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  1. It works both ways, easier to remember
  2. I guess its a case of priorities change
  3. No, that would be Sarah Bennison as she was before she got married and had children.
  4. I tend to go with Sir, I taught Tae Kwon Do for many years and it was the same there. It makes things simple, it is respectful and causes less confusion. I had a pro player ask me just this question at the weekend when I was covering interchange duties on a game.
  5. to be honest if you're on a professional game it's rare you actually hear what the crowd are shouting because you are concentrating on the game. However, this does not make it acceptable to shout such abuse just because you think it isn't heard. I do k know of one player that has served quite a lengthy ban for shouting homophobic abuse when standing in the crowd at a game because it was witnessed by an off duty official who reported it.
  6. As an active female match official I can tell you there are still a number of us currently working in the game. There are a couple who are currently refereeing at NCL level and more of us TJing at NCL level. I have just had my first game back after a 2 year absence following an ACL rupture and then reconstruction. From my point of view it has been a long hard road to recovery and rehab but I|'m getting there now. The main reason why a lot of the younger girls are no longer out there refereeing is because they have got married, had children and have changed their priorities. The reality is that no matter how much we hope it will be otherwise family pressures weigh more heavily on women than they do men. The disciplinary issue is irrelevant as I can tell you from personal experience that we get much more respect and less issues from the players on the field than we do with the touchline experts. The abuse we receive from the TL is much more likely to put us of than anything any of the players do or say. The abuse unfortunately is not a gender specific issue and the expert on the TL sees us as fair game for torrents of abuse and this is where the real issue is.
  7. I wasn't at that end. Never went near that end and never do because over the years as I've been going to games there have always been problems down that end. In fact, I didn't move from my seat from before the start of the game until after the final whistle. The last time I went to a game there before getting promoted I had to get the stewards at the end we were in yesterday to stop some local children abusing 2 little elderly ladies. Seems to me it doesn't change and I for one have had enough and will not be coming back.
  8. Like I said so it's my own fault. I understand that now.
  9. Ah I see now, having spent 40 minutes sitting with my husband and 2 friends without any issues only to have a group of people who I have never seen before, didn't speak to or even look at sit behind us and start hurling foul mouthed abuse at us in the presence of what I can only assume was her young daughter who had just left the pitch as one of the cheer leaders is my fault. Why didn't I think that in the first place.
  10. I was at the game yesterday sat in the stand behind the posts. No problems at all during the first half and then the crowd of foul and abusive Fev fans came and sat behind us and I must admit I have never heard anything like the language coming from a woman sat directly behind me. She was sat with her pint glass of beer half empty and just abused anyone and everyone in a Hull KR shirt. There are a few clubs a refuse to visit and after yesterday Featherstone has been added to that list.I go to support my team not to be abused in this unprovoked manner.
  11. It never ceases to amaze me that people don't actually want to know or understand the laws and how the decisions are arrived at. I have yet to meet anyone who knows the game from both a technical laws perspective and from how the game is played these days. If he was given the opportunity to say more and give more insight instead of constantly having to fight with Stevo and his rants we would learn a lot more. There is nothing finer than hearing Stuart put Stevo back in his box when he is clearly wrong.
  12. I always say that you should be careful what you wish for or you might just get it. The fans were calling for this to be brought in as it is hoe the NRL does it and now they have it ...............................
  13. At the moment I've got 2 pairs of tickets going. PM me and we'll see what we can do.
  14. I must admit I have only read the last page of this thread so I'm unsure if anyone else has already mentioned this but Peter Gentle gets sacked on the back of Hull FC shipping 76 points last week and to remedy that they appoint the man who was the defensive coach when they shipped those 76 points as head coach. Great decision that ;-)
  15. When was the last time you saw a referee or any match official abuse a player, spectator or club official? As a match official I do not abuse players, spectators or club officials. I always show the utmost respect for them so what makes anyone think it is ok to abuse me or even physically assault me?