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  1. But that’s it...it’s a sport’s governing body’s responsibility to make the game attractive to people, not the BBC’s. The BBC could advertise the programme more, yeah, but if the game was thriving, people would be seeking out the content, which might prompt the BBC and others to take it more seriously. Just saying ‘we’ve got Sonny Bill now so give us a prime time spot’ probably won’t do it for them.
  2. Which is why it needs advertising, marketing, investment etc...not just a change in tv slot. Obviously, you can apply that to all of RL, not just the SL show. Well if the majority are still (wasting their lives) channel hopping, it’s changing rapidly...especially in younger people, which surely has to be the target market for a sport to grow and thrive.
  3. It’s 2019, people choose what to watch and when to watch it. You think people are flicking around the channels after Strictly looking for things to watch? They’ve got Netflix and stuff piled up on record. SL show is where it is because nobody was watching it when it was on earlier.
  4. Tradition? Football isn’t a fair comparison really, with its popularity and money. SL show is available, I’m sure people will find it if they want to see Sonny Bill. Maybe it could be advertised a bit more though.
  5. Is it not available to all on BBC iplayer? Doesn't really matter what time it’s on...you can watch it whenever you want.
  6. I’m going to this. Cheap and a good day out for the kids. If my 4yr old is gonna trash anywhere, it might as well be Headingley. I think it’ll be a bit more competitive than others have said. Knights should win but there’s a bit of experience in the Jamaica squad.
  7. Don’t think he was necessarily refereeing differently but it was like he was telling them that this game was over so just play the time down without any incident, which is odd for a ref to come out with during a game. Suppose it was the truth though.
  8. Only thing that surprises me is that Mitchell and Chambers aren’t on more
  9. Haha ok, fair enough. Each to their own. Lots of Shed Seven fans on here so maybe they ARE the right band for the RL demographic!
  10. Shed Seven haven’t been on Radio 1 for 20yrs! Strange one this. Maybe they’re class live as some people have said and they’ll do well. As far as 90s indie bands go, they were second division. They weren’t Oasis, Verve, Pulp, Blur etc
  11. If that news came through, Wakefield would know they were safe and it wouldn’t be worth the hassle of having to explain why they stopped trying, didn’t go for the drop goal etc etc. I’d think they’d be more likely to just continue to play for the win, rather than help London out.
  12. Metres, probably. Agree that Hardaker should be in there on current form.
  13. Is that your argument? It wasn’t 10 yards away so it’s fine?
  14. Costly silly errors hitting us hard. Wigan made errors but we didn’t do enough with them. I thought we did well overall though, obviously not world beaters and Wigan looked off, but were in it until the very end. I wouldn’t blame the ref but I’ve said on here before when I’ve seen Mikalauskas live...he makes me question my understanding of the rules; his decisions are often baffling on both sides. Maybe I need to see a replay.
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