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  1. I'm assuming you attended the last Exiles and Rose's games son......
  2. Well it hasnt changed since I played there marra so assuming it's as you last saw it - Awful ground.
  3. Have you never been to watch a game at Whitehaven??? - Toronto's ground is like Wembley in comparison......
  4. Sorry to say I and a few others wont make it on Sunday - a date with the Cricket WC Final takes priority.
  5. We will get all excited about this and then find out it's a firm no one has heard off putting in £30K to sponsor the corner flags.
  6. If you dropped this Saints team into the NRL for the rest of the season I wonder how they would do.
  7. Few blokes at work who dont like RL or Soccer thought this was all very funny. I did point out to them it impacts the whole area and not just sport. I also told them that in our life time we will never see a major event held anywhere near Cumbria again, RL was the only chance this area had of hosting an event if this scale - That's it now even RL thinks this area is a joke so we have no chance with anything else.
  8. Welcome to the world of the Allerdale Council marra - anything to stop west Cumbria catching up with the rest of the UK.
  9. Really dont think there is room in Harington kidda - 1 road in and out that is already at breaking point. Loads of room around West Cumbria without including a village that is maxed out already. This is Cumbria- we settle for average or nothing so its buisness as usual.
  10. Take it they will be in the GB squad this winter ahead of SL players then.....
  11. Haven't they already signed 3 or 4 players for next season?
  12. Apology accepted mate, well done. Yep the 20/20 WC has been great from start to finish, roll on 2021 RL WC In the UK.
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