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  1. Nowt like it. Everyone knows what could happen, you’re just willing them to do it. Even better when it’s dark, for some reason
  2. Seems an odd statement to make...basically totally degrade our competition by sending all the top players to Australia, just to see a few players personally improve their skills? I love the NRL, it’s the top comp, but I want something worth watching over here. Are you a fan of a British club?
  3. Totally agree, he brings out their personalities and brings a less formal atmosphere. My 8yr old won’t watch the ‘talking bits’ in sports shows but loves the NFL show he does with Osi and Jason Bell.
  4. Catalans defence has been very good. Wakey can’t get out of their half. Dragons are looking a real strong side this year.
  5. As an analyst by trade, I agree with this. There are so many factors that can affect a result. ‘Indicator’ is definitely the key word. The stats in RL are pretty basic (for good reason sometimes, it’s better to keep things simple and understandable for all involved). But, for example, can a positional error be properly counted? Players in weaker sides may be exposed to more potential errors. Are FBs in weaker sides who score more tries than FBs in top sides doing better? Possibly...or are they making the wrong decisions and scoring one try themselves in a game when three could’ve been scored by the team if they’d not be wholly focused on scoring themselves? The list is endless and an overall view needs to be taken, including non-measurables, which is where the coaches come in (and the media/fans have their say!). The indicators seem to suggest that Tomkins was on a par with some of the top FBs in the NRL. If he’s viewed as ‘error-ridden’, some of these other genuine factors may be playing a role or possibly it’s something like a bias (conscious or unconscious) on the part of people within the game e.g. British backs aren’t very good, NZ Warriors are average so their players are average etc etc.
  6. Enjoying the podcasts and interviews fellas - keep up the good work.
  7. No reason not to give him a go in Super League in my opinion. Head coach in the NRL for the last 6 years isn’t anything to turn our noses up at. No top or high flying coach is going to come over from the NRL. Inexperienced, ‘emerging’ coaches can go well but why prioritise those over the experience of an established head coach in the top RL competition? I don’t think it’s been the easiest working conditions at the Dragons. Shane Flanagan hovering and apparently being forced to work within a team selection committee system.
  8. I was under the impression it was here to stay and not a Covid measure. I think it’s being seen as a success in the NRL so doubt they’ll be returning to previous ways.
  9. The drop in number of NRL games has hit me hard this week! I’m in mourning. I watched it prior to Covid but the option of all games has been brilliant to catch at least a few each week. The players can obviously learn from watching but any changes surely need to be led by coaches. Sounds like Smith is open to it, mentions that players will make mistakes etc. No relegation this year might help with trying out new stuff.
  10. Wakey’s options were to donate or get a refund. For donations, the email mentioned looking at some kind of reward for next year’s season ticket but they obviously couldn’t commit. At the time I made my option, the vast majority of respondents had chosen to donate.
  11. I read something about him wanting to play in Super League before he retires. Maybe it’s not all he thought it would be!
  12. When did we get to the point where someone needs to justify why they haven’t made an overtly political statement?
  13. He definitely wasn’t a superstar but it’s only six games in a struggling side.
  14. I really like Tony Adams. He was a top player and what he’s done with Sporting Chance is amazing. I’ve not seen much about him in this President role, it’s more interviews, but I don’t think he always articulates himself very well (e.g. you don’t really want an outgoing President saying to the incoming President that they can do as little or as much as they want on a national BBC RL podcast ). He defaulted to talking about Sporting Chance a lot, which of course is his main priority, but didn’t seem to have too much knowledge on the game, where it needs to improve etc. Clare Balding, on the other hand, speaks well whenever I’ve seen her on anything. She spoke passionately on the podcast and obviously enjoys and understands the game. I think she’ll be a great ambassador and hopefully get involved a bit more than other Presidents. She was talking about getting school kids to games etc. Looking forward to her getting involved.
  15. Yeah, I liked he was getting stuck in as well. I totally get others’ comments about him being frustrated (he obviously was!) and not being used enough. As you say, learning systems and possibly so as not to pile the pressure on him from the off. First game in the NRL and first proper match for a few months for him. Really good start, I thought.
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