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  1. Yes, the second part wasn’t a response to you, it was a general comment on the thread - I should’ve separated the comments. Re football. The support would go to Leeds Utd, Huddersfield, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd anyway because football totally dominates. It’s a global game; there’s no advantage for clubs that don’t have a club in the town/city.
  2. There was a thread on this recently. No pro football team in Wakefield means nothing. It’s surrounded by football - Leeds, Barnsley, Huddersfield. Football is fed into households constantly, footballers are marketed etc etc. Wakefield don’t have the wealthy backers either. What’s being said in this thread is that the teams with limited resources don’t bring anything to the game and should all be gotten rid of. Surely it should’ve happened by now organically via relegation if those ‘ambitious’ championship sides were good enough to progress (or do they just become the limited resource sup
  3. Football is king in this country. I bet someone’s got the same story about a group of blokes in a St Helens pub watching Liverpool.
  4. Yeah, that’s fair enough. On the original question, I would expect scrums to be included in the World Cup. If it’s safe enough for the event to actually go ahead (with fans), then I think it’d have to be safe enough to have scrums.
  5. They need to bring them back to make the game consistent. They tie players up and create a different attacking/defending dimension. I realise it’s a covid thing but is it really doing much when the players are sharing changing rooms, training together etc?
  6. I’ve never been for this but some really good arguments here (and in the last few years) make you think. It really would distinguish from RU and making the game/positions easier to explain can never be a bad thing. I don’t think many people would need to trace the positions back to old names...we all know what middle/edge forwards are, pivot/dummy half etc. The new names could be used for TV coverage and presenters could explain the positions, their responsibilities etc in the pre-game, similar to how Mark Chapman asks questions to extract explanatory info from the ex-pros on the NFL show
  7. Default response. Yeah, a chip on my shoulder for arguing that it was a close game and Wakefield weren’t dire.
  8. “Leeds won comfortably with a 3 try margin, we’re a bit rusty, full of injuries, Wakefield had a full squad, Wakefield’s attack were inconsistent (not rusty but possibly dire), breakaway tries don’t count...especially if it’s Tom Johnstone who, by the way, isn’t as good as Makinson, Handley, McGilvary or Hall.”
  9. Comfortably scraping wins. I think you might’ve convinced yourself that what you wanted to happen, happened. Leeds can say they won comfortably, that they’re just rusty and Wakefield are still rubbish - everything is ok in the world.
  10. I know you’re trying to insult Wakey with this one but surely it says more that a ‘rusty’ Leeds side only just scraped a win against a ‘dire’ Wakefield team. I don’t agree that Wakefield were dire. Both teams were bound to be rusty and both had injuries. It was a just a close game.
  11. Football fans in Wakey, Cas and Fev are generally Leeds United fans, Barnsley and Huddersfield. Football surrounds Wakefield and is the dominant sport in the country. Wakefield not having a football team means absolutely nothing. Yes, facilities are a major issue. Trinity are trying to interact though. The Wakefield Scrum Days in the city centre (cancelled for covid last year) and some of the recent foundation stuff - offering kids clubs and meals, online courses etc.
  12. It will...for a while. Then teams will catch on and adjust. Canberra and Josh Hodgson were the kings of dropping off and stripping the ball the other year but it doesn’t happen half as much now. Have to admit, I don’t particularly like seeing it for the same reasons you’ve said.
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