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  1. yeah i saw that too. anyway, after the season they ve made, i hope they will get the win
  2. Honestly, the fitness level of the panthers is not ”normal”. I dont know the substance they are taking, nor the amount of substance, but you can tell the difference between them and any other team after 30mn of game. They just never slow down… until the 70th mn. They better be in front of the storm before the 70 th mn imo Regarding the ”issue” of lacking experience in GF, I honestly think the panthers will not be affected at all. I agree to say that their 2 last games were not the most dominant, but they were against the roosters (very experienced in the final) and the rabbitohs (which I
  3. Well, I Think the Panthers will take it... (but I also tipped that the GF would be Raider vs Rabbitohs ahah).
  4. Am I the only one who thinks the Panther are far too juicy?? I dont want to cheer for the Storm but...
  5. yeah, I was not serious… it's bad. but it is soccer.
  6. dont you dare talking about us. we are doing just fine. this 15 consecutive defeats was part of the plan.
  7. HONESTLY???? I personnaly have to turn down the sound to zero when watching a RL game on BEING. they are ruining the game to me. often wrong analyses, often talking about something else when the action actually leads to a try... these 2 commentators together are reaaaaally bad. yes Pires is enthusiastic (and that is great) , but sounds like a newby even if he has been commenting for several years rugby League. he cannot help to refer to bonnery who is VERY overrated in term of game science and ability to really describe and make you enjoy the game. Pires would have been better alone.
  8. well i need to complete my previous comment : The catalan in SL has been a salvation for the french RL, showing that there can be prof RL in France. Seen the situation in France, I would say that both Catalans and TO in SL will be mandatory (if the performances on the field allow it) for the french development. And for that, France will be forever thankful towards the RFL. BUT. If I have to look at a bigger Picture, (I read some comments about increasing the number of french SL grade players, Young development, international competitivity … briefly said : To reach a professional lev
  9. If you allow me a short comment, I would share my opinion (which is my own, not all the french people shares it): The future of french RL is in France, not in England. but thank you for caring ?
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