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  1. Looked to me like he tried to kick it through, it came off his knee and Catalans dropped on it.
  2. Why did you call them buttercup? Just curious.
  3. They’re not having him at Wests…I think it’s defence mainly. I read a couple of months ago he was leading the NRL in ‘most try causes’ and ‘line breaks conceded’. I think the general consensus is that he’s a reserve player. I reckon the Dolphins are just trying to fill their squad.
  4. I wouldn’t pin it all on Chester; he got us challenging for those few seasons (with Kear in his corner but who cares). But yeah he was prob there a bit too long. Agree that Poching is hamstrung though. Past their best or cheap recruits in pre-season. Maybe spending on keeping Fifita, Johnstone, Tupou, Miller etc after those good few seasons has caught up with us (although no expert on our finances). We were all happy about re-signing those players and would’ve been up in arms if they’d have been let go at the time. All of those mentioned are out of contract this year and being linked with moves away…maybe it’s a case of just trying to stay up this year and rebuild. Poching needs a proper chance, in my opinion.
  5. It’d be boring and dull if they just bought up all the best players like a Man City but they lost Fages and Coote from their spine, replacing with academy players, and are still looking extremely strong this year (although still very early). It’s impressive, not boring.
  6. Went to the game and none of us had a clue how Corey Hall popped up with the ball after seeing Johnstone seemingly flying for the corner, so thanks for this!
  7. Three doses provides some protection against infection with Omicron and provides protection against severe illness. Cases won’t remain at 200k per day. We’ve seen throughout the pandemic that a multitude of factors mean that rates increase and decrease, peak and trough. It’s going to get better than it is right now…we (fans, players, clubs) need to help that along by doing our bit and trying to stay as healthy as possible.
  8. It transfers the responsibility to clubs and players to take covid seriously. Last couple of years we’ve had breaking protocols, not having proper protocols in place, suspicions of faking outbreaks to get games cancelled etc. If <85% players are vaccinated, they’re probably assuming there’s a lax attitude in general and they’re trying to get clubs/players to sort themselves out.
  9. I’ve been to two Pennine League games recently, having not been for a while, and some of the stuff aimed at the refs was disgraceful. Not just what was said, but how angry and intimidating it all was. Both refs looked pretty young. Some of the coaches’ shouts to the opposition players were horrific as well and the club are on Facebook asking for support, family club etc! How can I take my lad to that?! It’s just a sad state of affairs.
  10. But you don’t know what other factors were taken into consideration. Chisholm may not have presented a great argument, he might’ve claimed to have called him a joystick (ridiculous example, but you get my point - we don’t know).
  11. Unfortunately verbal abuse does hurt people though in many different ways. What about if the ‘offender’ is actually a big group of people and the verbal abuse is constant and every day? What if the viewpoint that people with LD are inferior and can be referred to in a derogatory manner is the norm and the discrimination is systemic (i.e. the whole population is the ‘offender’)? This particular case is tip of the iceberg stuff but it needs to be dealt with to show it’s significance. The ‘marshmallow mouthed generation’ have a lot to sort out.
  12. It’s not just verbally abusing someone though, is it? Physically assaulting + slur would be extremely serious.
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