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  1. 2018 Kits

    Salford kit is way too much like a HKR kit, the Wigan away kit has to be the worst so far I think.
  2. Gutted, didn't deserve that again. Will we ever catch a break ffs.
  3. Maybe Catalans teed this up a few months back, it would explain their shocking form this year.
  4. Gutted about this, had we won I was confident we would make the 4 but a much tougher task lies ahead now, think we will find that a difficult defeat to get over, it was a 50/50 Dr isiin on the last pen, all he has to do is not hit the post and its more or less game over. Gutted.
  5. Gonna be a much tougher task than Salford that's for sure but we look pretty good, if Randell can have the same influence as last week there is no reason we can't win this.
  6. It's amazing how many teams save their worst ever performances for when they play us. Thanks guys we really appreciate the help.
  7. If we can beat saints, I really fancy us to have a crack, a semi at CAS is a mouth watering prospect, and I would love for us to have a crack at them. Heart says Wakey to beat Hull at OT Head says Leeds to beat CAS. Not that I think Leeds are a better team I just feel somehow they would scrape a win.
  8. Got to be happy with that. Starting to believe we can make the 4. Need to pinch myself.
  9. David Solomona was awesome for me, JD as someone previously mentioned.
  10. Was great to watch him as a youngster at BV a real gent and a great ambassador for the game. Good luck Gareth.
  11. And Walker tops off a great day for Wakefield. FFS.