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  1. I can only name 1 RU team in the UK to be fair- Coventry Wasps
  2. The fying Scotsman will be fuming at this news - as mad as the day Danny Brough retired from the Scottish national team
  3. Not often you say negative comments about RL and the RL international game kid....
  4. Well the NRL always do it bigger and better than SL apparently....
  5. Anyway..... Workingtons playoff game yesterday was a great game played in a great atmosphere in front of a big crowd ( I dont believe the official crowd number). Playoff Rugby at its best! Well done both teams and sets of fans.
  6. I remember watching James Maloney at the end of the Saints game a few weeks ago when he kicked the golden point - a true NRL great. His reaction to the win and how beat up he was after playing for 90 mins against a top SL team in a high intensity and quality game didn't read like a NRL player coming to SL for an easy ride. Seemed like he knew he had been in a tough, top quality game and was caught up in the whole occasion.
  7. Yes agree Dunbar- poor defence in SL is great attacking play in the NRL. From the posts original comment - No one on here ever claims that SL is better than the NRL but lazy comments to always down play SL get a bit tired. We saw 2 classic matches with intensity to match at the SL magic weekend and the same weekend I watched a very poor NRL game with very poor quality teams - you can't just write off a whole comp picking and choosing examples to suit a bias opinion. Remember we have 2 former star NRL players in SL this season (Bateman and Williams) and they just havent got a grip with the pase and style of play of our competition - in fact they have been very poor. The 2 comps are different, and yes the NRL is better but both comps produce great games and high quality - its just the overall NRL quality is usually better. Saying that I don't think either Cats or Saints (or KR or Leeds) would beat the NRL GF winner but I would love for Cats to win the GF and play the NRL champs in Barcelona in next seasons WCC game infront of a big crowd.
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