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  1. I'm not sure that's fair. Of course in some cases it would be due to irresponsible or reckless behaviour. But I'm sure there's situations were that isn't the case.
  2. Is that true? I thought it took up to two weeks for symptoms to present. I would have thought that the test could detect it earlier than that
  3. I'm not quite sure why anyone would care about the size of the town that the opponents come from. Most fans don't do home and away, so why would it matter?
  4. They should strip Wigan of all the honours they won in 2017!
  5. That's exactly my point! It takes as long to get to Wembley from the West End or the National Gallery as it does to get to Wire, Saints or Widnes from Manchester or Liverpool (and apparently Donny from York).
  6. Well, I don't think anyone is spending the weekend in Brent if they come to London for the weekend and to watch a game at Wembley
  7. I don't really understand this argument. If it's the whole weekend away, why not spend the weekend in Liverpool or Manc? Google maps tells me it's less public transport time from Liverpool Lime St to the Select Security Stadium or the Totally Wicked stadium than it is from Kings Cross to Wembley. Same goes for Piccadilly to the Halliwell Jones. Leigh and Doncaster are tougher to argue for, admittedly...
  8. I must say, he talks about Haringey Borough, and he's right. There is a buzz there considering they are 7th level (I think). But they charge 7 quid on the door, or a free season ticket, if you apply on the website. I think it was 15 sheets to go and watch the Skolars last season...
  9. On a slightly different point - we whinge about the beeb and other perceived union biased media getting stuff wrong about RL. However, this illustrious publication has published that Catalans are a "non-Super League" club. http://www.totalrl.com/catalans-to-quit-challenge-cup/ "As a result, the RFL missed out on a lot of projected revenue and made the decision to request a bond from the three non-Super League clubs in order to cover their finances moving forward." Can't help ourselves, eh?
  10. Surely the question should be which location allows for the best prep? Then take them there. No asking where they want to go.
  11. Will the drop in the football not be linked to the lack of exclusivity?
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