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  1. Yeah, agree with others, it’s a shame he’s not playing in the best competition after taking it by storm last year. But he’s got a young daughter and if Wigan are offering him marquee money to be in England, then it’s understandable. Great for Super League.
  2. Yeah, we’ve all got shrines to him in the old coal house as well. Come on mate, by presenting Wakey fans as idiots who are enslaved by a cult leader you’re able to win your argument just by saying ‘he’s not flawless and he can be critiqued’. Poor.
  3. He’s on the other side of the world, away from his family and young daughter. He might think he should try to earn as much as possible to make this worth it. He’s acknowledged as one of the top second rowers in the NRL (the best last year), he should go for it and secure his family’s future.
  4. Burgess’ accent is shocking...he goes between Yorkshire and Aussie in every sentence! Barton and McLaren get slaughtered but I think they were told to put those accents on so it’s easier for the locals to understand.
  5. So because you’ve decided he’s made enough money from club rugby, he should be questioned about representing multiple nations (that he’s eligible to represent within the rules)? I guess someone who hasn’t played for all those clubs, and hasn’t made whatever the earnings cut-off you have in mind, is fine to represent multiple nations and earn a few quid then? I do understand your argument but I don’t think it’s as easy as you make out and I really don’t think we can judge a person morally for trying to earn as much as possible in an uncertain 10-15yr career (if you’re lucky) where injury could cut your career short at any moment.
  6. This honour talk...the bloke makes a living from playing sport with no real job security and he’ll be forced to retire very soon, in his mid-30s. Imagine working hard for years and being considered one of the best in the world at what you do, then being forced to stop in your 30s and have to start from scratch to find something else to provide for your family. You do whatever you can to make that as easy as possible.
  7. £25k a game to play for England RU. He’s a professional sportsman with a short shelf life at the top level...play for whoever picks you!
  8. Yeah, class. They’ve looked good. Amazing considering they’ve relocated, have all been away from home etc. What an effort.
  9. I was thinking the same re phasing out the very big men. Although it could be that once the players are giving away 6 tackles every time for holding down, they might just stop doing it and we’ll see fewer tackle resets. Will still be faster though. Interesting to see how it goes.
  10. Is it being sped up at the play the ball? It feels like I’m a Charlie Chaplin film! I’ve heard the NRL speed up games to make them seem faster but it seems really noticeable in this game.
  11. I wouldn’t be campaigning to get it back on but it was decent for a bit of gossip. Found myself cringing (occasionally laughing out loud) at the ridiculous stuff they both said sometimes! He seems to look after his players though.
  12. But that’s it...it’s a sport’s governing body’s responsibility to make the game attractive to people, not the BBC’s. The BBC could advertise the programme more, yeah, but if the game was thriving, people would be seeking out the content, which might prompt the BBC and others to take it more seriously. Just saying ‘we’ve got Sonny Bill now so give us a prime time spot’ probably won’t do it for them.
  13. Which is why it needs advertising, marketing, investment etc...not just a change in tv slot. Obviously, you can apply that to all of RL, not just the SL show. Well if the majority are still (wasting their lives) channel hopping, it’s changing rapidly...especially in younger people, which surely has to be the target market for a sport to grow and thrive.
  14. It’s 2019, people choose what to watch and when to watch it. You think people are flicking around the channels after Strictly looking for things to watch? They’ve got Netflix and stuff piled up on record. SL show is where it is because nobody was watching it when it was on earlier.
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