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  1. Anyway........I thought the pitch looked great on Sunday - the stadium really does look great on a sunny day when the sun shining and we have a good crowd in. Yes we need to move on to the new stadium so the club can survive but it would be travesty to move to reds for a small main stand only....
  2. Totally agree, would hate to see the likes of Marwood released again to accommodate some average players who don't really care about the club.
  3. You seem like a great RL fan marra - spot on....
  4. Over 1300 at Workington- well done to Workington with the crowd and the result.
  5. Cat.... alan's.....just a stab In the dark but maybe how its referred to when you shorten the Catalans name?
  6. Thanks Davy, well done and apogee accepted .
  7. Thats some statement from you Davy, given your comments on here in the past about town, the area and the fans (obvious hatred of our club) well done for the climb down marra- hopefully, like the stadium, a new start for you.
  8. And people who come on this thread......
  9. Great stuff and everyone at Town have worked hard to get this deal over the line. Great deal and Stadium renames are common in Football so if its good enough for them...... The Wembley of the North will always be Derwent Park to the fans though
  10. His best mate owns Wire so he still goes to games now and again with his kids - all kitted out in Wire kit.
  11. If you struggle to see over people because of your height and want to see a bit better these days, try some shoes with big heels- you will be like a young Tom Cruise. Did Wigan win that game?
  12. It was a good job the club never ordered those black and white seats.
  13. New TV show on the Full Monty on Davy - probably something todo with that.
  14. It seems Penrith were the ones thinking they could coast against a SL team in this years WCC, but Saints who are a top top team treated them match as the professionals that they are - so Its unkind to slate SL teams when NRL teams and players can be as bad as some SL teams and players. Penrith were supposed to be the best NRL team for 20 years and Saints are the best SL team for 20 years but Penrith let themselves down with their attitude to the match and the trophy - maybe that culture is the reason why they have never won the WCC.
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