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  1. Even if that’s the absolute truth, it’s nothing near a ‘scandal’. It’s just life and the increased risk involved with bringing people in from the other side of the world. It’s happened in England where players/partners haven’t settled. Addo-Carr is even willing to go to the Bulldogs to be back in Sydney!
  2. Give the players/coaches chance to adjust and I’m sure it’ll be just as enjoyable as when players were having their heads taken off and getting concussed.
  3. Exactly, my lads are 9 and 6 and both play. Hits to the head are something I still consider and worry about. I think the positive sides (teamwork, discipline, looking out for your mates, social, exercise etc) outweigh it at the moment when they’re so young but, as they get older, it’s going to become a bigger issue. Anything to make it safer will help parents and undoubtedly improve participation.
  4. I’m not really talking about him being at a top 4 team, it’s more about Wests themselves. He’s joining a team who constantly lose their best / up-and-coming players, sign average and underperforming players to high salaries, 2018 they have one of the best young halfbacks in the league and 2yrs later he’s suddenly no good and they need to offload. It’s difficult to perform well there but who knows, fingers crossed.
  5. Oh yeah, I agree. I’m coming only from a playing perspective and being ‘successful’. I hope he does well (as I do all the British players that go over), I just think it’s stacked against him in that sense because of the club.
  6. Good luck to him but can’t help feeling he’s on a hiding to nothing joining Wests. They’ve been average at their very best for years and no finals appearances for 15. Had a lot of very good players on their books who couldn’t do anything there but went on to much better things elsewhere.
  7. More recognition and understanding of concussion? Bigger players, bigger collisions? The ex RL players suffering from long term brain damage in 1950 (or 1980 or 1990) were prob just seen as the local crazies shouting in the street.
  8. Yes, the second part wasn’t a response to you, it was a general comment on the thread - I should’ve separated the comments. Re football. The support would go to Leeds Utd, Huddersfield, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd anyway because football totally dominates. It’s a global game; there’s no advantage for clubs that don’t have a club in the town/city.
  9. There was a thread on this recently. No pro football team in Wakefield means nothing. It’s surrounded by football - Leeds, Barnsley, Huddersfield. Football is fed into households constantly, footballers are marketed etc etc. Wakefield don’t have the wealthy backers either. What’s being said in this thread is that the teams with limited resources don’t bring anything to the game and should all be gotten rid of. Surely it should’ve happened by now organically via relegation if those ‘ambitious’ championship sides were good enough to progress (or do they just become the limited resource sup
  10. Football is king in this country. I bet someone’s got the same story about a group of blokes in a St Helens pub watching Liverpool.
  11. Yeah, that’s fair enough. On the original question, I would expect scrums to be included in the World Cup. If it’s safe enough for the event to actually go ahead (with fans), then I think it’d have to be safe enough to have scrums.
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