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  1. Is it not the same Australian attitude that says Sam Tomkins was a NRL flop? - he wasn't but because he's English they wanted him to fail.
  2. Yep, he was caught out by copy and paste... to cover himself he should have said -" just under 90 NRL games, around 40 tries and I believe he played nearly a dozen games for NZ"...
  3. Greg Eastwood, Trent Merrin, Widdop, Willy Mason....... Horses for courses
  4. Could you not say the same for some SL players going the other way - Sutton and Hodgson wernt exactly top SL players but as soon as they stepped onto an NRL pitch they were world-beaters apparently.
  5. Watkins was done 12 months before he went to the NRL - Leeds couldn't get shot of him fast enough.
  6. And here's me thinking it would be Cas on a UK RL forum....
  7. Not often you post something negative lad... Its more case that your new on here, and this topic has been done dozens of times over the years, so no one wants to keep going over old topics every 12 months.... even if you do. I'm waiting for you to start a Danny Brough for England thread.....Although I know your hoping he plays for you in the WC
  8. What if no one scores a try?? - far easier to score a DG. Its also a question of player safety if the game goes on to long as RL isnt football. A drop goal is also part of the game so I can't see any reason to change the rules just for ET.
  9. Yan is commonly used in West Cumbria to this day.
  10. If there was 2 results like that in SL thus weekend the NRL love brigade would be on saying SL is on its ######.... etc etc
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