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  1. If we can do this it will be our highest place since I have been alive, 1972. What a year.
  2. Wakefield hasn't been a great night out in years, did the Westgate run last year on a Friday night and the place was deserted.
  3. Some shocking decisions both ways inconsistent all the way through, really tried his best to ruin a great game, well done RFL employing these gimps.
  4. If he is fit to ref a sl game I'm fit to do brain surgery.
  5. If we can put in another 40 like that it will be our be our best performance in a very long time. Really pleased, more of the same 2nd half please.
  6. But deliberately stamping on a players ankle warrants a warning, disciplinary are a joke.
  7. Former Wildcats? Bore off you troll.
  8. And we have a winner.
  9. If only someone knew a good journalist who could dig into this, shame there are no journos left.
  10. Or just another delaying tactic by Rodney Walker, the developer have decided used they don't want to work with the community trust they only want to work with RW's new trust, the same RW that allowed the application for the fridge not to count to the total we require filling, stinks of corruption to me and hopefully one day we will learn the truth.
  11. Pleased for the Salford fans in getting a day out, would be nice if they made the final, played really well tonight.
  12. Fifita, BJB, Aroma, Kirmomd and Miller out for us not sure about Salford. Think I have missed someone for Wakey as well.
  13. Either Wakey or Salford are having a semi final day out so all is good, would be nice to win but I feel we might just get pipped on this but I'm happy for the Salford fans to have a day out, will give the club a boost.