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  1. Haha ok, fair enough. Each to their own. Lots of Shed Seven fans on here so maybe they ARE the right band for the RL demographic!
  2. Shed Seven haven’t been on Radio 1 for 20yrs! Strange one this. Maybe they’re class live as some people have said and they’ll do well. As far as 90s indie bands go, they were second division. They weren’t Oasis, Verve, Pulp, Blur etc
  3. If that news came through, Wakefield would know they were safe and it wouldn’t be worth the hassle of having to explain why they stopped trying, didn’t go for the drop goal etc etc. I’d think they’d be more likely to just continue to play for the win, rather than help London out.
  4. Metres, probably. Agree that Hardaker should be in there on current form.
  5. Is that your argument? It wasn’t 10 yards away so it’s fine?
  6. Costly silly errors hitting us hard. Wigan made errors but we didn’t do enough with them. I thought we did well overall though, obviously not world beaters and Wigan looked off, but were in it until the very end. I wouldn’t blame the ref but I’ve said on here before when I’ve seen Mikalauskas live...he makes me question my understanding of the rules; his decisions are often baffling on both sides. Maybe I need to see a replay.
  7. And so he should. Hodgson has been brilliant this year, Canberra are third and genuine title contenders.
  8. Saints didn’t do anywhere near enough for me. Yeah, a try chalked off but a top side deals with that...it’s the first minute and still level! Coote’s missed conversion was huge though. To know that you’re needlessly still two scores down after a monumental effort for the try would be soul destroying!
  9. This feels familiar. My lad often comes up against kids who are MUCH bigger/heavier than an average 7yr old...generally with the aggression to match (which is interesting but prob a different topic). His team usually do ok with them but one or two inevitably get hurt at some point. My local RU club do touch/tag rugby until around u9s or u10s. I’ve wondered for a while now whether that should’ve been the route I took him down.
  10. Have to admit, I really wasn’t sure about introducing my lad to RL. He’s played in the u7s full contact for 18mths...loves competing to score tries but is scared of the big kids sprinting at him. He generally makes a half attempt. I’m still not 100% about it if I’m honest. Would back a move to the 5m rule in the adult game on safety grounds, or a trial at least. MMA is going from strength to strength though, where the aim is to literally concuss your opponent, hit them when they’re obviously already hurt. Can’t understand it at all.
  11. Hastings is a class player. He’s got to get a lot of credit for the season Salford have had. They lost Lui, replacing him with a player who looked completely out of sorts at Leeds in Lolohea, and they have barely broken stride. Wigan look to be really strong for next year.
  12. I’m clinging onto the fact that Mick Gledhill is saying Wakey are going down...so it can’t possibly happen! It sounds like we weren’t completely atrocious last night, so maybe that’s something
  13. Love it. Like others have said, I like the simplicity. Going to be getting the polos as well. Not crazy on the mass of triangles on the training gear but appreciate the nod to the old days and it might look decent in real life!
  14. Agree completely. He’s a leader and still performing for Penrith and at Origin level. I reckon he’d run the show at Catalans (or Leeds, for that matter) for the next two years. And if Wakey stay up (big if!), my 7yr old will be shouting from the sidelines at Belle Vue after the game to get a picture with him. No comparison to Drinkwater in my view.
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