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  1. Yep totally agree. Let's get him signed up.
  2. You would think if people from Whitehaven have all this spare time, instead of causing trouble on here they would go into their town centre and pick some litter up or do something to improve their town which is an absolute disgrace. No one seems to have any pride in the place and it's getting worse.
  3. If the board are like me they will switch off after the first paragraph of his post - babbling on and on.
  4. Can they do the same analysis without trys and see who would have won the league just on pens and drop goals. Once that's done maybe see who would have won if left handed players weren't allowed to play.
  5. Wouldn't safe standing be an option, it would transform the atmosphear even it was just at one end - cheaper option than a new ground and the soccer club could still use them as seats even though you can stand in the lower divisions- hate sitting at any sporting event.
  6. Rules are rules kidda and everyone plays by the rules set for League 1. If say Hull now go on to win the GF it would be amazing and if Salford do it the whole game in the UK would be given a real boost and no end of publicly. Great for the game in my opinion
  7. No its it's your twisting my melon man!
  8. Or a Rugby team finishing way behind the top team then going on to win the GF..... possibly Salford, Wire, Wigan or Hull.. but that would be a great achievement where as if Worky gi up it's a travesty. Up the Town!
  9. Yep it's not as if you can finish outside the top 3 in the Football and still get promoted to the Premier League is it...
  10. I'm sure Myler is on good money but if they can make it work Myler and Gale may be an option with Lui as cover. Myler been no worse than anyone else and is always good for a try or 2.
  11. You dont like the GF and full stops or commers in your grammar by the looks of things son.... Roll on the play offs.
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