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  1. On the independent website now as well.
  2. International rugby is a complete farce, same old ###### year after year picking on reputation.
  3. The truck doesn't go 10 miles it go's just around the corner.
  4. Doesn't go that far just around the corner.
  5. A real good go of sending them into oblivion, Wakey cut their cloth and come through the other side so why not Bradford?
  6. Such a sorry state of affairs. I would love to see an enquiry into this whole debacle, the idiots at the RFL are not fit for purpose. They are dragging the game backwards. Shame on them.
  7. They are not they smell of garlic and say oh he oh he oh all the time!
  8. I'm looking forward to another bad season for Hudds and Leeds and also for our chances of avoiding the middle 8.
  9. You can watch SL at BV though.
  10. A bit rich coming from a fan of the club with the worse stadium in the championship.
  11. I don't want to see them die, important day for RL today, if you had said this scenario 10 years ago people would have thought you where bonkers. Cantsee the RFL allowing them to die leaving them with a worthless lease.
  12. It means the RFL ask the potential buyers where there backside is and where there elbows are, if they get it wrong then the have passed due diligence.