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  1. I thought this stuff was reserved for the off season?
  2. I thought 90s retro stuff was popular at the minute? Although I'm pretty sure the 90s was only 5 years ago... (*mumbles in old*)
  3. I've seen a bit of this extended half time idea. Was Maro Itoje talking about it in the other code? I do wonder, however, how it would affect the players? Obviously it seems that Itoje is happy with it, and I know they do it in the NFL, but that's a different sport. I wonder if it would be too much of a cool down for rugby players to come out all guns firing straight off the bat in the second half?
  4. Well, I've not been to the JJB for a good few years but one of the chants used to go "Wigan rugby, eff the latics" to the tune of "Take me home, country roads". So there wouldn't appear to be much love lost there...
  5. It must have been that one I saw!
  6. There's a thing on BBC sport today asking if the printed programme is a thing of the past (albeit with reference to soccer, I think)
  7. Agreed that he's a good choice. He's certainly enthusiastic about the sport. But I do wonder whether a tricked has been missed getting a woman with... no, no, someone who is fairly new to the game, as was mentioned in another thread - someone like Clare Balding who, although keen doesn't know the ins and outs and so asks some questions that someone new to the game might be wondering.
  8. The lack of household names has absolutely nothing to do with the salary cap (although it should be higher). It is completely down to the state of international competition. In a minor sport, you need the international game to give very casual fans a team to support. Look at, say, Jonny Wilkinson. He played for Newcastle Falcons in 2003. He was pretty well known, but I wonder if the vast majority of people could mention a single other Falcon?
  9. I have a couple of thoughts about this. First, in order to sue the RFL, wouldn't there need to be some kind of indication that they told the players to use their heads with a suggestion that it wouldn't harm them? From what I understand, that was the problem for the NFL - the players were (are?) encouraged to use their heads almost like a weapon, on the understanding that the helmet protects them. In rugby (both codes) striking the head was always discouraged (maybe not enough), but there has to be understanding that a collision sport will include some accidental head contact. That must come with informed consent - I don't think anyone thought that head impact was good for you. Second, looking to participation I think that there is a big difference between pro and amateur (or there was when I was playing). I think that this needs to be stressed - and I think that the RU are starting to do that. They always seem to mention that the studies are on pros. I think that might help parents let their kids play - not everyone takes their kid down on a Sunday expecting them to be the next big thing!
  10. Hence the half hour SB style extravaganza, I suppose. That's a fair few songs... As much as I would enjoy the two pints per ticket, I don't think that would be warmly welcomed by quite a few folk - especially with RL being the family sport that it is!
  11. I sort of think that is the point. You're going to watch the game, and that is great. But if you put a decent band on at half time, someone who isn't that bothered about the game might come along. You're not lost as a customer, and a new consumer might just be gained.
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