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  1. I think UK RL fans enjoy the NRL and can see how tough the comp is but SL is a far better watch. We also love the fact that RL is so big in Oz but cant understand why they are so insular. The Storm V Roosters game the other day was great to watch but give me Wigan V Saints in front of 24000+ on Easter Weekend or Leeds V Wire in front of a big noisy crowd under the lights at Headingley on a Friday night any day of the week. I used to go to Roosters games when I lived in Oz and i loved it, but nothing makes up for the UKs game day atmosphere and attacking Rugby. Just about every SL player who goes to the NRL these days makes it so SL isnt that far behind ( Hodson goes from 4th best in his position in SL to top 2 in the NRL just by moving over there) Even Tomkins was pretty good in the NRL but the Aussies wanted him to fail and they made sure his legacy says he did - he didnt.
  2. Cats could win the GF this year - some great players in their squad.
  3. Yep - RLF and Wigan go halfs and buy it. Install safe standing at each end, increase the capacity to say 30K+ and the RFL have new headquarters, an England venue and Wigan cant be kicked out by a wedding again....
  4. Only if you take Kylie and Rolf back....
  5. May prompted some SL clubs to give up home advantage and switch their home game against Cats to France to try and make some money.
  6. And yet hes only the 3rd best ( and thats at a push) England have got behind Roby and Clarke.
  7. Yes I know - i saw Cat Stevens's perform it once - got confused, all Giggs blend into one in the end??
  8. Cat Stevens wrote a song about you marra......
  9. That's Aussie Dollars though - wernt they paying Sam Tomkins over £300,000 a year? - that's about the same
  10. Well done Marra, great stuff! Up the Town!!
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