position- (alongside Cam smith) in the world for the past 20 years - no real argument there - if Hodgson is hot property in the NRL then Roby would walk it.
  10. I just go to a RL game to watch a game of RL - if you need to be entertained before the match and at half time maybe stay at home an watch the Krankies Christmas special.
  11. Agree with that, their away support at Hudds and Saints for the play off games showed that.
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