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  1. yeah, I was not serious… it's bad. but it is soccer.
  2. dont you dare talking about us. we are doing just fine. this 15 consecutive defeats was part of the plan.
  3. HONESTLY???? I personnaly have to turn down the sound to zero when watching a RL game on BEING. they are ruining the game to me. often wrong analyses, often talking about something else when the action actually leads to a try... these 2 commentators together are reaaaaally bad. yes Pires is enthusiastic (and that is great) , but sounds like a newby even if he has been commenting for several years rugby League. he cannot help to refer to bonnery who is VERY overrated in term of game science and ability to really describe and make you enjoy the game. Pires would have been better alone.
  4. well i need to complete my previous comment : The catalan in SL has been a salvation for the french RL, showing that there can be prof RL in France. Seen the situation in France, I would say that both Catalans and TO in SL will be mandatory (if the performances on the field allow it) for the french development. And for that, France will be forever thankful towards the RFL. BUT. If I have to look at a bigger Picture, (I read some comments about increasing the number of french SL grade players, Young development, international competitivity … briefly said : To reach a professional level in France, which is what I thought is all about in that thread), then, I maintain : future of french RL is in France. catalans have reached their max support, TO not yet, but what next? There will not be any big increase in interest in France based on 2 teams who play abroad. nobody cares. and if nobody cares, no professinal level will be reached.
  5. If you allow me a short comment, I would share my opinion (which is my own, not all the french people shares it): The future of french RL is in France, not in England. but thank you for caring ?
  6. the most "funny" thing imo is when you talk to a League fan in France and he explains you how unfair this is, that no TV channel is interested to buy our competition rights, that the sport channels buy a lot of other minor sports but not the 13 code (certainly because of the 15 code 's pressure…), that we get no coverage... => so, after a while in this conversation, you come to ask: why the FFR13/Elite 1 does not give for free for a couple a years the rights to a TV channel in order to attract people interest ? => he: even for free, they dont want it! => you : but what is "it"? what is it that they dont want? => he : the Elite 1, our competition!! => you: but why, even for free, they dont want it? (loop...) WE (french rugby League comp) HAVE NO PRODUCT. Nothing for sale, nothing to give away for free. the current state of the Elite 1 is no TV Product.
  7. OK thanks !! that is better than nothing.. I will check the Our League service, I Think I once created an account on that.
  8. How does it work with the live video rights for the Championship this season? are we going to be able to see regularly Championship match online? (sorry if this question is a bit off topic, as I leave abroad, I dont have the chance to see TO playing live and I am wondering if this year it will be possible)
  9. I only saw the match highlights so it is a bit hard to judge their overall game level? Since York should be a great competitor, what has been your thoughts about TO's level ?
  10. I dont know what to Think about this format. I guess we will be able to judge it afterwards. we ll see.
  11. Toronto Wolfpack Toulouse Olympique Featherstone Rovers sheffield Halifax Leigh Centurions Widnes Vikings and combine with next round : Toronto, Fev, Barrow, widnes, York, Bradford, sheffield I have as final top 5: 1 Toronto - 52 // 2 TO - 38 // 3 - Liegh 38 // York - 37 // Fev 36
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